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I KNOW I SAID I COULDN’T GO… But by some rushed and frantic stroke of luck @dyemelikeasunset and I ended up arranging fitting in sakuracon anyway?? apparently it wasn’t at the very beginning of april like i originally thought… so i whipped out some fabric like a wild reckless bee (don’t follow my example sdhsgsdfs)

anyway, it’ll be Naf’s first con and the first con we’ve gone to together so we’re definitely not boothing, just con-goers!!! we’re gonna debut the matching jacket we made in october 2016

And we’re mostly going for the sweet merch, so if you see us feel free to say hi!!! we’d love to take a photo with you!! ❤️❤️❤️  

and now it’s cosplay crunch time… bbs again 8)

That voiceover by Hubby #2 gave me goosebumps, so quick reminders

- Michael never manipulated anyone into doing anything they didn’t want to do. What he manipulated was the outcome of what they did. 

- Michael never pretended to like anyone he abhorred, no matter what he needed from them. Not for one second did he pretend to have a pinch of respect for T-Bag or Bellick or Abbruzzi or Tweener. 

- Michael cared deeply – for people, not about winning. When he cried over Westmoreland dying, that wasn’t manipulation (in fact he almost put his own escape in jeopardy). When he tried to save that guard’s life, he wasn’t manipulating anyone (again, in fact, putting their escape in jeopardy). When he let Tweener into their escape plan, it wasn’t because it would benefit him (it actually harmed the escape), it was because he felt guilty. When he saved Sara’s life during the riot and almost got himself killed, it was because he cared for her.

- Michael struggled to or straight up refused to manipulate those he cared for deeply. He gave Westmoreland the cat with no strings attached except hope (Westmoreland ultimately decided to help because of his daughter). He could’ve taken the keys from Sara when he kissed her but he didn’t because he couldn’t. He couldn’t disguise a real kiss as manipulation.

- When Michael asked her to leave that door open, it was out of desperation. It wasn’t manipulation because he knew she liked him enough to do so – his real manipulation had already failed and this was all he had left.

What the show is trying to do is very clever – trying to make us believe that Michael is a genius sociopath, really – but let’s not forget that we know better. There is no one who feels more deeply; no one whose motivations and intentions are purer. He was not cold, he was not two-faced; he was not obsessed with winning

He may have changed in the meantime but back then, when Sarah knew him, he was nothing like the man Jacob was describing.


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went to prom last night (i’m in black on the right) and had to get a picture with my fellow carats. we’re highkey trash.

I can definitely get behind this

Inktober 031: scruffy, long-haired college boyfriends for @notallballs, who is the worst and the best all at once <3

Tools: Zig Cartoonist Sumi Ink, a dip pen with a Manuscript Leonardt Drawing Nip (DP801), Strathmore Bristol Board, Copic Opaque White

Jinyoung: I’d like to promote with my real name from now on.

JYP: That’s fine. Junior wasn’t all that great anyways.

Jaebum: I’d also like to promote with my real—

JYP: Keep it JB. Your name hits too close to Jay Park.

YoungK: I’d like to promote as YoungK. *happy af cause he actually likes his stage name*

JYP: That’s great, Brian.

Basic summary of the Xenomorph Fic (officially known as “Violence in the Library”, but whatever) as illustrated by Monsters Inc.

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so today both pippa and her fella reminded me of why i’m so incredibly gay but each in very different ways lmao


Skelita Calaveras Phone Backgrounds from Webisodes

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In Bloom {Biadore} Chapter 1 - Taurus's Splattered C*nt

Author’s note: Hello everyone! You may have been wondering where on earth Splatt, Taurus and C*nt have gone? Well we’ve formed a super trio, Taurus’s Splattered C*nt. We hope you enjoy this first chapter of our little soulmate AU, it’s been super fun to write and collaborate (across 3 different timezones) and we’re dying to hear your thoughts! We hope you all love this as much as we do! Also we hope this story works your pussy out x

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