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At Bay V

//You x Jongdae 💙

Summary: Big Hero 6!AU, with Jongdae as Takeshi Hamada and Daeul as Hiro Hamada, placed before Takeshi/Jongdae entered University.


So that was it.

Your work with Jongdae ended just as abruptly as it started, leaving you without a graduation project and with really bad aftertaste in your mouth.

It turned out that the copy on the comp was the last existing one, so you left Jongdae without graduation project as well.

Not that you cared.

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rabiddogheart  asked:


how could you ask me this i’m about to make the both of us suffer

  • frank would so be the mother of the group, like he’d wear a backpack with a little cooler strapped to the back of it and he’d keep lil snacks and water bottles for them all
  • when they get into magic kingdom for the first time he’s like “walk not run,” but leo sprints away dragging hazel behind them and frank chases after them like a mother duck
  • on their first day they buy matching t-shirts and the next day they wear them but in the morning they do a full on photoshoot including:
  • the normal front pose photo, the back photo (bc they would so get t-shirts with stuff on the back), the frank and leo holding up hazel photo, the leo on frank’s back and hazel kissing frank’s cheek photo bc FRANK NEEDS MORE LOVE
  • when they went to epcot and got to canada, leo turned to frank and went “look who’s home, ey?” and frank squirted him with the spray bottle they bought
  • hazel got to meet princess tiana and after they were done taking the photo, they started talking and hazel found out this princess tiana was also from new orleans
  • so while they were chatting frank and leo goofed around with prince naveen and took silly pictures with like peace signs and sunglasses and they were all look “look at our queens!!” to the hazel and tiana who both roll their eyes
  • on their first day hazel and frank get lanyards and collect pins the whole trip, but leo has an affinity for mouse ears
  • like hazel got minnie ears with a sparkly bow and frank got the traditional mickey eat hat but by the end of the trip, leo got a glow in the dark ear hat, a little mermaid ear hat, and sorcerer mickey ears
  • they spend a whole day at animal kingdom, from the very beginning to the minute before the park closed and the reason they stayed there all day was because frank kept sneaking into exhibits (with the help of hazel’s mist) and he’d shift into all different types of animals and do such dumb stuff to entertain the guests
  • and all the other animals would literally be staring at him, while the guests were so enraptured and taking photos, meanwhile hazel and leo were off to the side, practically on the floor laughing their asses off
  • at the end of the day they ate at the rainforest cafe and instead of ordering meals they just got a bunch of junk food (mini burgers, fries, a bunch of appetizers) and stuffed their faces bc they were just that hungry
  • leo was so sleepy afterwards that while hazel and frank were in the gift shop, frank had to carry leo on his back; they got him a t-shirt
  • when they went to hollywood studios that was the day they found out hazel’s favorite ride was the great movie ride
  • ahhh imagine them walking around downtown disney on one of their last nights, eating ice cream and browsing through the shops and taking pictures of all the lego sculptures
  • every ride they go on is awesome but every time they get off leo is already rambling about the improvements he could make and if he could add a pixie dust machine and hey maybe this place is owned by demigods we should so ask and frank and hazel love him so they listen everytime

ahhh i made these mostly about disney alksdaskldj ok let me see

  • every single road trip they take it’s always frank driving, hazel in the passenger, and leo in the backseat; unless frank needs to sleep then they switch
  • their playlist is such a #mess bc hazel likes jazz, frank likes pop, and leo likes punk rock and they could just be jamming out and then smooth jazz fills the car and hazel goes, “if either of you skip it i’m going to rip your hand off”
  • they’re that couple that has to stop at every landmark or tourist attraction if they come across it, even if it’s not part of the plan, and they take pictures and walk around and buy lil souvenirs
  • hazel gets a bunch of pamphlets from all the rest stops they go to and when the boys ask her why she’s like “just in case!” even though they’ll most likely be useless as soon as they leave the state laksjdasdj i love her
  • ok but all of them crashing at random hamilton and holiday inn’s throughout the country and cramming together on one of the queen size beds and scrambling in the mornings to get read and they all have to crowd into the bathroom as they brush their teeth
  • frank is so that person who takes his time as they’re leaving, like he’ll chat up the concierge and make himself one of the complimentary coffees and tell the employee things about their road trip so far and as he leaves he nods back towards the guy, smiles, and says, “have a good day, man” 
  • camping trips where the whole gang is their but they have their own tent and hazel wakes up early one morning so she sits by the firepit and chats with nico and percy until the sun rises
  • and then by that point she’s like, “ok they have to get up” but when she checks on them leo is basically sprawled across franks chest and frank has one arm around leo and another underneath his head and they’re just cuddled up so cute that hazel doesn’t have the heart to wake them
  • so nico does

aksdjasllk alright so these were the ones that actually got deleted, i hope i remembered all of them and i really hope you liked them!!

also bonus: the halloween after they go to disney, hazel dresses up as princess tiana and frank and leo dress up as prince naveen. now frank is kind of shy in this flashy attire even though he looks awesome, meanwhile in the background you can see leo being the cocky lil shit he is, swooshing his cape back and forth and flashing people is signature “smolder” for the night. hazel tries to make frank feel better and that’s when leo realizes frank might not be as comfortable as he is and so he goes over and kiss frank right on the lips and makes some silly joke to make them all laugh and then he kisses hazel and they all go out on the dance floor and have a really good time omg i’m gonna cry

