boo bear babies

Louis and The Sun

‘The Sun’ is becoming more ridiculous day after day and I really believe that it have some sort of agreement with Modest (or perhaps Louis).
It started with an article about the betrayal of Louis against Eleanor.

And here specifies that they kissed for 15 minutes. Because obviously it was a detail far too important. 

Moreover it says “heartbroken girlfriend at home”

Oh, yeah. Eleanor was really in pieces for the break with Louis.

So destroyed.

Added to this is the fact that they have taken just two pictures to the article. One showing the kiss and the other showing the two of them smiling. Oh, and of course the photos are HQ. Never be anyone had doubts that it was really Louis.
But this isn’t the worst article, and in fact when it came out, I wasn’t very interested. I was just happy that Louis was a bit more free and Eleanor could finally live her life. But Louis want to or someone want to construire a new image, detached from the one created when he ‘was’ with Eleanor. So he began to show up around locals and to walk around with different girls. And..

Here, too, it was necessary to emphasize the number of girls.

Ah, and then he has been 'captured’ while (apparently) was rolling a joint, which also could easily be even a simple cigarette, but no matter. So..

Here is also specified the time of the party, the number of girls and that they were in his room. And then of course the beautiful pictures while he was rolling his joint on what seems definitely a comic (what a bad boy!). Photo that, among other things, was made with Snapchat… I wonder how did the journalist who wrote the article to have the photo :)

Then of course is specified in the article that he is sitting next to an unidentified FEMALE.

Oh, yeah. Those legs and that hand just seems of a girl.

Obviously ‘The Sun’ didn’t stop here. A couple of days ago came out this article:

Oh wow.
6 hours.
Apparently Louis holds up better than a porn actor.
Good for him.

In practice in the article tells everything that has happened. I have to imagine then that the person who wrote the article was with them both in the local, but especially in the hotel. Otherwise, he couldn’t know so well what had happened :)
He also says that the girl was special than the other and that Louis was very protective with her. Well, I’m curious to see if she will disappear just like the girl who kissed Louis to Bangkok.
But I have the sensation that we will not see her anymore…

*Move bitch, get out the way.
Get out the way. Bitch, get out the way*
[And just not to forget]

[Her face lol]

Oh wow, Louis is so interested in these girls!

Anyway I don’t really like this image of Louis who are trying to spread. I know I don’t know Louis personally, but I sincerely believe that it is neither a womanizer nor a chronic drug addict. For me the real Louis is this:

[How sweet is this one T-T]

*Steve and Natasha dating*

*Natasha calling Steve certain pet names*

❤Stevie bear
❤Stevie Pie
❤Stevie Boo Bear
❤ Baby/Big Boy
❤ Soldier
❤ Hubby
❤Captain Hubby
❤ Teddy Bear

*Natasha being clingy to Steve*

💓snuggles on his chest when laying in bed or on the couch.
💓 hugs him every minute.
💓 snuggles on his hair whenever he is sitting down then rests her chin on top.
💓calls him out when bored and Steve just smiles.
💓laces her hand with his. (Force of habit)
💓 messes up his hair but ends up being tickled as a punishment.
💓loves to seduce him. (😏)
💓acts like a kid to get what she wants (chocolates and ice cream)
💓lays down on top of him like a human bed and warmer since she feels cold at night due to her past in the Red Room.

*Steve doing sweet things to Natasha*

💗kisses her head
💗kisses her hand
💗kisses her nose
💗kisses her lips (which always does)
💗cooks for her
💗keeps her in a tight hug (which she really loves)
💗takes a bath/shower with her.
💗sings to her
💗carries her around (either bridal style or on his shoulder)
💗looks into her emerald green eyes
💗 always says “I love you. You’re the only woman I will ever and always love.”
💗protects her.