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Being in a relationship with Seth would include:

● Him reminding you of how beautiful you are every chance he gets

● Shy kisses

● The pack thinking the two of you are “so cute, it’s disgusting.”

● Leah and you are close

● You and the rest of the imprints being pretty close too

● Sometimes baking for the pack so Emily doesn’t have to

● “Seth, if you don’t marry her, I will.”

● Seth growling at whoever said that

● Everyone calling the two of you innocent

● Neither you nor Seth being innocent (if you know what I mean;) )

● Smirking at each other when someone mentions your guys’ “innocence”

● The boys finding out through Seth’s thoughts

● “Seth!” and lighting smacking his arm when the pack start teasing you

● Him spending the night at your house A LOT

● Sue always calling you to see if he was with you when he doesn’t go home after patrol

● Watching Star Wars together

● “I love you.”

● “I know.”

● lots and lots of cuddling

● Always worries about him and vice versa.

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