Masterlist of Thunderbirds Fic Prompts

Feel free to use any of these! :)

  • Gordon gets out of his heavy manual chores on the Island by lying and telling Scott his back has been really hurting. Mother!hen Scott agrees to do them for him, and to not tell their Dad. What will Scott do when he’s hauling around dirt on a shovel and John calls to tell him, amused, that Gordon is skiving off and swimming lengths in the pool instead?
  • When a meteor hits Thunderbird 5 John is thought dead by his family and Scott has to prepare himself to retrieve a body.
  • After not seeing each other for three months (Space rotation, swimming trial, more space rotation) Gordon takes Alan on a boat trip as part of brotherly bonding; neither of them expects Alan to be dragged overboard by a giant squid/sea monster.
  • Diabetic!Scott AU with Scott stealing chocolate biscuits he really shouldn’t have out of the tin while one of his brothers distracts their Grandma.
  • Baby!Alan toddling around and following his big brother Scotty everywhere. Bonus Points: little Alan takes a tumble off his tricycle and Scott freaks.
  • John gives a long, low groan, but it’s caused more by the idea that he’s going to have to deal with mother!hen Scott than any pain from his actual injuries. This is why I shouldn’t ever leave Five. He thinks with a grimace.
  • Five times Virgil had to play emergency doctor for his family and the one time he didn’t.
  • Gordon upsets himself when he learns the guitar chords to David Bowie’s ‘Major Tom’ as he replaces the lyrics with ‘Major John’.
  • Young!John calling his family from NASA Space Cadet’s camp.
  • John was the one Alan called for everything; science homework, friend troubles, complaints about the cafeteria food. He’d called John before he’d even called Dad that time he made the track team. Listening was John’s job, after all. What he was good at. So why couldn’t Alan have told him about the bullying?
  • When it all goes to hell in a hand basket, who will rescue the rescuers?
  • One of Tin-Tin/Kayo’s old friends invites himself onto the island. Scott rains down hell upon him after he finds him dubiously cornering a pale-faced Alan as the youngest Tracy comes out of the shower.
  • There’s a malfunction when Two drops Four’s pod over water, with Gordon and John aboard, that sends them straight to the bottom instead of floating on the surface. With Four stuck down there with them, and the pod not opening, how will Scott and Virgil get them out?
  • Virgil has been stuck in this lift with Gordon for 5 hours and its driving him nuts.
  • Out on a rescue the ground gives from under Alan’s feet, sending him falling head over tail down an old, disused well.
  • Scott is a dog person. Virgil is a cat person. Gordon keeps tropical fish and while John insists that space is no place for pets (he has a cactus with googly eyes up on Five instead) he not-so-secretly has a thing for small birds. Jeff tries to keep an open mind, remembering the tarantula he’d had when he was their age. But then Alan brings home Amanda, the alligator and their father is suddenly regretting his open-mindedness.
  • One of the boys is temporarily blinded during a rescue.
  • Gordon develops a habit of pushing his brothers in the pool, he thinks it’s hilarious. The boys think their revenge on him is even more so. Bonus points: John comes down from Five and everyone purposely doesn’t warn him of their brothers latest habit. It’s suddenly a lot less funny when John’s head cracks against the side of the pool and there’s blood in the water.
  • John decides to use Gordon as his test subject.
  • Scott can’t hear his communicator over the wind down on the rescue site.
  • Alan gets kidnapped from his school by a serial murderer and is locked in a crate that is slowly filling with water. The kidnapper demands 20,000 dollars from the famous Jeff Tracy, to be delivered within 24 hours or he won’t give them Alan’s coordinates, and the youngest Tracy will meet a very watery grave.
  • Virgil has a little black and white striped kitten that likes to sit atop his piano, basking in the sunlight, as he plays. Bonus points: The kitten has the name of a famous composer and is grumpy as hell around any of the other brothers.
  • Grandma came up with the spectacularly horrible idea of replacing all their coffee with decaf and now Scott is pretty sure they’re all going to die. Penelope has her tea and is perfectly smug and happy to sip it out of her little china cup and watch them all suffer, until Grandma catches wind of it, and switches that out for decaf too. There will be hell to pay.
  • “Hang on!” Scott screams over the edge and John, with his face scrunched in pain and his fingers slipping off the only thing that’s stopping him plummeting god knows how far into the darkness below, can only shout back; “What the bloody hell do you think I’m doing?!? Throwing a party?” Scott grabs for his wrist, just as John’s fingers fail him, and John feels the sharp snap and pop and grind of bone in his shoulder as it dislocates when his fall is abruptly halted.
  • The brothers morning wake up routines. Scott wakes early; the RAF ingrained deeply in his sleeping patterns, and is jogging on the beach by 7am. Virgil is hell on Earth to try and get out of bed before 1pm. John’s sleep cycles are often thrown out up on ‘Five, and he’s unpredictable. Gordon is up and in the pool by nine. Alan has to be plied with hot coffee and sugary cereal if you want to see him before 10.
  • John takes Alan stargazing.

steftolbert  asked:

Do you already have Cullen dating hc's somewhere? Or could you write some? I love your headcanons!!


