boo for me :(

hot take

but honorius deserved a better fate than being robbed of any agency, cut off from returning to the other place - regardless of not feeling any pain in the mortal world such as other spirits would - and locked into a tomb for more than 100 years and also into the bones of the dead man who during his lifetime enslaved him

Do you ever reread the scene in the Last Olympian where Percy decides to take on the curse of Achilles and it’s such a vital and important decision that he could literally die from and had to get his mother’s blessing for and just when Percy thinks he’s not going to be able to handle the curse and is starting to disintegrate we have that beautiful beautiful scene where Percy imagines Annabeth up on the dock at Camp teasing him and saying “You’re not getting away from me that easily. Take my hand” because she is literally the person tying his soul to the world, his weak point, his achilles’s heel, and just get so overwhelming upset because hoo just casually washed away the curse simply to make him more equal to the rest of the seven because I do

Will: *colors in a spaceship in rainbow*

Will: *calls the spaceship rainbowship*

Will: *heart eyes @ mike*

Will: *extreme gay panic when a girl asked him to dance*

Will: *has had his sexuality questioned by someone at points*

You nonbelievers: he’s not gay my dudes, there’s no way. Nope

Billy: *beats the ever living hell out of steve, nearly killing him*

Also you: yeah he’s gay and in love with steve

Seventeen are having dark concept photos and Monsta X are having colourful concept photos what is happening I feel like I’m in a parallel universe I can’t trust anything anymore