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Comic Review: Ghost Racers #1-2 [First]

Previously…: The final incursion between the 616 and Ultimate universes has caused the multiverse to finally be destroyed. And yet, from the ashes of the multiverse comes Battleworld, a patchwork planet made of pieces of previous dimensions – some familiar, some brand new. One of these areas is the Doom Arena, where Ghost Riders past and present race for temporary freedom from their servitude. But is there something deeper behind the constant racing that these tortured souls must endure?

Robbie Reyes’ stint as the All-New Ghost Rider may not have lived past 12 issues, but it’s clear from the fan response that writer/artist Felipe Smith was a favourite, meaning that he gets to transfer across from his cancelled ongoing series to steering theGhost Rider ship through Secret Wars in the form of Ghost Racers, a blend of Death Race meets Spirits of Vengeance as all of the past Ghost Riders race for the approval of the residents of Battleworld. Smith’s enthusiasm not just for Robbie but the Ghost Riders in general floods through from page one as he pumps in a huge amount of world building into a few pages and sets up a good mystery whilst taking us through a day in the life of the Ghost Racers.

Considering the vast array of domains on Battleworld, it’s not that different from a lot of the first issues – we’re reintroduced to our characters and their new status quo. Robbie and the other Racers are pitted against one another, with the winner getting fame and fortune (and the ability to visit their family again, in Robbie’s case) while the losers get tortured, of course. It’s soon clear that the race commentator, Arcade, is crooked as an old lady’s cane, and that spins our mystery into the second issue.

With the scene set, issue 2 flashes back to before the events of issue 1, showing us how Robbie found his way into the Doom Stadium in the first place. Whilst most of Battleworld is a dark reflection (my buzzword for the event, it seems) of what happened before, some of Robbie’s past here is almost better than before. Of course, it’s not the best it could be since Doom’s rule is ever-present, and the reason Robbie’s stuck in the Doom Stadium in the first place, but all things considered, it could be a hell of a lot worse.

It’s nice to see that Felipe Smith has really thought out exactly how the Doom Stadium and its Ghost Racers work. We’re never given a massive info dump about it, but a lot can be inferred from the way the races are run, and the inclusion of Zadkiel (the arch-villain from Jason Aaron’s Ghost Rider run) as well as a new way of getting Eli, Robbie’s personal Spirit of Vengeance, into the story is a welcome addition too. It shows that even though this setting won’t be relevant in a few months’ time, it still means enough now to Smith (and by extension the readers) that it has its own set of rules.

Marvel newcomer (to my knowledge) Juan Gedeon is the next in a long line of minimalist pencillers who lets the lines he does draw do all the talking. Whilst at first glance, his characters aren’t very nuanced or detailed, but it doesn’t take much to see that there’s a lot of talent at work here because their expressions perfectly suit the dialogue, and the world of the Doom Arena is populated with little background details (like the cute Ghost Rider balloon) that show Gedeon isn’t skimping out. His art won’t be for everyone, but it’s easy to admit that he’s very good at capturing the dynamics of the Racers and what makes them individual, and the design sections included in the back of each issue help get into the artist’s head and see why he has made the decisions he has.

Ghost Racers fills the void All-New Ghost Rider left in my pull list, and feels distinctly similar thanks to Felipe Smith’s unique narration and dialogue choices. The world of the Ghost Racers is well established and makes sense in terms of Battleworld, in general, and it’s nice to see that Smith and Gedeon have taken so much time designing their little domain. Like all the Battleworld series, it’ll be short lived, but it looks like it’s going to be solid fun while it lasts.

Pisces #1 Review: Plenty of Signs of Intelligent Life in this One!

Pisces #1 Review: Plenty of Signs of Intelligent Life in this One!

Pisces #1
Written by: Kurtis J. Wiebe
Art by: Johnnie Christmas
Colors by: Tamra Bonvillain
Lettered by: Ed Brisson
Published by: Image Comics
Reviewed by Nikki S.

Another week, another case of “what in the heck did I just read?” Because seriously, this is not a book to be digested in one read-through, and it’s not a book that presents itself clearly. Pisces #1, written by Rat Queensscribe Kurtis J.…

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Coming this October! Wayward Book 1 Deluxe Hardcover!

Written by Jim Zub

Art by Steve Cummings, Tamra Bonvillain, & John Rauch

Cultural consultant and back matter by Zack Davisson

Rori Lane is trying to start a new life in Japan, but ancient creatures lurking in the shadows of Tokyo sense something hidden deep within her, threatening everything she holds dear. Can she unlock the secrets of her power before it’s too late?

