boo boo stewert

Nathanael Burns | FC: Boo Boo Stewart | Human | 16 | Bisexual | OPEN

Personality/Bio: Nathanael is like everyone’s little brother. He’s obnoxious and clingy and attention-needy, but also fiercely loyal, loveable, and affectionate. He likes to get in everyone’s business, and tends to show up unexpectedly everywhere, even when he’s not wanted (in fact it seems like this happens a lot). He can get his feelings hurt easily, due to how social he is, especially if someone tells him to go away and/or to shut up. He hates being left behind and will often get in trouble while trying to keep up or insert himself into something that he really has no business being in. He’s hyperactive and imaginative and naive, still believing in things like Santa and The Great Pumpkin. He also ardently believes in aliens.