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This wasn’t up on YouTube yet, so I figured some one should it haha. This is an acoustic version of Eternally Yours with Ricky Horror on lead vocals. This was released on the Japanese version of Graveyard Shift via Roadrunner Records. Enjoy!

Ok so

Just to make it clear, i bloody love those imagine your OTP/OT3/OT4 e.c.t. posts floating around but they’re all so??? Flawless??? What we need is some more of the wild out there stuff like,,,

  • Imagine short person A trying to get something off the top shelf in the kitchen and falling and they’re screaming on the floor covered in animal crackers while person B is wheezing hysterically in the corner. Bonus; person C recorded the whole thing and uploaded it everywhere.
  • Imagine person A and B holding hands and being all lovey dovey until they hear an ice cream truck in the distance and it’s a battle to the death to buy the first cone with sauce and a flake.
  • Imagine person B browsing memes at 3 in the morning and keeping person A up with their obnoxious snorty laughter.
  • Imagine person A running a pastel aesthetics blog and they’re snapping a pic of some really cute unicorn figurines when person B pops their head up into the shot the moment it’s taken. A, in a hurry, posts the pic in a photoshoot. They don’t notice the photobomb until it has 10 notes already. Bonus, person C has a pretty big follower count and reblogs it every day much to A’s horror and B’s amusement.
  • Imagine person A filming a house tour video and right in the middle of it, person B is sitting on the dining table with their underwear on eating marshmallow fluff with a spoon.
  • Imagine person A spamming person B’s blog with cute anon messages only for person C to spam the same things, exchanging every noun for banana. Person A thinks it’s the same guy and they’re very confused until they hear laughter in the other bedrooms.
  • Imagine person B falling off their bed during a skype call with A.
  • Imagine person A as a joke, saying fuck you instead of bless you every time B sneezes. B does it back to A/A then tries it with C and they start crying.
  • Imagine person C and person D making obnoxious and weird noises in the background whenever A is on the phone to B. They once played a really loud clip of a goat screaming and B fell off their chair.
  • Imagine person D drunk buys a dog, knowing B always wanted one as a kid. They scream and continuously hug the dog and call it a really stupid name while A hides everything that could possibly break and C screams at D that they’re an idiot and there’s no way they can keep a dog in the house. They eventually all decide a dog is better than a kid anyway.
  • Imagine person A talking to person B about their hopes and aspirations and then B gets a phonecall and yells ‘MY BABY IS HAVING A PERSONAL RANT DON’T INTERRUPT THEM YOU GIRAFFE BASTARD’ into the receiver. They get a call back from the number after A’s finished. It was their parent/grandparent asking about a visit.

Imagine your OTP/OT3/OT4, random shit and screwups edition

My Name Is Cow

First, there was Cow, brought to us by @poem-for-your-sprog.

Soon, there was Dog (and Cow).

Then, there was Cat (and Cow).

And then Greensleeves got invoked, and I couldn’t help but Do the Thing. =D  Many thanks to @copperbadge for converting it to mp3!

(The crappy quality was all me.  My means of recording myself is an eleven-year-old point-and-shoot camera, and I was singing quietly in a small room so as not to disturb the neighbors at silly hours of the night.  Not terribly conducive to good sound quality.  Here’s hoping it amuses anyway. ^_^)

'I'm gonna stay here tonight'
R1 Breakfast Show
'I'm gonna stay here tonight'

Some clips from the days after the Grace Jones show, featuring ‘Ten to five!!! You know I get up in a minute?!!’ and ‘Platonic bedsharing - a great idea for people who hate themselves’



One year x

Thank you for coming back, TLSP <3

AU where Sigma isn’t a diabolical piece of shit it’s just a regular piece of shit and it likes to tease Maine a lot about his soft spot for Wash and Maine calls bullshit b/c Sigma will pull strings and draw up statistics showing they’re more compatible with Wash if it means they can get partnered with him specifically so it likes him too and Sigma is so appalled it doesn’t speak to Maine for like two days. 

