boo balloon


((Munchilla: I did these quite a while back, but I figured we could take a small break from the Sister Location event for something else.

I found the blog @totallycorrectfnafquotes and it made me laugh a lot, so I did a series of pictures of several quotes with my FNaF characters! This won’t be the only post, there will probably be two more. 

Hope you like these, mod of @totallycorrectfnafquotes!

  • Mr Pennywise (IT, 1990): hey y'all! just looking for a pal to keep me company down here! don't mind my awful puns, have a balloon! oh, boo! hahaha!
  • Mr Pennywise (IT, 2017): fuck the boogie man. fuck slender man. fuck bloody mary. fuck babadook. fuck the hoe messin' with skype. they ain't shit. I'll fuckin eat you alive.