bonus points if someone in the drawing is saying great party guys!

Let’s Play a Game

Summary: Things get exciting for you and Bucky when a board game night in the tower takes a naughty turn.

Bucky x reader. MOSTLY FLUFFY/ A LIL SMUTTY (not really though). Word count: 1.9 K.

TW: drinking, partial nudity

It was a hot summer night in the tower when Tony spoke up and said “I’m beyond bored. We should all do something fun!” A few members of the team were out on a mission, and everyone else had just been sitting in the lounge watching garbage reality TV all evening. Steve leaned forward in his seat and replied “Same. Anyone have an idea about what to do?” “How about a board game?” suggested Bucky. “Sounds good to me. I think Y/N has a bunch in her room. Can we play one of ‘em?” asked Nat. You nodded in agreement. Tony volunteered to go grab one, so you directed him toward the top of your closet and told him to choose whichever one he wanted.

Tony came back snickering with a blue box in his hand. “NOT THAT ONE! PUT IT BACK!” you yelled, drawing everyone’s attention. “Did you make this?” asked Tony, whose snickering had evolved into full-blown laughter. “When I was in college me and my friends made it and used to play it at parties sometimes. I should’ve thrown it away a long time ago. Just go pick something else, ok?” “Nope! It’s this one!” he answered. At that point, Tony had piqued everyone’s interest, and they all started pestering you, wanting to know what the game was. You turned to the group and sternly said “It doesn’t matter because we’re not playing it. Tony’s gonna go put it back and choose a different one, right Tony?” Tony shook his head no, and shouted “IT’S DIRTY JENGA!!!”

Laughter erupted throughout the room. Nat stood up quickly and started walking over to the bar. “I’ll get the booze! I’m pretty sure we’re gonna need it, aren’t we, Y/N?” She flashed you a cheeky smile. “Yeah…” you muttered, becoming more embarrassed as the seconds ticked by. Everyone sat on the floor in a circle while Tony dumped out the blocks on the floor, and then read out the rules that were scribbled on an index card that had been tucked inside the box. “Do what’s on the block or you’re out. Knock over the tower, you lose. If you don’t pick your partner, the group picks for you. Unless otherwise directed, kisses are on the mouth. Good luck!” Nat and Wanda passed out some red plastic cups and shot glasses, and gave everyone a beer to start out with. You noticed the concerned look on Steve and Bucky’s faces. “Don’t worry guys,” you said quietly to them so nobody else would hear, “it’s not that dirty.” You decided to embrace the fact that this was going to happen one way or another, so instead of acting embarrassed, you spoke up, determined that everyone would have fun. “Everyone change spots. We’ve gotta sit boy-girl-boy-girl for this to work.” you instructed. You found yourself sitting between Steve and Bucky, and actually getting excited for the game to start.

Wanda stacked up the blocks into a tower and everyone decided that since you had played before, you should go first. You drew a block from the center of the tower, and turned it over and read it out loud. “Oh, easy one. It says to take a shot.” Your poured yourself a shot of tequila, took the shot, and turned to Bucky. “You’re next!” You could tell he was a little nervous as he drew a block from the tower. “Oh God,” he began, “it says I’ve gotta lick someone’s neck.” Everyone started giggling. “So, you gonna choose someone Barnes or do we have to choose for you?” asked Wanda. Bucky turned to face you with a worried look on his face. “Go ahead,” you told him as you tilted your head away, presenting your neck to him. He licked it and everyone clapped. The rest of the team had it pretty easy on the first go around—most of them just had to take a drink. Steve had to play “spin the bottle” though and ended up giving Wanda the most awkward kiss you’d ever seen.

Eventually, it came to be your turn again. You were secretly hoping that this game would give you some opportunities to do stuff with Bucky—you’d had a crush on him forever, and you had your fingers crossed that tonight would be the night you finally got to kiss him. Who cares if it was part of a game—a kiss is a kiss, right? You drew your block and flipped it over. Before you could read it out loud, your cheeks turned bright red. “What does it say?!” asked Steve. You looked down at the floor and mumbled the words “body shot.” “Holy shit! This is gonna be great! Who are you choosing?!” asked Nat with a smirk. You let out a deep sigh and turned to face Bucky. “C’mon Buck. You’re up.”