- Cullen is pretty good at compartmentalizing, separating his love life with his professional life despite the fact that two were pretty damn intertwined (In the case of Inquisition, anyway).

- Until you heckin’ kiss him on the battlefield right before or after a big victory. Then he gets super flustered (more than usual) and he’ll just be speechless and red in the face. His comrades will never let it go. 

- He tries to be super subtle about his feelings but yeah that doesn’t happen.

- He can, however, be pretty damn sneaky and he has occasionally actually taken you by surprise by remembering a little detail you mentioned or doing something really nice for you

- He can’t keep himself from telling you how much he cares about you! You’ve kept him grounded and he wants you to know that you’re the most important person in his life so he will sometimes just blurt out an “I love you” at unexpected times. 

- You and him play Wicked Grace together in the hopes of one day beating Josephine. Good luck with that.

- His hair is always a bit tousled in the morning and if you wake him up early he blinks tiredly and his voice is deeper and a bit scratchy. It’s rather cute, so long as he isn’t too grumpy. 

- If you like to bake he’ll sheepishly ask if you can bake those sweet buttery sugar cookies that Josephine introduced him to. 

- Imagine sending him letters when you’re out and about and he’s back at Skyhold in his drafty-but-still-better-than-freezing-office. Bonus points if you tell him what exactly you faced just to get him riled up about it

- “Hey Cullen did you know I accidentally ran into a dragon’s lair today.”
“You did WHAT”

- It’s canon that he adopts a mabari (with you) but he treats that pupper like a child

- You once put a bonnet on it’s head and Cullen freaked out (in a goodish way) 

- He likes to just hold your hand and stand in silence while overlooking the mountains. It’s peaceful, and he cherishes the comfy quietness of those moments. 

let’s start with something simple

Let me not to the marriage of true minds
Admit impediments. Love is not love
Which alters when it alteration finds,
Or bends with the remover to remove.

Sonnet 116, William Shakespeare

1. Let’s start with something simple—direct words, and not-so-direct words. The typical exchanges of the day. Typical words. As of now, merely shells composed of letters. Faceless conversations. “I love you.” “Good morning.” “Have you had lunch yet?” “Good luck with the investigation.” “I’m coming home earlier than usual.” “I’ve cleaned up your closet this morning.” “Congratulations. You did a splendid job today in court.” “Your grades are improving, Trucy. That’s great.” “Good night.” “I want you now.” “I love you too.”

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The Neighbor Next Door 3/15

Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6, Chapter 7, Chapter 8, Chapter 9, Chapter 10, Chapter 11, Chapter 12, Chapter 13, Chapter 14, Chapter 15, BONUS: XMAS Extra #1, XMAS Extra #2

Summary: (USUK) Arthur, an Omega has recently made the move to the US for a promising new job. He finds more than he bargained for when his loud Alpha neighbor won’t stop having sex at all hours of the night. Being sexually frustrated he declares war, but does Arthur want to be the victor when giving in feels so right?

Warnings: Fic is rated R ; traditional omegaverse

A/N: Alfred finally makes an appearance outside of wall-banging Arthur!

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DRAMIONE DECEMBER FAVORITES - Day Seven: Festive Headcanons

so since i’m gonna be away tomorrow i’m just going to do this a day early but oh my gosh oh my gosh christmas headcanons are my favorite thing ever y'all are unleashing a crazy person here by giving this prompt

• first of all DRAMIONE AND SNOW. like. EVERYTHING ABOUT IT. snowball fights. building SNOW FORTS. thinking the other person looks like an angel with the flakes falling in their hair and on their eyelashes. laying down and making actual snow angels. BUILDING SNOWMEN. rubbing it all over each other’s faces. JUST TINY NERDS RUNNING AROUND AND GIGGLING IN THE SNOW LIKE A BUNCH OF LITTLE KIDS AND HAVING F UN (bonus points if this is before they’re in a relationship and don’t get to see each other laugh and smile and just break free like this a lot)

• DRACO AND HERMIONE ICE SKATING AHH and this is a million times better if one of them doesn’t know how to skate and the other one has to lEAD THEM AROUND BY THE HANDS while they grumble about it *squeals*

• decorating for christmasss oh my gosh like draco being SO FUSSY about everything looking artistic but he’s never done the decorating himself before since they had house elves for that so he gets tangled up in lights and falls off the ladder when he’s putting the star on the tree and almost gets electrocuted a few times since all these plugs and weird socket things are so bloody confusing and hermione just kind of watches in amusement for a while before she finally decides to stop being cruel and help him

• as an addition to the above, decorating their first tree together with holiday music playing in the background and dorky christmas sweaters on would be the cutest thing EVER


• snuggling in bed under a million blankets since they’re both babies about the cold and looking like two little chicks or something in their nest of comforters and quilts