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On this day in music history: June 15, 1981 - “Duran Duran”, the debut album by Duran Duran is released. Produced by Colin Thurston, it is recorded at Red Bus Studios, Abbey Road Studios, Utopia Studio in London, and Chipping Norton Recording Studios, Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire, UK from October - December 1980. The Birmingham, UK band are at the forefront of the New Romantic movement sweeping England at the time of its release. Boasting a wide variety of musical influences including David Bowie, The Sex Pistols and American R&B/dance music innovators Chic, Duran Duran marry these musical genres together, creating a unique hybrid and develop their own distinctive sound. The album is a huge success in their native country spinning off three singles including “Planet Earth” (#12 UK) and “Girls On Film” (#5 UK). It goes largely unnoticed in the US on its initial release, until it is reissued in April 1983 following their breakthrough success with their second album “Rio”. The original US release removes the original single version of “Planet Earth”, replacing it with the extended “Night Version” of the song. The track “To The Shore” included on the UK LP is not featured on either version of the US LP. Also, initial US pressings are issued with Harvest labels, with a subsequent re-pressing using maroon Capitol labels in 1982. The 1983 US reissue (w/ black rainbow colorband Capitol labels) is repackaged with redesigned cover art (cover photo taken by photographer Brian Aris), restoring the short version of “Planet Earth”, and adding the then new single “Is There Something I Should Know?” (#1 UK, #4 US Pop). The album is first remastered and reissued on CD in 2003, featuring the original UK LP track listing. It is remastered and reissued again in 2010 as a double CD + DVD special edition, with the first disc including the non-LP B-sides “Late Bar”, “Khanada”, “Fame” and “Faster Than Light”. The second disc includes fourteen bonus tracks including demo recordings, live BBC 1 radio performances, and the night versions and night mixes of “Planet Earth” and “Girls On Film”. The DVD includes the music videos for all of the singles, and television performances. “Duran Duran” peaks at number three on the UK album chart, number ten on the Billboard Top 200, and is certified Platinum in the US by the RIAA.


@riancjohnson: Bonus content with re-recording mixer David Parker

Frank Deserto, aka Frankie Teardrop, has been a champion of obscure music, focusing heavily on the 80s post-punk, minimal synth, and coldwave scenes. He has been running music blog Systems of Romance for eight years, ripping and sharing obscurities from his collection and exposing a new generation of music fans to long, forgotten classics. Also a DJ in the NYC scene, his passion for the obscure knows no boundaries. He also is active in The Harrow, who will be releasing their debut LP on aufnahme+wiedergabe this November, with lead-off single “Love Like Shadows” coming this Friday, August 28th.

We’re excited to feature this excellent podcast from Frankie’s favorite archives, the first in what we hope to be a regular series. This particular installment focuses entirely on female-fronted projects, running the gamut from experimental industrial dirges to minimal post-punk, jumping between countries and continents with only the feminine mystique to string these songs together. Without any further adieu, click above to listen, with tracklisting and descriptions to follow below.

1. “Strange Girl”- Candidate (France, 1987, Side By Side 12”, Dum Dum Records)
Extremely minimal/coldwave duo from Nancy, kicking things off with a bleak babygirl lullaby. Vocalist Cécile would also provide backing vocals for Oto’s Purge An Urge LP.

2. “Caos”- Harry (Brazil, 1987, Caos 12”, Wop Bop)
Industrial inspired darkwave project from South America, whose members shared vocal duties across a small, but respectable discography.

3. “Walking Through Gardens”- Ghosts of Dance (UK, 1982, Ghosts of Dance 7”, Plastic Canvas Records)
The flip side of this UK band’s lone 7”. This five piece took their name from Japan’s excellent “Ghosts” cut, and would record several more tracks in a more New Romantic-inspired vein, culminating in a rare CD reissue in 1996.

