Step by Step guide to creating your post-Red Wedding Robb Stark (Day 7)

STEP SEVEN: To complete the swap, attach the head of the wolf to the King’s body.


As all the realm will tell you, a big day in Westeros will be upon us soon. Obviously now is the time to get in good with those awesome Freys you’ve been hearing so much about. Now, when pledging fealty to House Frey, one may need to endure a little bit of Freysing, but fear not, the Ladies of Fire and Lunch will help you through this initiation period with seven easy steps posted over the next seven days. 

STEP ONE: Acquire an unsuspecting King of the North, preferably one that you hold a grudge against.  ( See STEP ONE here )

STEP TWO: Acquire said King of the North’s dire wolf, but be wary, underneath that cute fluffy exterior, beats the heart of a mistrustful, deadly beast. ( See STEP TWO here )

STEP THREE: Sever the head of the wolf. Be sure to do the deed yourself, you know what those Northerners say: The one who passes the sentence should swing the…scissor? ( See STEP THREE here )

STEP FOUR: Be Sure to clean out the wolf’s head prior to further use. Careful, this part may get tricky. ( See STEP FOUR here )

STEP FIVE: Have him try on the head for size. No sense in completing the process if it won’t fit properly. ( See STEP FIVE here)

STEP SIX: A simple swap. First attach the head of the King to the wolf’s body… ( see STEP SIX here )

Stay tuned for more adorable wrongness from Fire and Lunch as we get closer and closer to the big day!