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Can I have some 2p Austria headcanons? <3

2p Austria Boyfriend headcanons

  • Low-key reminds me of Admin Salt
  • He’s really flirty tbh
  • satan worshiper dios mío
  • May seem intimidating at first
  • Till you meet him
  • he’s up to shit
  • but he’s rlly nice and sweet to the people he likes
  • he’ll go to hell and back for u
  • he’ll go to hell without u too
  • he’s going to hell no matter what, it’s his home
  • treat’s you as his Queen/King
  • a lot of petnames
  • Narcissistic….in a charming way
  • dresses in gothic clothing
  • sadist
  • blunt and creative talking about his…twisted thoughts
  • interested in that black magic, voodoo, fortune telling kinda shit
  • don’t piss him off sweetie :)
  • *Takes out Ouija board* “Let’s hold hands everyone!” (aHEM leT’S NOT)
  • If anyone flirts with you, he’ll sacrifice him to Satan
  • Will protect you
  • He likes Gilen, he protects him too
  • Sometimes Gilen will just awkwardly Third-wheel with Roland and his S/O
  • Loves horror movies
  • will probably watch horror movies for ur dates
  • then you can cling onto him ;)
  • honestly, now that that I think about it, He’s pretty cool!

so those student athlete memes huh

Why did white nerds turn the Dab into some sort of modified anime pose where they look uncomfortable and strange? You dab to MUSIC and to a BEAT and you don’t do it so stiffly but you wouldn’t know that because you know the Dab as just an Internet meme and not from the Cool Kids (black people) it started with. You look like Saiyaman lmaooooo

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with every step and jump, with every twist and dip, and with every sway and swirl, you’ve expressed yourself without uttering even a single word and to be honest, i don’t think words are enough for you to let everyone know how much you want it, how no one wants it more than you do and that’s what makes your dance the most beautiful of them all. you’ve waltzed into everyone’s hearts with your powerful moves and graceful twirls but you’ve snugged yourself in when you showed how genuine you are. your laughs that are distinctively louder than everyone else, your smiles that are brighter than the sun, even your tears that tug at every heartstrings and then you turn and spin everyone on their axis by curving your lips into a sinful smirk, moving your body in an almost illegal way, and looking like you know something that nobody else does. but that’s what makes you so endearing and special. you’re always so grateful to every one but the only one you should be the most grateful to is yourself. 

never stop standing on stage like you were meant to be there and continue the dream you have been longing for since the start. it’s only right for you to claim everything you deserve because you’ve earned it and there’s only more for you in this world and nothing less. I love you so much, my two left feet could almost dance. happy birthday to the one and only dancing machine, our precious Kim Jongin. #HappyJonginDay #종인아생일축하해

After all the shit I’ve been thru, I never thought I’d have a good relationship. But then you came along and showed me what I should be treated like and I’m so thankful that I’ve been blessed with you
—  Unknown