“Wait, what do I have to do? I’m so confused. I’ve never even heard of a body shot.” said Bucky with concern. Tony was trying not to laugh when he told Bucky “Just take off your shirt and lie down.” Bucky did as he was told, and you reached for the bowl of limes and dish of salt. “Nope! You’re not getting off easy on this one. I know how you roll, Y/N. You’d probably put the salt on his arm or something. I’m setting this up.” said Nat with a wink. “You’re putting salt on me?!” asked Bucky. “Shut up and just go with it, Barnes!” Nat responded. She proceeded to pour a line of salt across Bucky’s stomach, running from his belly button to the band of his jeans. “Open.” she instructed as she tapped on Bucky’s mouth. She inserted a lime wedge in between his teeth and told him to hold it there and not to move. Finally, she filled a shot glass with tequila and set it in the middle of his chest. “Bonus points if you take the shot with no hands,” teased Tony.

Your heart was pounding with a mixture of excitement and anxiety. Out of the corner of your eye, you saw Steve pull out his phone and start recording. You were never going to hear the end of this, but it seemed too late to back out now. “Give me a countdown?” you asked. Steve led the chant, and everyone yelled “THREE, TWO, ONE, GO!” With your hands behind your back, you bent down and licked the salt off of Bucky’s toned stomach. Then you tossed your leg over him so you were straddling him, and you could hear everyone gasp in excitement. You leaned over and wrapped your lips around the shot glass, drank the shot, and tossed the empty glass off to the side. Finally, you dropped down and placed your hands on the floor on either side of Bucky’s head. You lowered yourself down until you were hovering just above his face and you winked at him before pressing your lips against his, taking the entire lime into your mouth. You sat back up, still straddling Bucky, pulled the lime out of your mouth and threw it into your empty plastic cup. “NO HANDS!” you yelled with pride, as everyone clapped at your performance.

You got off of Bucky and sat back down in your spot as he sat up and put his shirt back on. “Well, we sure as hell didn’t have that back in the forties!” said Bucky with a smile. Steve chuckled and said “We definitely didn’t have body shots back then. It’s your turn, Bucky.” Bucky drew a block from the tower and laughed when he read it. “What does it say?” you asked. He turned and looked you square in the eyes as the group slowly fell silent. A flirty smile played on his lips as he said the words “Your turn,” and held up the block. You leaned forward to read it, and laughed when you saw what it said. “Nat,” you began, returning your gaze to Bucky’s smiling face, “I hope you didn’t use all of the salt—it looks like we’re doing more body shots.”

“I’m not taking my top off,” you warned as you laid down on the carpet. You could see that Bucky was sweating a little bit, and was clearly a little nervous. Nat sat next to you and laughed mischievously. “Roll up your shirt,” she instructed you. “HEY-O!” shouted Tony, knowing what Nat was planning on doing. You knew it too, and giggled as you rolled the bottom of your shirt up to just below your bra, exposing your stomach. Nat looked at Bucky and said “Remember, lick the salt, drink the shot, take the lime. Got it?” He nodded affirmatively. She poured a line of salt on your chest, from the top of your sternum down to where your cleavage began. “Oh boy,” teased Steve. She placed the lime in between your teeth and told you to stay as still as possible. Wanda went to hand her a shot glass, but Nat said “Thanks, but I don’t need it,” and she poured the tequila into your belly button. It took everything you had not to start laughing as you watched Bucky’s expression go from nervous to terrified. You could see that Steve was recording this one as well, but you didn’t care. “THREE, TWO, ONE, GO!” yelled the group. Bucky leaned over you and slowly licked the salt off of your chest. He flashed a flirty grin at you as you watched him move down to your stomach, dragging his fingertips along your side as he did so. He slurped the shot off of you, and then stole a page from your playbook, straddling you just like you had done to him. He bent over, and before taking the lime he whispered in your ear “this is the best game ever.” He took the lime from your mouth, making sure your lips touched as he did so. He sat up, throwing his arms in the air, seeking the same applause you had gotten. Instead, you both turned when you heard Sam saying “What the fuck is going on here?! I’m gone for like two hours and I miss all the fun stuff!”