4. “Stay With Me”- Industrie (Australia, 1983, H LP, EMI Custom Records, Australia)
An obscure treasure from down under, this is one of many highlights from Industrie’s lone LP. Released in 1983, the band was never heard from again. A shame, as Anne Fish was a true vocal talent.

5. “Whispering Sons”- Moral (Denmark, 1982, Whispering Sons K7, Ådsel Service)
The standout title track from this Danish three piece’s first cassette. This track also appears as a bonus track on Dark Entries Records’ recent reissue of their classic And Life Is LP.

6. “It”- Astaron (Austria, 1988, Lance the Ensemble 12”, Bugel Records)
Incredible female duo from Australia, who released one cassette, one LP, and this lone 12”, which is the catchiest of their discography. Haunting, rhythmic, and gorgeous, giving way to absolute cacophony by the track’s end.

7. “California Dreaming”- Denial (Australia, 1982, California Dreaming 7”, M Squared)
Bleak, minimal cover of the Mamas and the Papas classic single. Their only release, though a handful of other tracks were recorded under the Aural Indifference moniker.

8. “Grüne Augen”- Asmodi Bizarr (Germany, 1986, Sunsierra LP, Das Büro)
Roaring post-punk/goth band in the vein of Xmal Deutschland, also active under the name Aspirin. The band has been active again since 2011, performing a set at this year’s Wave-Gothik-Treffen festival.

9. “Release”- Indifferent Dance Centre (UK, 1981, Flight & Pursuit 7”, Recluse)
The b-side from an incredibly obscure, Factory-influenced post-punk 7”, self-released in a stamped paper sleeve with minimal information. Extremely DIY to the last drop.

10. “Tina Town”- Kas Product (France, 1983, By Pass LP, RCA Victor)
Classic French Coldwave duo from Nancy, a rare sensual moment in their catalog. Kas Product have since reunited and have played a handful of shows throughout Europe, including highly publicized appearances at Wave-Gotik-Treffen and Gothic Pogo Festival.

11. “Pushing”- Matador (Germany, 1991, Écoute LP, Moabit Musik)
All female German supergroup of sorts, featuring ex-members of Malaria!, CHBB, Einstürzende Neubauten, and Liasions Dangereuses. Matador formed in the mid-80s and released three excellent records and one 12” before disbanding in the early 1990s.

12. “Sensible”- Hedone (UK, 1984, Sensible 7”, Omgowa Power)
Obscure, melancholy post-punk from Bath. This is their only release, stacked with an equally great B-side.

13. “Nowhere Bei Mir”- Nicolle Meyer (Germany, 1983, Nowhere Bei Mir 7”, Virgin)
One-off single released under Nicole Tollmann’s pseudonym. Nicole was also a contributing member to the Fred Banana Combo, who recorded their own punked-out version of this track in the same year.

14. “Sudan”- Thick Pigeon (UK, 1984, Too Crazy Cowboys LP, Factory Records)
A Factory/Benelux treasure, recorded by the outsider duo of Stanton Miranda and Carter Burwell, with additional help from Stephen Morris and Gillian Gilbert of New Order. Thick Pigeon would release an excellent club-centric single under Stanton Miranda (“Wheels Over Indian Trails,” 1986). Carter Burwell would go on to contribute music to Raising Arizona, Psycho III, and Fargo, among many others.

15. “Morning Train”- Esprits Animaux (Netherlands, 1985, Whip of Passion 12”, Poppi Disk)
Lead-off track from this excellent 12”, the only one on the record solely featuring female vocals. Though the band was Dutch, their name is French, and translates to “Animal Ghosts.”

16. “Beautiful Diseases”- The Vyllies (Switzerland, 1985, Lilith LP, Out of Tune Records)
Another all-female group, this time a trio. Oftentimes appearing in shrouds and flowing dresses (their name invokes a Slavic folk legend), The Vyllies have a near-flawless discography and cult influence that spreads across the globe.

