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Everyone has different art styles and different supplies. While you have good intentions, so do the other artists and its not right to accuse someone of whitewashing when its either unavoidable, not intentional, or due to their style or lighting. While that picture does display Evan, for example, in perfect light, there are other lights beyond that which would result in what you're claiming is 'white washing'.

here is evan, in many different lightings, still tan 


• is the chorus teacher for Level 1 & Level 2

• it’s his first year and he’s only 23 but the school really needed a chorus teacher and if you heard seungkwan’s voice, you probably wouldn’t deny him either

• and like when he first began, all the teachers were telling him how the old chorus teacher specialized in piano and didn’t teach the kids how to sing at all, she only taught them how to do the vocal scale and what each note was called

• but no sweat. seungkwan saw this as a great oppurtunity to reboot the school’s choir

• and since seungkwan is so young, he actually knows the trends and is a hit with the kids……..he’s like their older brother or something

• like, the class LOVES him because he knows how to dab and how to do the naenae and how to whip and he’s all “lmao you guys I’m not that old, I graduated high school five years ago-”

• and he has an Instagram and the kids found him but seungkwan was like lmao no I’m not following y'all back until you graduate ok

• the guy is also a ball of sass and has the class wheezing whenever he tells them stories bc he’s juST SO SASSY 

• kids like calling him mr boo-yonce lol and sometimes they call him by his full name but then seungkwan is like you guuuuuys cmon you’re supposed to call me mr boo!!! 

• and seungkwan has friends everywhere???? like he told the kids that he’s met people who the kids would know to be in Broadway and on TV shows

• the kids are in love with his voice too! it’s so strong and powerful, his students BEG him to sing and they snapchat and ig him bc he’s that good 

• and like, seungkwan doesn’t just sing for the school. one time he had to have a sub watch his class for three days because this cruise ship wanted him to sing omg

• brought back all his kids a souvenir: candy from Nice (:

• lmao anYWAY seungkwan is also the type of teacher who would enclose secrets to his kids like “you guys, don’t tell anyone but they changed the school wifi password and here it is-”

• doesn’t let his kids play on their phone though no they need to sing!!!! he lets them charge them though

• does fun singing exercises like one time he made them all stand in different places of the room and just moooove their hands like they’re painting the air to the music beats so they could feel the tempo

• loves hearing his kids harmonize and mash pit like…’s beauty and he is like a proud mom

• organizes concerts for them too and did a cultural theme bc his kids need to have a bigger world perspective

• teaches his kids how to do four-part harmonies to modern or timeless songs like flashlight or seasons of love

• ok let me tell you how you both fell in love

• so like… and seungkwan are both alumni of the school right? bc this school is too bomb to leave

• but seungkwan didn’t know was that you were here!!!! 

• so guess what his face looked like when he saw you entering the band room next door??? 

• and when he saw you he was all “wtf they look the same, still f r eaking good looking”‘and he’s speechless but you notice and do a double take and you’re like “sEUNGKWAN???” and he’s like “h-hey :D” and like its a mini reunion but seungkwan is just remembering how he used to have the biggest crush on you during senior year but never had the guts to confess 

• and guess what- y'all also live in the same neighborhood (; 

• but it’s good!! as the year goes, you two get closer

• and only the kids who come in at lunch have this vague sense that seungkwan and you have a thing bc seungkwan is hella good at masking his emotions when you come around during class hours to see if he had extra sheet music for your band class

• but one day after school you ask seungkwan if he wanted to grab a coffee before school and he was like !!!!!! “sure I’ll pick you up at 6:30?”

• and like the kids who stay in his room during lunch and talk to him know about how you and seungkwan are alumni buddies but other than that, his students have no clue

• and like you and seungkwan are always hanging out in his apt or yours and talking about your kids but like, every day he feels himself liking you again but is afraid to tell you

• so how did he tell you? he got inspired by his kids

• coincidentally, he had a couple in his class. a cute girl and boy, just juniors who were good at singing. and since it was prom season…….y'all know what that means: promposals!!! 

• and since her boyfriend had asked her out to homecoming, the girl decided to ask him to prom this time and she asked seungkwan if she could do it during class and he was like ofc!!!!! 

• and since this was the last day of third quarter, the kids had to do an acapella group song and her group did a love song and she presented her sign and seungkwan was like “if my kids can do it, so can i!!!!“ 

• and so scrapes up the courage to ask you if you wanted to grab a dinner and you’re like sure (: 

• and like, when dessert comes, seungkwan takes a huge breath and he tells you "I have something to confess” and in a rush, he just gives the whole truth: how he liked you in high school and how when you both graduated, he thought he had no chance but as you two work together and get closer, he’s starting to fall for you

• and you’re all “……seungkwan.” and you tell him about how yOU HAVE BEEN crushing on him too !! and like you think he’s cute and he’s so nice and talented and Seungkwans face is just ???? like y'all could’ve the high school musical couple omg

• and so lowkey you both have a relationship ((: 

• and one day, maybe forty years later, he’ll tell his class about his love story and his kids are gonna be like “omg it’s like high school musical 2.0” 

• pls let me date a seungkwan