• draco bursting into the bedroom on christmas morning wearing a cheesy santa hat and yelling ‘WAKE UP IT’S CHRISTMAS!!!’ and then dragging a half-awake hermione who’s muttering about ‘the one day he has to be a morning person’ out to the gigantic mess of a breakfast he attempted to make for her and then straight to the christmas tree to open his presents as fake snow falls from the ceiling and hermione’s just insanely touched by all the effort he put in cause the little reformed sweetie’s probably been up since five getting everything ready- draco always did do everything extravagantly


• hermione getting draco a simple little watch engraved with an otter and a dragon on the back and a cute sentimental quote under the band for christmas one year and draco actually TEARING UP bc nobody’s ever gotten him something that means something before, something that shows the giver cares about him, and even though it isn’t fancy he loves this watch more than any expensive gift he’s ever gotten

• and we can’t forget MISTLETOE ofc. imagine draco just hanging it EVERYWHERE. charming it into appearance everywhere they go. 'oh look granger’ *pushes her a few steps to the left* 'whaddya know we’re right under some mistletoe isn’t that weird’ 'hey granger someone hung mistletoe HERE TOO this is just the STRANGEST THING’ 'huh who would’ve thought there would be mistletoe under this specific tree in the park. such a coincidence!!! guess we’d better not ignore the tradition haha’

• hermione yanking draco down by his scarf to kiss him :))))

• draco and hermione have a tradition that every december they get two copies of some novel that at least has some christmasy aspect to it and they have a race to see who can finish it first and then when they’re both done they stay up till the crack of dawn discussing it over hot cocoa

• CHRISTMAS LIGHT RUNS TOO THO like on the night of christmas eve they apparate to some big muggle neighborhood (discreetly of course) and run around like kids on halloween looking at all the pretty decorated houses and the first time they do it draco’s eyes light up cause he never knew how BEAUTIFUL electricity could look

• draco being so excited at little scorpius’ first christmas and being so determined to be a good father that he goes way overboard with the presents and 'baby’s 1st christmas’ ornaments and he stuffs the bitty little stocking beyond what should be even physically possible

yeah sorry i went insane but I DID WARN YOU

Stay the Night

          Pairing: Kabby <3 

          Summary: Inspired by the College AU prompt “I’m at my desk doing homework and you were on my bed doing homework, but you fell asleep and now it’s 3 am and I don’t have the heart to wake you to send you back to your dorm, so I’m just gonna get in bed and deal with the awkwardness in the morning because right now I am too tired to think more than three minutes ahead.” 

          Set pre-S3 during the three-month time jump: Marcus and Abby plan a meeting to discuss various important plans, but various complications occur.

          Author’s Note: I FINALLY WROTE FLUFF, YOU GUYS!!!!! (Okay there’s a tiny bit of angst because that couldn’t be avoided, but it’s MOSTLY FLUFF).  

         “What do you mean, ‘having your meeting isn’t a good idea?’ Raven, I’m going to need a better answer than that.”

          Marcus watched as tension coursed its way through Chancellor Abby Griffin’s body with every beat of her heart, setting her shoulders in a rigid line and angling her chin upward. They’d been just about to enter the Council Room, well-prepared for their meeting on expanding Arkadia’s fourth quadrant in order to better house the influx of people they’d been finding from other crashed stations.

          Abby had told him they’d also be discussing plans to reinforce the wall with something other than metal (“It’s going to rust eventually, Marcus, and where will that leave us? We need something sturdier”), constructing a garden somewhere inside the gates (“Nyko and Lincoln can help us plant the seeds, and then we’ll have a steady food supply”) and sending more teams back to Mount Weather to salvage whatever they could from the wreckage. As horrible as their experience inside the Mountain had been, there was no reason to let their supplies go to waste.

          He and Abby had a full schedule, one they knew would take them well into the night. Neither of them minded. Marcus enjoyed these meetings, just he and her, helping decide what was best for their people’s future. Making decisions together, debating, discussing.

          Getting to spend time with her, seeing the sparkle in her eyes and the way her hair looked almost golden in the dim light, thriving on the way she grinned when they arrived at a decision – well, that was certainly an added bonus.

          But this time, they’d found Raven Reyes waiting for them at the door with a semi-cryptic warning.

         “Okay. I’m not saying you can’t have your meeting, Abby. I’m just letting you know the cooling system isn’t recognizing this part of Arkadia.”

         “English, Raven,” Abby said, annoyed. “What does that mean?”

         “In English? It’s hot as hell in there, and it’s hot as hell in every room in this hallway.  Sinclair and I are trying to figure out why the system isn’t working – everywhere else is fine, so this is weird. We should be able to have everything up and running by tomorrow morning if we work through the night, but that means people aren’t going to be able to be in these rooms tonight. Unless they don’t mind the heat and seeing our gorgeous faces at three in the morning while we test the ventilation system.”

         Marcus stepped forward as Abby gave an exasperated sigh, resting his hand on her tense shoulder. She relaxed slightly at his touch, looking him in the eyes.

         “I rescheduled all of my afternoon appointments for this,” she said, exasperation rolling off of each word and exploding in the open air. “At least ten. I could’ve kept them.”

        “We’ll figure something out,” he said, his hand creating friction with the fabric of her jacket as he gave her shoulder a squeeze. She gave him a small smile in return. “Don’t worry.”