17. “Don’t Believe It’s Over”- Nocturnal Emissions (UK, 1988, Duty Experiment (1982-1984 Years), Soleilmoon Recordings)
Dark, mantra-esque demo from one of the UK’s most prolific experimental tape projects. Recorded during the band’s early years, it has since been reissued on several collections of the band’s work, achieving near-mythic status in an otherwise expansive discography.

18. “Bound By Silence”- Pink Industry (UK, 1985, New Beginnings LP, Zulu Records)
UK’s Pink Military was already a classic underground band, but from their ashes arose Pink Industry, a much more satisfying project, through and through. Jettisoning angular guitars and embracing the 808 drum machine, menacing rhythms, reverb-drenched saxophone, and Jayne Casey’s seductive vocals, Pink Industry would release three flawless LPs before splitting in 1987.

19. ¼ Circle Black- Turning Shrines (UK, 1985, Face of Another 12”, Temple Records)
Recorded by Fred Giannelli just before joining Psychic TV’s acid-driven incarnation (and released by Genesis Breyer P-Orridge’s Temple Records), this Turning Shrines 12” features four tracks of pre-dreampop perfection. This standout track (a highlight among highlights) was reissued by Mexican Summer in 2013, featuring a bonus re-recorded version of this track by Tamaryn and Lansing-Dreiden’s Jorge Elbrecht.

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West End ExR

Ok right so here today is the one year anniversary of me going to see the very best exr dynamic in existence in the west end so have this:
-Grantaire sat in ABC Cafe reading a newspaper with his feet propped on the table ignoring everyone until Enjolras started singing
-I mean after that he was only nodding sarcastically but hey it’s Grantaire what were you expecting
-He interrupted Enjolras halfway through his rant and it was beautiful
-There was also a bit where he sat on Enjolras’ desk and tossed the papers in the air like idk how they all coped with him honestly
-Let’s talk about Enjolras too ok he was beautiful and passionate and I will never be over him
-onto the sads
-Drink With Me was awful ok like it was fine until the end of Grantaire’s bit but then he was trying to get Enjolras’ attention as he walked past by poking his chest and it was meant to be a joke but his face was just crumbling you could see it and Enjolras just stopped immediately and sat him down and started whispering to him and you could see Grantaire sobbing and there was very intense hugging with hair stroking and everything
-and then the barricade
-it got to the bit where they laid Marius down after he was shot and there was another super intense hug with more hair touching and then Enjolras pulled away to climb up and over the barricade and Grantaire just froze for a moment after before chasing up after him but he wasn’t quite coordinated enough to keep up and he was shot on top of the barricade trying to save Enjolras and I just
-bonus: in the muckup matinee Grantaire thrust his bottle in Enjolras’ face (I’ve only heard about this not seen it but you can guess that it was very sexual knowing them)
-bonus bonus: in the finale recording you can kind of hear Grantaire screaming at Enjolras to come back when they’re climbing the barricade just before the music swells as everyone is shot

If you need more there is always the ridiculous Twitter flirting

Duke week: day four; favourite headcannon.

Mine is probably the concept of duke being really interested in writing because of all the books she reads. Like her dream is to become a fully published author.
She actually has a novel she’s in the middle of writing which is based around her experience with bulimia and the moral is to do with how you shouldn’t let things like that take over your life and it’s supposed to be able to help people who suffer/suffered from it with recovery and self building.
She has short side stories which are just like little poem books as well, with small doodles in (a lot like milk and honey) and she just adds to them whenever a poem comes to mind.
She doesn’t let anyone know though really because she’s scared of being judged and doesn’t want to be put down before she’s finished. She plans on telling Veronica when she finishes and the others if it ends up being published.

(Which it does for the record)

Also bonus: the idea of her having to wear glasses for reading and writing, because that’s cute