Constant as the stars above
Always know that you are loved
And my love shining in you
Will help you make your dreams come true
Will help your dreams come true

The lamb lies down and rests it's head
On it's mother's down in bed
Dolphin plays in the moonlight's glow
And butterfly dreams of a violet rose
Dreams of a violet rose

I'll cradle you in my arms tonight
A sun embraces the moonlight
The clouds will carry us off tonight
Our dreams will run deep like the sea
Our dreams will run deep like the sea

Constant as the stars above
Always know that you are loved
And my love shining in you
Will help you make your dreams come true
Will help your dreams come true

This is for @hypes-peak-academy, who left the prompt opened.

Hellohello! I am your very tardy secret santa for @xmas-usukexchange2016.Terribly sorry for the long wait! It took me a very long time to think of what to draw… (´;д;`) But I wanted to do something fluffy and happy for our two loveable dorks. 

I tried a new colouring style for this, it was really fun to do aha. I really hope you like it! Have a happy new year, sweetie!  ゛(*´ω`;;;pq  


This is 100% about blonde Ravi. Handsome Leo and Hongbin are bonuses ^^


High-res jumpscares of the phantom animatronics, pulled from the game files.

Also, bonus animation of Springtrap darting into the office. He lurks behind the player’s monitor, ready to strike as soon as they lower it.

Around the camp, he’s known as Marshal Beilschmidt’s little ‘commander-in-training’

Just a little teaser for a scene that I plan to involve in Blood &. Iron because you just can’t survive being an empire in Europe if you don’t know how to defend yourself - And who could be a better mentor than the Army with a State himself? :D

Little bonus trivia: This file has been titled: ‘lookrighthereyoulilbitch.psd’


Last year, the Daily Mail’s Liz Jones used her column to set out her resolutions for the coming year.

In a totally planned and not at all in any way prompted by finding three images in a folder I had completely forgotten about, let’s have a quick bonus update to see how she did with those resolutions in 2015, shall we?

And the results are in!


(well, on the “less generous” one, anyway - the others we’ll just file under “works in progress”, shall we?)

Arcadia Bonus!

“Looks like whoever cleaned this place maybe missed a spot. That look like blood to you?”
“Mm-hmm. How’d it get way up there?”

As they fell into the groove of processing the scene, assuming familiar roles and letting their cover identities recede into the background, the tension in Scully’s shoulders began to loosen. When Mulder stepped away around 7:00 to call in a pizza order, she took a deep breath and let it out slowly.

There was a chance she would survive this case.

Of course, there was also a chance she would spontaneously combust, if she had to endure two whole weeks of Mulder treating her like his wife.

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Finally found the full cover pic for Comic Gene May 2016 issue after searching the net! is the best~ (((o(*゚▽゚*)o))) Sorry for low-res, will probably update it if I found a pic with better image resolution~

And look at that Hedgie!Hyde~ Aaaah~ and is-is Hyde himself holding a flower ring? .__. First a flower crown now a flower ring? What, is he proposing under the Sakura tree or something?? :’D Hahaha. XD

I love their outfits too! At first I thought they were doing detective theme (when we only saw a glimpse of Mahiru with the suspiciously Holmes-like hat), but it doesn’t seem to be the case now that we see the whole image. Looks more like….. Victorian era-inspired casual boy’s street clothes? I dunno. :’D Anyway, cannot wait to get the magazine, especially to see the fully-colored clear file bonus and read the next chapter! And of course, the so-called big news! X3

Superheroes for a single-superpower world: MCU, collective trauma, and institutional breakdown (plus bonus X-Files!)

Guess what: this post somehow contains ZERO spoilers for Captain America: Civil War. Even though Cap 3 was what made the light bulb go off. Even though the issues it discusses are HUGELY, MASSIVELY RELEVANT to how the actual Civil War plotline in Civil War was constructed. Not sure how that happened (maybe I’m just still so in love with Cap 2 that I spew meta about it on autopilot), but enjoy.

It’s undoubtedly been brought up before, but Cap 3 drags it right to the forefront: there’s a rich vein of meta to be mined about the MCU as one big, ambivalent, cathartic wallow in the collective subconscious re: post-9/11 American exceptionalism. Disaster trauma, inability to shake the compulsive self-destructive need to prevent every extraordinary threat, what the fuck even IS a responsible use of your capabilities if you’re the only superpower around, failure to use and adapt existing civic institutions to deal with ‘extraordinary threats’ that people are scared shitless of, rampant proliferation of new ad-hoc opaque institutions to do it instead, the ethics of intervention in places where there’s no local authority capable of handling a crisis with global consequences.

(MCU even goes to great lengths to cut itself off, thematically and timeline-wise, from the Cold War model of American exceptionalism. No eternal, entrenched, equally-matched supervillains to play endless games of cat and mouse with; MCU bad guys tend to be the homegrown, short-lived blowback of the heroes’ own failings.)

And now I think I’m starting to get where the writers were going with the scene in Cap 2 where Natasha mouths off to a Congressional hearing, drops the mic, and walks out. Ever since I caved and finally binge-watched X-Files, I’ve been convinced that it’s a riff on Scully’s iconic role in Tunguska/Terma–perhaps the most obvious among many, many other XF parallels in CATWS. But I’ve been stumped on what it’s supposed to be doing. It’s an awkward scene: disjointed from the rest of the plot, blatantly there as a lead-in/escalation for Civil War, an uncharacteristically impolitic challenge for Natasha of all people to hurl in her superiors’ faces. But shit, it’s right there, isn’t it?

“You’re not going to put me in a prison.”

X-Files, for all its paranoia, retains a quiet faith in civic institutions: they are painfully vulnerable, but they’re well worth defending from the shadowy, unaccountable power brokers who would tamper with them behind the scenes. MCU is a post-9/11 universe, shaken not just by disaster trauma but by society’s total fucking pathological meltdown in response. And Natasha, unlike Scully, walks away with impunity from the consequences of her civil disobedience. She has neither any interest in facing contempt-of-Congress charges for the sake of the rule of law, nor any faith that she’d get a fair trial if she did.

And now I’m thinking about SHIELD as a heavily-coded stand-in for the CIA, and about a particular tipping point that happened in secret, sometime in early 2002. The professional FBI interrogators haggling a gold mine of testimony out of Ibn al-Shaykh al-Libi–and succeeding because they were sticking to the criminal-justice approach and promising him due process–were kicked out of the room by Jack Bauer wannabes from the CIA, who then proceeded to black-bag him, strap him down, send him to Egypt for torture via the extraordinary rendition program… and extract zero worthwhile intel from him whatsoever.

Probably not by coincidence, that moment in history was right about when X-Files finally gave up the ghost. It may have taken five more years for the pressure to build up enough to bring us the runaway success of Iron Man 1, but those first sickening lurches off the rails in early 2002 were the original handoff, from one way of dealing with the world to another. And if it’s true that you can glimpse the soul of a society through the stories it tells itself, we’ve been living in the MCU ever since.

God help us.

“Darling, I can show you where my love hides
it’s a heart beat
on a hard drive

Yeah, I’m dancing with your soul in my sights
it’s a showdown
in the spotlight

Honey, glamour’s got me out of my mind
like a kill switch
on my backside

And the camera’s got you frozen in time
like a save state
in a game file”