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Brace Yourself...

Time for the important part…. ( this could sound cheesy but people deserve mentions!) the…THANK YOUS.

There are so many people that need to have a little mention and to be thanked for the participation within hosting the exhibition and all the actions that have happened around it in terms of marketing, sponsors, finance…

  • Bonzo Studio- for being a rather amazing venue and support :)
  • Staff and Lecturers at Portsmouth University - for support
  • Yatta Magazine - for the coverage, reports, write ups and features and photos!
  • J.Wolfee - for the sponsors
  • Helens Dads Company - for the Sponsers
  • Lauras Dads Company - for the Sponsors
  • Brileins - for the printing of t-shirts
  • Alice Chidgey - for her beautiful singing voice
  • Southsea Gallery - for their printing and mounting skills.
  • Big Screen TV - for displaying our posters on the Guildhall big TV
  • Fratton Train station - allowing us to have posters on show
  • Strong Island - for their feature on us
  • Portsmouth Boutique Fair - For helping us to get our exhibition known
  • Denise - for the email coverage
  • Co - op - for kindly not returning any acknowledgement of my letter..
  • the 3rd years for tips and advice on what/what not to do.
  • The printing company - for the discount on leaflets etc.
  • To the followers on twitter and facebook.
  • And a very large THANK YOU to those who came along to the exhibition itself. Its what its all about. We can organise as many exhibitions as we like, but theres no point, unless people like you come down. So thank you for being lovely and really making it feel worth while!
  • ( ps…thank you for even reading this far in my blog, you’ve done well)

So im pretty sure theres many more i can thank….but you get where im going (:

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Panoramic of Bonzo studio, Albert Road taken with photosynth