((How about...more Jairo facts))

- Jairo had a stuffed bird doll that he loved dearly all the way up to 9 years old, then his mother threw it out without telling him. Wander, however, returned it to him during The Giftening, and he has kept it safe to this day.

- Jairo has completely abstained from drinking alcohol in fear that he could become an alcoholic like his father.

- The longer that Jairo is away from Coy, the more he desires to give them physical affection.

- Not a big fan of sweets. He’d rather have something salty or savory.

- Jairo is in a financial pinch atm, so that’s why he’s been giving friends and family homemade gifts.


- also Jairo is the best singer out of all my watchdogs ( good luck getting him to sing in front of you though, haha)

- Hates cold weather. He’d rather sweat it out than be freezing.

- Those who are good friends with him might have noticed that he’s built up quite a bit of upper body strength. Ever since he and Coy started officially dating he’s been working out twice as hard because he wants to impress Coy.

- Jairo is an early bird and gets up around 5:30 every day, and on a typical, uneventful day he falls asleep around 9-10.

- Since Jairo see’s Bonzai as a father, he craves positive attention from him and wants him to be proud of him, something his biological father never really expressed to him.

- Dahlia divorced Dante (Jairo’s father) when Jairo was 3 years old. Dante remarried shortly afterwards and started a new family.

- Jairo is secretly terrified to meet Coy’s family because he fears that they will all despise him and find him repulsive.

- He has an extremely high pain tolerance which can be dangerous when added with his hatred of returning to the infirmary. His friends need to make sure he goes to the infirmary when he’s hurt badly. It wouldn’t surprise me if he avoided medical help with a life-threatening injury.

- Jairo was diagnosed with Developmental Coordination Disorder when he was young. This contributes heavily to his accident-prone nature.


People have been asking, so here:

I like old school, new school, combine it.
Intertwine it, trigonometry, sine it.
If you don’t like what I spit, then you can bite it.
My rhymes are not for everyone and no I will not hide it.
I tried it.
The weakness is what I confide in.
My poetry is immaculate, pun filled- hyphen.
I’m likin’
the hard beats that I make hardly,
pound in the ears, fill you up, Arby’s.
Pretty nerdy, flow is wordy,
spicy currie, shots are swishin’ in a hurry.
Haters better scurry, because I got a flurry
that doesn’t stop unless I run the whole
Aneneme, Finding Dory.

Weak MCs got me snoring.
Forever going in, yo
the fam so adoring,
I didn’t want to go this hard,
not my intent.
But fuck it, let’s switch it up,
so I can repent,
Harvey Dent.
One eye,
lookin’ in the middle.
Lyrics so hot,
let it sizzle.
I only spit the rizzle,
no killin’,
that’s foshizzle.
siblings, yes we fight.
Malcom in the Middle.

Yo, yo,
playin’ my fiddle.
Call me the Riddler,
my rhymes are just a riddle.
Kind of robotic.
golden C3PO.
Beep bop beep boo,
Anakin, R2D2.
But for this I’m goin’ Vader,
Fuck all you haters,
I’ll see you later,
when I’m eatin’ and yo ass is on a pager.
I’d like to wager you’re at the bottom of
the escalator, I did not wait, I skipped the auto,
and climbed to great.
And I am feelin’ good,
wasn’t raised in the hood,
had my dad by my side,
mama left, tears cried.
That’s okay, cuz I,
stay positive in my stride.
Stay lit, never quit.
That’s the motto and you know it.

New Era G-Man,
is on the scene now.
Scene with the black,
on the emo team now.
Dream loud.
Do what you love,
don’t stop now.
Cuz when you do,
that’s really when you lost. Wow.

Sanvers commission

I commissioned this art piece from @jabberwockyface and have asked a friend or two of mine to share it on social media for me (as I don’t have all platforms). This is fan-art for the Supergirl tv show on CW and feature Alex Danvers (the lady with the superman mug) the sister of Supergirl and her girlfriend Maggie Sawyer. I was deeply touched by their coming-out story on the TV show and thought I’d share my joy this way


Just some of my favorite cover art from recent releases Part 3:

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Big Sean & Jhene Aiko - TWENTY88

Fatima Al Qadiri - Brute


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