punishedchaosanya  asked:

Hey there, i bought your books at comiket today and i instantly fell in LOVE with your artstyle. Its very unique! And whats more is that the comic 'sweety bonyeer' have an english translation (which could use a bit more work but nevertheless good job!). The english translation really helps me understand the story (my japanese are very bad). keep up the good work!

Oh, thank you so much for visiting my circle booth! I’m delighted that you could enjoy my comics by my poor English.(ー▽ー;)ゞ

everloyaljaspers  asked:

Have you written/drawn any stories about Bonyeer? I think that's her name, she had blonde hair and a crow bar. I'd love to read about her.

The next story about Bonyeer, I’ll print out that by Doujin in Comiket88 on August.(ー▽ー

duratrans  asked:

Bonyeerさんはいつもバールですね。。ブラックメサで働いたかな?れいのH.E.V.スーツを着たことあるかな? Bonyeer always seems to appear with a crowbar.. I wonder if she ever worked at Black Mesa? Or wore the HEV suit?

BTW, I have not played Half-Life(ー△ー;)ゞ