         Raven gave a pointed cough, assuming (correctly) that the adults had completely forgotten her presence.

         “Here’s a concept: maybe you guys could take the day off. When’s the last time either of you relaxed? Chilled out for more than ten minutes?”

          Marcus stiffened. While the idea wasn’t a bad one, he could only imagine what was going through Abby’s head…Abby, who had cleared her overbooked schedule for this, who didn’t sleep at night so she could chip away at the mountain of work that only grew larger overnight, to whom taking a day off was as inconceivable as rebuilding the Ark and blasting back into space.

         “I’m not taking the day off, Raven,” Abby snapped. “I can’t. There’s too much to be done. Now we need to figure out where these people –“ she gestured to the corridor, which was rapidly filling with confused civilians who didn’t understand why their rooms were boiling with heat, “can stay for the night.”

         The girl raised her hands in a gesture of mock surrender, her ponytail swinging in response to the rapid motion.

         “Okay! You’re telling me, Abby. Sinclair and I are going to be working on this for the next ten hours, at least. We might even have to enlist Monty to help us figure this out.” Then, quieter: “Shit. I think he’s on guard duty tonight.”

          Marcus stepped in.

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USA Today Weekend Extra


  • With a high-profile hiatus after ‘Made in the A.M.,’ the destination’s unknown
  • Breaking up is hard to do — but taking a break may be even harder.

Four tours, five albums and almost 133 million Twitter followers later, One Direction is going on an indefinite hiatus starting next year. The decision has been the subject of endless speculation by entertainment media and fans ever since August, when the British-Irish boy band announced that “we are not splitting up, but we will be taking a well-earned break” after releasing new album Made in the

A.M., out Friday. But in the wake of member Zayn Malik’s highly publicized departure this spring, what will become of 1D’s last men standing (Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne and Niall Horan)? After all, everyone knows what happened when *NSYNC announced a “temporary hiatus” in 2002, only to see it cemented when Justin Timberlake’s solo career exploded. And even if they do reunite like the Backstreet Boys and New Kids on the Block before them, the pop-rock heartthrobs may never reclaim their former glory.

“I don’t think anyone really knows the likelihood of One Direction getting back together, not even them,” Billboard senior editor Alex Gale says. “If one or two or three decide to go solo and are successful, then there’s less and less incentive for them to bring back One Direction. At the same time, they have promised they will be back, and people usually

don’t do that” without some incentive to return.

“There’s just so much money — it’d be hard for them to walk away from millions of dollars,” Gale says. A.M. is projected to have strong first-week sales, despite the fact that Justin Bieber’s Purpose also hits shelves Friday. “Their fan bases obviously overlap, but it’s expected to be really, really close,” Gale says. (For comparison, 1D’s Four landed at No. 1 with 387,000 copies last year, according to Nielsen Music, and Bieber’s last album, Believe, started with 374,000 sold in 2012.)

Although they understand such skepticism about their future, the band is sticking to its comeback narrative.

“Whatever you say at any point, people are going to read it in different ways,” says Styles, 21. “All we said is we’ve been touring and making an album every year for five years, and that we’re just not going to do that next year. It’d be naive to expect people to not read into it, but we’re really focused on the album coming out. We haven’t really thought too much past that right now.”


Made in the A.M. is named, quite simply, for the early-morning sessions the band spent writing the album, which includes a cheeky bonus track called A.M. on the deluxe edition. “It’s basically about all the late-night conversations and laughs you have sitting around at 5 a.m. talking crap,” says Horan, 22. “They’re your favorite times. It’s quite relatable.”

Starting with 2013’s Midnight Memories, the guys have taken more active roles in co-writing their songs (primarily with producers Julian Bunetta, Jamie Scott and John Ryan), which allows for steady growth between albums without doing “something crazily outside the box,” Styles says. But unlike previous efforts, A.M. was written primarily in a couple-month break between touring, which made it less stressful when they got back on the road, “because you weren’t stressing about trying to find time to write. It was more about experimenting and finishing things off.” Malik hadn’t started working on A.M. before he quit, Styles adds, although the other members had to alter vocal arrangements in his absence.

The band’s first single of the post-Malik era was Drag Me Down, a pop-rock anthem whose staunch chorus proclaims: “All these lights / They can’t blind me / With your love, nobody can drag me down.” The song, which made its debut at No. 3 on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart in August, was written as “a pledge to the fans, really,” says Tomlinson, 23. “We’re in a very lucky position where we have a very loyal fan base.”

AM’s latest single, Perfect, was written by Styles and Tomlinson, who explains its meaning as “not taking (relationships) too serious and just enjoying what you have on that night.” Of course, sharpeyed fans and writers were quick to dissect similarities between the song and another top 10 hit, Style, by Styles’ ex-girlfriend, Taylor Swift, who many believe wrote Style and Out of the Woods about their relationship. Viewed as a response of sorts, Perfect’s chorus sneers, “If you’re looking for someone to write your breakup songs about / baby I’m perfect,” while lyrics about midnight drives and “good girls” gone bad appear to hat-tip Style directly.