Bucky spat the lime into a cup and stood up. He held out his hand to help you up, and you took it and stood next to him, fixing your shirt. You jokingly curtsied and he bowed, while everyone else clapped. “I’m tapping out for tonight. I’m just gonna watch for a while,” you said as you took a seat on the couch. “Same here,” announced Bucky as he took the spot next to you. He put his arm around your shoulder, which you felt giddy about but tried not to read too far into. After spending about 10 minutes watching the game, Bucky passed you a hand-written note on a napkin. You smiled as you read the note, which said “Dinner date w/ me tomorrow? 7pm?” You turned to face him, his arm still wrapped around you, and leaned over so you could whisper in his ear. “Seven is perfect,” you said. Bucky planted a soft kiss on your cheek, and you giggled because your wish was finally coming true, and because you never thought you’d be so glad to have lost a debate with Tony about what game to play.

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anonymous asked:

Hi Snickers! Can I please get some headcanons about MTMTE Rod Squad bots (your pick!) reacting to their human pal's graduation? Bonus points if the human puts their graduation cap on Rodimus! Thank you!

You called me Snickers and it was like I was a dog. “What Snickers? Snickers? Oh that’s me!” and I made myself laugh. Thank you Nonny.
I also took this to mean like college graduation? I hope that’s okay. If not just send it in again and tell me what kind of graduation!
in no particular order that is…


~He’s so annoying jfc.
~You love him and he’s proud of you, but damn everyone knows.
~He’s going to get kicked out you swear it.
~Especially when you come on and he acts like the Raiders just scored or some shit.
~Security tells him to shut up or get lost and he quiets down.
~Probably records a lot, it can be a little embarrassing.
~Doesn’t bother with holomatter.
~Picks you up once it’s over and holds you up to tell you just how amazing you are.
~Flushes when you put your cap on him and tell him he does great too.
~Probably begged to go with you to the after party, the rule is that he has to use an avatar then or you won’t let him.
~Makes a scene and goes completely nuts.
~You probably have to drag him out and yell at him for being such a nut inside.
~He just shrugs and says he wanted to have some fun.
~You probably end up going for a drive so he can talk to you about what it’s like going to human school.
~Is a bit surprised when it’s not that different from cybertronian school, just a few things are different really.

~He is just such a Proud Papa™
~May or may not be crying.
~Records everything.
~Claps super loud and scares the crap out of /everyone/.
~You probably have to tell him to stop recording because he will get embarrassing about it.
~Tells you how beautiful you look and yes, it’s as embarrassing as the recording.
~Has a celebration planned for afterwards.
~It’s nothing big, just a small group and a few decorations, a cake, and drinks.
~If you wanted to go to the after party all he asks is that you drink responsibly and come around early cause he does have that little party planned after all.
~The small party is probably more fun than the after party anyway.
~He is such a dad though, he’s your giant robot dad friend.
~He’ll tell you how proud he is and how awesome you are, because you need to know after all.
~He’s so fucking supportive you might actually have to tell him to shut up.
~The most embarrassing out of all of them. Except maybe Whirl.

