"Legs" Larry Smith of The Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band on Keith Moon

“Screaming Lord Sutch had dropped us off – swinging his Union Jack Roller from a groggy breakfast taken ‘somewhere or other’ – up through the twists and turns and the one night stands of Laurel Canyon, LA. It was a bakingly hot day and immediately, stepping from the air–conditioned car and thrust into the blinding heat, Keith and I decided that we needed refreshment – without delay. We found a tiny bar that was quietly sweeping up last night’s debris, found a booth and ordered a couple of ice–cold beers.

If truth be known, we were still high from yesterday’s ‘something or other’ and alcohol was most definitely required – it would smooth and sooth the morning jitters and make us both likable again. A pick–me–up. We found a quarter and called our dear friend Miss Pamela – (Pamela Des Barres) thinking that she might like to join us for the coming day’s activities – alas, she was booked in for a lengthy ‘panty fitting’ and sadly had to decline. She would of course be punished for failure to attend a board meeting.

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The Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band - Equestrian Statue (1967)