Asked what he makes of the speculation, Styles says, “I don’t really read it.” In general, “I’m never going to tell someone what it means to them, because there’s a lot of songs where I feel something completely different from what the writer intended me to feel. It’s obviously funny to see, but it’s up to everybody’s individual interpretation.”

While such blunt lyrical hints may seem to suggest he is calling out an ex, Styles insists he writes only “from personal experience. It doesn’t always have to be so literal, in that you say, ‘This is a love song about a girl I used to see.’ … Not every love song is necessarily about a person. It could be about a place or time or something where it touched you and you feel you can personify that in a song.”

Of A.M.’ s still-unheard songs, History is sure to be the one that gets fans talking. Bemoaning rumors, fights and the trappings of fame, “we always find a way to make it out alive,” the stomping singalong cheers, then declares in the chorus, “This is not the end.”

“It’s about how we’ve all been through so much together,” Styles says. “It’s kind of saying, ‘No matter what happens, we’re always going to have this.’ We felt like it was the right way to end the album.”


At the very least, History should be a reassuring antidote for 1D fans, who have been put through the wringer this year starting with the departure of Malik, Seemingly out of nowhere, Malik announced on the band’s Facebook page in late March that “it is the right time for me to leave,” citing his desire to be a “normal 22-year-old who is able to relax and have some private time out of the spotlight.” Many of the band’s Twitter followers posted pictures and videos of them in tears, some even threatening suicide.

For the band, “it was obviously a shock,” Horan says. At the time, there were “no disagreements, he wasn’t making any music. We had a few conversations, and then he made his decision.”

“It was kind of a decision made there and then,” Tomlinson adds. “I’m sure he had been thinking about it for a while, but in reality, he wasn’t happy, and that’s fine. It was actually a really strong time for all of us, as crazy as that sounds. Of course, it’s a very traumatic time, in any field of work, when someone loses a member of the team. But it was important that we banded together, and actually, we came out better for that. Our relationship as a four has been so strong since.”

As for a new album, “that’s something you can never really wish for or hope for at that stage,” says Payne, 22. “You kind of think it’s going to end there when somebody leaves. But we’ve definitely grown closer.”

In the days and weeks to follow, much was made in the media about Twitter interactions between the remaining members and Malik, who signed a new deal with RCA Records this summer. One of the most notable spats happened in May, after U.K. producer Naughty Boy leaked a solo track he made with Malik, and Tomlinson accused him of “riding on the back of someone else’s career.” Malik hit back at Tomlinson, tweeting, “Remember when you had a life and stopped making (expletive) comments about mine?”

Months later, the guys insist there are no hard feelings. “We know what happened,” Horan says. “I don’t think it should be read into too much. Everyone’s moved on.”

As for whether any of the remaining members ever considered leaving, Tomlinson shrugs. “No, not really. In reality, there’s dark days for everyone, where everyone kind of contemplates everything. There’s a lot of times where you’ll feel a little down, and you’re not seeing your friends and family for so long. Then you go onstage at night, and that’s what motivates you.”


Although fans were shocked and saddened when 1D announced its hiatus this summer, the time off really should come as no surprise. After all, since coming together on the U.K.’s The X Factor in 2010, the band has released five albums, including A.M. —a prolific, almost unheard-of tally for most pop stars.

“Obviously, we’re not digging trenches or anything, but … it’s been a lot,” Styles says. For his part, Styles says he just wants to spend time with family and friends and catch up on some sleep. It’s a sentiment echoed by his bandmates, including Tomlinson, who is expecting a baby with American stylist Briana Jungwirth.

During the break, he and Payne “will definitely put some time aside to write together,” Tomlinson says. The guys have also “said we’re going to go on a little holiday. Any time we even take a little break, even if it’s just two weeks, by the end of that two weeks, you’re looking forward to seeing everyone again. … So of course we’ll meet up.”

Now that they have played the last show of their world tour on Halloween at England’s Sheffield Arena, the hiatus is “starting to hit home,” Payne says. “It is definitely really sad for us. But obviously, we’re going back into it. So it’s not goodbye, it’s just ‘See you later.’ It’s like what Tigger used to say: ‘Ta-ta for now.’ ”

'Just Because': Birthday Bonus One Shot

Just Because: Birthday Bonus One Shot #217


When Harry woke up on his birthday, he could smell breakfast cooking downstairs. Something warm, and butter-fried and cinnamon-laced, but he could also pick up the distinct, heavy scent of sausages browning away in a pan on the stove. It smelled like his mother’s kitchen on his birthday, when he was little. The rich scent of coffee brewing, wafting up the stairs and perfuming the house. He furrowed his brow before opening his eyes, realizing that you weren’t beside him, when he stretched his legs out with a satisfied groan. He’d hoped for an early-morning birthday cuddle before waking the kids. Or even better, with you and all of the kids, squishing into bed, in one big snuggle pile for a while, before getting up to face the day, a little bit older.

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Rilaya 4 ship thang

Who kisses who first:
Maya. She couldn’t help it. They were at a school dance and a slow song came on and there was no one else they wanted to dance with. Maya smiled and Riley smiled back, she looked so beautiful and then Maya leaned in and their lips connected. It was perfect.