The deluxe hardcover collects issues #1-10 (volumes 1 and 2 of the the trade paperback) and will be 15% bigger. It will also include 70+ pages of bonus material such as:

  • Every cover illustration
  • Design sketches
  • Poster of the 5 part collected covers for issues #6-10
  • Every essay on Japanese culture and mythology from the original issues.(the trade paperbacks only collected some)

Pre-order now from Amazon or your local comic shop.



Wayward Volume 1: String Theory Review


Wayward is an Image Comics series rated Mature created by jimzub and Steve Cummings. Line art is done by Cummings, coloring is handled by Tamra Bonvillain, Ross A. Campbell, Josh Perez, John Rauch, and Jim Zub, color flats were done by Ludwig Olimba, and courtesy of Marshall Dillion the lettering was taken care of. Special Thanks to Kalman Andrasofszky, Jeff “Chamba” Cruz, Erik Ko, Nishi Makoto, Ron Richards, Brandon Seifret, Charles Soule, Eric Stephenson, and Adam Warren. 

Chief Operating Officer Robert Kirkman 

Chief Financial Officer Erik Larsen 

President Todd McFarlane 

Chief Executive Officer Marc Silvestri 

Vice-President Jim Valentino 

Publisher Eric Stephenson 

Director of Business Development Ron Richards 

Director of Trade Book Sales Jennifer de Guzman 

Director of PR and Marketing Kat Salazar 

Director of Retail Sales Corey Murphy 

Director of Digital Sales Jeremy Sullivan 

Sales Assistant Emilio Bautista 

Senior Accounts Manager Branwyn Bigglestone 

Accounts Manager Emily Miller 

Administrative Assistant Jessica Ambriz

Events Coordinator Tyler Shainline 

Content Manager David Brothers 

Production Manager Jonathan Chan 

Art Director Drew Gill

Print Manager Meredith Wallace 

Production Artist Addison Duke 

Production Artist Vincent Kukua 

Production Assistant Tricia Ramos 

My utmost gratitude towards everyone that has made Wayward possible! Each of you are an undeniably integral piece of what makes Image Comics, well, Image Comics! Thank you so much! 

The foreword by Zack Davisson, the author of Yurei-The Japanese Ghost and the mastermind behind the “popular Japanese folklore website “ really set the stage regarding Zub’s and Cumming’s Wayward which instantly eased my hesitant hands. I too don’t like it when “Japan As Decoration” is utilized in stories. This was my chief fear about Wayward and why I had been avoiding it for so long…Let’s face it, this occurs often enough to be wary about anything that has Japan whatnot on the cover and it isn’t a manga. 

Man, I have problems when anime is translated and brought over here to America since the Japanese part likely has been stripped. I then go and find the original version to make sure nada important, educational, or reflective of the culture as a whole has been omitted/edited. I like it when I’m engaged or soaked into another culture (more like lost inside, ha ha) I’ve never personally been a part of. 

Thankfully, this is what Wayward just finished doing for me. With my hands trembling in anticipation after confirming that Wayward was for me, I persisted reading it. The Yokai Files section in the back is an appreciated plus: it adds another dimension to Zub’s narrative along with the visual work by Cummings and I’m very grateful for Davisson taking the time to pen them. 

Our teenage main character Rori Lane has lived “ a life of rice an’ potatoes”. Because her father is Irish and her mother is Japanese, both cultures have been a mainstay since she was born. Recently reunited with her mother Sanae in Japan, something deep within Rori is stirring. Unlocking. Something she’s never known about herself. On the day of her arrival, after being followed by a unnerving number of cats, she’s attacked by “kappas” and is rescued by a girl that has feline eyes. Rori’s life continues heading down this increasingly bizarre spiral throughout the rest of the trade. At least, she doesn’t remain alone. 

Seeped with Japanese mythology, memorable moments/dialogue, characters I’m extremely inquisitive about, and artwork I cannot stop staring it, Wayward is the inception of a something fresh and remarkable.  Bleeding Cool said that “If Wayward isn’t the next Saga, it’ll be a damn criminal shame.” As I sat here collecting my thoughts about what I just had the pleasure of reading and before I put my fingers onto the laptop’s keyboard, remembering this specific quote on the back being that final push to pick up Wayward Volume 1: String Theory, originally, caused me to smirk. I wholeheartedly agree.

Totally including it in my pull-list from now on. 

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