High-res jumpscares of the phantom animatronics, pulled from the game files.

Also, bonus animation of Springtrap darting into the office. He lurks behind the player’s monitor, ready to strike as soon as they lower it.

The Resident Evil 6 Files: Deborah Harper

Deborah Harper is a 20-year-old college student, and Helena’s sister. Unlike her sister, Deborah is a carefree party girl. Their different approaches to life are a cause of friction between them, but those issues aside, the two are actually very close.

The two sisters’ lives are thrown into chaos when Derek Simmons kidnaps Deborah and uses her for The Family’s C-Virus experiments. When Helena is reunited with her sister, it’s not the happy reunion she had hoped for. Deborah had been turned into a hideous creature with no semblance of the humanity she once had other than the gentle facial features that hint at her former beauty.

Below is a memo written by a member of The Family detailing their actions after taking Deborah hostage.

We’ve been ordered to kill Deborah as soon as Helena leaves. They’ll both be dead eventually anyway, so doing so would speed up the process. But it would be such a waste to kill her. I can’t help but think about her soft skin and shapely body. She’s just my type.

She’s a little beaten up, but she’d make a wonderful subject for our experiments. I think I’ll keep her around and see how she takes to the C-Virus.

Arcadia Bonus!

“Looks like whoever cleaned this place maybe missed a spot. That look like blood to you?”
“Mm-hmm. How’d it get way up there?”

As they fell into the groove of processing the scene, assuming familiar roles and letting their cover identities recede into the background, the tension in Scully’s shoulders began to loosen. When Mulder stepped away around 7:00 to call in a pizza order, she took a deep breath and let it out slowly.

There was a chance she would survive this case.

Of course, there was also a chance she would spontaneously combust, if she had to endure two whole weeks of Mulder treating her like his wife.

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Hatsune Miku x SuperGroupies Lingerie and Camisole Set

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Last year, the Daily Mail’s Liz Jones used her column to set out her resolutions for the coming year.

In a totally planned and not at all in any way prompted by finding three images in a folder I had completely forgotten about, let’s have a quick bonus update to see how she did with those resolutions in 2015, shall we?

And the results are in!


(well, on the “less generous” one, anyway - the others we’ll just file under “works in progress”, shall we?)

The Resident Evil 6 Files: Helena Harper 1

Helena Harper is a 24-year-old U.S. government agent.

Her sister Deborah is heronly known living relative.

During the Tall Oaks terrorist attack, she is dispatched by the U.S. Secret Service to protect President Benford. She is a woman of strong moral convictions, and is very sympathetic to the plight of others, although she does let her emotions get the better of her from time to time.

She was the ideal agent if you looked past her rash behavior. But Hunnigan saw Helena’s strong will as a positive, and recommended her as a candidate for the DSO.

Recipient: Recruiting Offices of the DSO and FOS
Sender: Ingrid Hunnigan of the FOS

By the president’s orders, I am currently in the process of evaluating members from other organizations for DSO recruitment candidacy. Those who are selected will go through a year long aptitude evaluation; if they pass, they will receive one to three years of training, then a final evaluation once training is complete. Currently, five out of seven candidates have not met DSO standards.

Therefore, I would like to recommend Helena Harper of the CIA as a new eligible candidate. I understand that she has a reputation for letting her emotions cloud her judgment, but her abilities and conviction are enough to overshadow her faults and make her a prime candidate for the DSO.

 Crystal Gems Sleeping set: Steven!   Each illustration in this series is meant to show something deep within each gem’s heart.

Above all, Steven is proud to be a Crystal Gem, and loves his fellow gems.  Here is the selfie he’s holding.

The rest of the gems will be released gradually on tumblr at 540 pixels wide.

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The Resident Evil 6 Files: Tall Oaks Cathedral & the Undergound Lab

Standing out in the skyline of Tall Oaks is a cathedral that marks a plot of land that has been in the Simmons family for generations. This land primarily serves as a meeting ground for the family’s secretive dealings, and there are many hidden passageways and booby traps to obstruct any potential interlopers.

The current head of the family, Derek C. Simmons, recently had a portion of the underground chamber refurbished into a modern research laboratory so he could have scientists conduct research on the C-Virus.

In the midst of the Tall Oaks biological attack, the laboratory was destroyed. During investigation of the remains, a scribbled memo was found.

After 10 years and 12,235 experiments, it’s finally complete.
Thank you, Ms. Radames. I owe it all to you.