Who makes breakfast:
Riley. Maya hates that Riley wakes up 20min early just to make her breakfast but she can’t complain. Riley is the best cook out of both of them. She also loves how Riley cuts her food into little hearts and leaves her little “I love you” notes next to her morning coffee to wake her up. She also loves the kisses that come with them.

Who says I love you first:
They have always said I love you, but on their first date Riley said it first. Maya’s heart almost stopped when she heard it and she had to make sure she meant what she meant and the brunette leaned in and kissed her again. They also have an inside joke where sometimes instead of “I love you” they say “I love woo” instead.

Riley: “I love you Maya…”
Maya: “I love you too”
Riley: “no peaches…I love you.”

Who holds the other one during a storm:
Maya holds Riley. She always builds them a pillow fort to hide in to keep Riley safe and they cuddle and kiss whilst Maya draws a picture for Riley. It always calms her down.

Maya: “see Riles now you’re all safe.”
Riley: “t-thank Peaches, I love woo”
Maya: “I love woo too.”

What their song is:
Anything gay. Girls like girls, anything by Troye Sivan, she likes girls, also Rock bottem by Hailee Steinfled (even though thats not gay.)

What they do when one of them is upset:

When Riley is upset - Maya holds her close and lets her cry it out. Maya tells her how much she loves her and that shes perfect and kisses her head multiple times.

When Maya is upset - she tries not to show it but Riley can always tell straight away if shes upset. The way to calm Maya down is with kisses, however Riley has started to notice Maya pretending to be sad so that they can kiss. Riley goes along with it though because she loves kissing the blonde just as much.

Who kisses more roughly:
Maya. Riley loves it when Maya takes control its a huge turn on. However sometimes Riley likes to take control and catch Maya of guard. Maya loves it, she likes having a break from being the first one to ignite the kiss.

What their dates consist of:
Lots of kisses and lots of cuddles and a lot of flirting. The love to go on walks and Maya loves to draw Riley. Riley finds it a little dorky how excited Maya gets on their dates but she loves it really. Sometimes they go to the movies and sometimes they go to theme parks. Maya also bares the pain of going to museums for her girl.

Who knew they would always be together:
Everyone. They were so gay that they gave a new meaning to the word. Lucas was the last to find out though because once he finally made his decision it was too late.

Lucas: “I choose…”  
Maya: *kisses Riley*
Lucas: “wait what-”
Riley: “you were too late.”
Lucas: “hang on a second! You’re both gay?!”
Zay and Smackle: “called it!“
Auggie: “no I did!”
Farkle:  “guys, $50  I knew they would come out together. Clap for the genius!”
Cory: “hang on a second I made that tall brunette over there I should get at least 50% of that!”
Topanga: “Cory please I carried her inside of me for 9months I could practically feel her rainbows inside my stomach.”

What they talk about at 1am:
Everything. It often consists of Maya making flirty jokes and whispering sweet nothings into Riley’s ear but it also consists of deep talks and hand holding and quick good night kisses.  Sometimes Maya likes to just listen to how Riley’s day went or a book that shes into at that point in time because she thinks its adorable.

What their favourite holiday traditions are :
Maya loves to decorate the Christmas tree. She almost loves Christmas as much as Riley does and Riley lets her decorate the tree because her eyes light up so pretty. On Christmas eve they go on a drive whilst listening to cheesy christmas songs whilst looking at all the christmas lights. Also its become a tradition to visit the Matthews on christmas morning and Maya always gets Riley a mistletoe every year as a joke.

Whos the hopeless romantic:
Maya. Whilst Riley does try and be as romantic as she can, Maya always beats her at that game. Maya tries to keep her romantic side a secret and often saves that part of her when its just Riley and her alone, however every so often she lets it slip in front of their friends. 

Riley: “oh peaches we better go you booked that dinner table for us and you said you wanna go on a walk so-”
Maya: “shh Riley.”
Farkle: “aweee”
Lucas: “you guys are so gay its adorable.”
Maya: “well its Riley so anything for her.”
Zay:  “Maya who knew you were the soppy hopeless romantic type.”
Maya: “I will cut you Zay-”

Who says sorry after an argument:
It depends what the argument was about. They never tend to be really serious and when they did fight it would always end with lots of cuddling.

Riley: “that is the last time I leave you alone at 3am”
Maya: “I’m not even tired and I beat the level on die zombies 3 I hardly see the problem!”
Riley: “the problem is, is thats my game and you didn’t go to sleep!”
Maya: “oh stop being whiney and give me a kiss!”
Riley: “I will not kiss you until you say sorry!”
Maya: “fine I’m sorry-”
Maya: “-for beating you at a game you’re terrible at.”
Riley: “thats it I want a rematch!”
Maya: “maybe later I’m tired…”

Bonus: who flirts the most:
Maya hart all the way. Sometimes the flirting is cute and sometimes the flirting is a little PG13 but either way its adorable. Maya also loves to get a little carried away because it makes Riley flustered and she does it until Riley gets tired and respond back.