~He’s so proud of you. He makes sure you knew that before you went out.
~He’s as damn close as he can get, might have fought for that spot.
~He’s using a holoform, even though he’s sure no one would pay attention if he hadn’t.
~He definitely cries, a lot, but he doesn’t blubber and he’s smiling the whole time.
~He’s actually super honored you’d even ask him to attend this.
~He claps fairly loudly and draws a bit of attention to himself when you come on stage. It’s just hes’ so excited.
~Will tell the person next to him how great you look and how good you did during school and how hard you try. The person probably isn’t listening but Rung doesn’t care.
~Only escorts you to the after party if you ask, if you don’t he takes a few pictures of you for himself and then tells you to call him if you need him.
~If you do ask him to come along he’s very happy to come along.
~You two dance like dipshits together in the middle of the floor and give exactly 0 shits if someone makes fun of you.
~He, of course, doesn’t drink so you can drink almost as much as you want because he’ll make sure you get home okay.
~And will take care of you in the morning.
~Will tell any guy clearly making you uncomfortable to leave. Will not fight though.
~Always waits to see if you’ll tell them off yourself, but understands if you’re scared too.
~Will leave the party with you if you need and probably walk around for a while.

~Completely embarrassing.
~Whoops and hollars in the back and scares everyone because he’s a giant robot with boob guns.
~Lmao no he’s not going to bother with holomatter if he doesn’t have to and he doesn’t.
~Security only bothers once and then leaves him the hell alone after he threatens to kill everyone.
~Records everything.
~Gets especially loud when you come on stage.
~Screams about how good you look and how well your outfit works together, compliments your shoes especially.
~Will straight up cry, but pretends he’s not.
~He’s super proud of you, really, he’s just got a really weird way of showing it, forgive him.
~Wants to go the after party with you. You refuse. Good choice.
~He may pout, but he waits around, probably scaring people walking by, for you to come back.
~If you need him though he’s right there.
~He’s happy to give you a jet lift or just fly around.
~Hey it’s your night you could ask him to jump off a building with you and he would.

~Tailgate is crying, Cyclonus is recording.
~They’re both so proud of you. So proud.
~They are both using their holoforms.
~Cyclonus is very respectful and quiet. Tailgate is not.
~Tailgate doesn’t get over loud, but he does cheer loudly when you come up.
~Cyclonus claps before quieting down Tailgate.
~They talk to each other about how good you look and how well your outfit is put together, how well you did your make-up, or how good your shoes look.
~Someone probably gets kicked out for trying to start something because they’re two women. You know the drill. Jackass.
~They easily get over it, that guy isn’t their problem and they aren’t going to let it get to them and ruin your big day.
~They find you immediately afterward and Tailgate more or less wraps his entire body around you in a hug. Cyclonus has to pry him off.
~They don’t seem interested in the after party, but say they’ll wait around for you if you go.
~If you don’t go they just take a walk with you and talk about how pretty the venue the school chose is. Tailgate takes a thousand pictures, lots of you with either both of them or just one of them and a lot of just you.
~If you do go to the after party they take a few pictures before you go and then just spend the time you’re gone walking around and taking pictures together or of each other.
~Tailgate will kick someone’s ass if they have to come get you because you’re uncomfortable. Cyclonus may be stopping Tailgate, but he was to kill them too.
~They’ll walk around until very late at night, which is when the venue staff tells them it’s time to leave.

Bonus because I love him and there’s just… not… enough.

~He’s honestly really proud of you, regardless of your field of study, he’s aware how strenuous even a year of schooling can be.
~He decided to use a holoform to see you, since this is a big human celebration and he may cause panic.
~He doesn’t cry, but he’s smiling this smile that tells everyone just how proud he is. It… May also give off the vibe that he’ll kill everyone. No one is entirely sure but you.
~He claps at a normal level when you come on stage.
~He’s very tempted to tell everyone how amazing you are and how he helped you pick out your amazing outfit and the make-up palette.
~He doesn’t because they’re already uncomfortable with his presence and he just doesn’t want to make it worse.
~Definitely escorts you to the after party.
~He’s that guy friend™
~The one that will happily escort you to a dance so other guys leave you alone or wrap an arm around you so whoever’s bothering you *thinks* you have a boyfriend.
~Will also straight murder a bitch.
~Will take you out for a relaxing flight if you ask. The stars are gorgeous from a jet.