Maya: “If homosexuality is a disease then I’ve caught it for you.”
Riley: “oh. My. God.”
Maya: “can I tie your shoes? I can’t have you falling for someone else!”
Riley: “Maya shh.”
Maya: “Are you butt dialling? Because I swear that ass is calling me”
Riley: “do you have a name? Or can I call you mine?”
Maya: “that was a good one!”
Riley: “thanks peaches!”

Send me a ship from any fandom and i’ll write one of these 😊❤️

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killems with the shitty u

killems roadtrip au with shitty motels okay. <3 love u too <333

(they’re thousands of miles from home, traveling the backroads through rural south carolina and up into north carolina. there’s shitty motels on the way and somehow, they end up falling in love.) 

They drive down though California first and through Arizona and New Mexico, it takes a while for them to get through Texas (they keep stopping and going to shitty little tourist attractions) and by the time they get down through Louisiana, James turns to Adam and says, I want to take you to the Charleston Aquarium.

(Adam lets James drive then and Adam dozes in the passenger seat while James recounts stories from his childhood about the aquarium and Adam smiles because James sounds so damn happy and the happiness is infectious and god, Adam’s so in love.)

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Okay, my loves! I've got to head out or I'm going to be late. Here's a taste of the birthday bonus!

I won’t be able to get it up before midnight U.K. time, unfortunately, like I would’ve liked to,  but it should go up before midnight my time. And then I’ll have the second, if not a hefty sneak peek of the second one shot up tonight as well, both when I get back. Thank you for being so patient! I really appreciate. But my writer’s block is all gone! Asks will get answered later tonight as well! I’ll see you when I get home. 

Love you! xx.

When Harry woke up on his birthday, he could smell breakfast cooking downstairs. Something warm, and butter-fried and cinnamon-laced, but he could also pick up the distinct, heavy scent of sausages browning away in a pan on the stove. It smelled like his mother’s kitchen on his birthday, when he was little. The rich scent of coffee brewing, wafting up the stairs and perfuming the house. He furrowed his brow before opening his eyes, realizing that you weren’t beside him, when he stretched his legs out with a satisfied groan. He’d hoped for an early-morning birthday cuddle before waking the kids. Or even better, with you and all of the kids, squishing into bed, in one big snuggle pile for a while, before getting up to face the day a little bit older.

There would be no big party or night out upon his own request. Though you’d promised you’d put something together for him, with friends, at one of his favorite restaurants towards the city center of London. But he’d refused. He’d done enough of that with his previous birthdays when he was younger and didn’t have babies to get home to, to tuck into bed and kiss goodnight and make sure he’d banished the monsters from under the bed or the depths of the closet. He’d had his fill of that, for now. And oddly enough, he didn’t miss it. Today, he’d take it slow and savor the day. Spend it with you and his babies. London had received a quite unanticipated gift of snow over the past couple of days, and it was bitterly cold, but that didn’t stop the kids from wanting to go out and romp around in it. So he thought maybe he would bundle them up and take the dog down to the park for the afternoon, until their hands were too frozen, and cheeks too pink and bitten by the cold to play anymore. He’d kiss their hands to bring the warmth back into them, letting them snuggle underneath his coat on the car ride home, where he’d sneak over the café down the street without telling you, for four hot chocolates to warm their tiny bellies and numb little hands. And you’d give him that scolding look that he knew so well, when you saw the dried smudges of chocolate at the corners of their lips. But you wouldn’t say anything, because you knew how happy it had made him to make them so happy, and to just spend time with them. They loved their daddy more than anything. Whenever you worried that he was stretching himself too thin between work and the kids and taking care of the house, you’d sneak down the hall in the middle of the night when you woke up to him not beside you and find him in one of the kids’ rooms, tucked into their bed with the blanket around his knees and one of them snuggled against his chest, because they’d woken up and couldn’t go back to sleep without his strong arms around them. That’s when you knew he’d never rather do anything else.

Sitting up further in bed, and letting the blanket fall away from his chest, he wrinkled his nose as he felt something tacky attached to his torso. Looking down, he noticed three very distinctive red-lipstick kisses placed at points along his torso, each with an accompanying sticky-note pressed into his skin. One, over his heart, another just above his bellybutton and the last, placed low on the inside of his left hip. He noticed each note had your familiar handwriting scrawled across it. It was beyond him as to how he hadn’t stirred when you’d left them. Carefully, he peeled off the first of the notes, the one over his heart and rubbed his fingers at his eyes to clear the sleep from them.

Because I’ll love you and your impossibly big heart forever and I love that you never let me forget just how loved I am…

He smiled, shaking his head because he couldn’t seem to get the smile to fade from his lips, peeling off the second note, the one on his stomach.

Because I know that if you could, you’d carry our babies. And I love you for that. I love the beautiful father that you are. Also, my favorite spot to snuggle into…

He let out a tiny laugh. It’s true, should he have all the right components, he would absolutely have carried and protective the babies. And he loved when your cheek found its way down to settled right above his bellybutton, when you’d both fall into bed in an exhausted heap.

Finally, he peeled off the last note, pressed to the inside of his hip.

Because it’s your favorite spot for my lips to find and I love the way your skin tastes…

Smiling, he reached over to turn on the light on his bedside table, and seeing a wrapped gift with a large red ribbon tied around it, resting on top of his alarm clock.