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Fill-a-Page February day 28 - BONUS PAGE!

Pay attention, Keith! Alas, this is suuuper duper sketchy because it’s late and I have work tomorrow, but I still wanted to get it done. I actually love this idea so I might try my hand at drawing it (or something similar) properly.

AND THUS CONCLUDES THE FILL-A-PAGE FEBRUARY CHALLENGE. Oh man, what a month it’s been! Thank you all for your support and encouragement. I couldn’t have done it without you!


Happy Lucy Day! °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

June 4, 2017

A Fairy Tail magazine was something I’ve wanted to make for a long time and Lucy’s day was the perfect opportunity to finally make it happen. All interviews and articles are written by me, so excuse me if they sound a bit OOC. I did my best! ^^

Credit for Lucy’s render on page 4: Stella1994x on DeviantArt (I’m not putting the link to her page, because Tumblr seems to be having problems with external links)

Bonus page under the cut:

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A little comic between Dr. Slug and White Hat 😂😂and thank you for 2k notes ❤.It’s for @sinners-legend-through-time and @raikuanraoi . I hope you guys like it ❤
Later there will be a bonus page.

PS: Dr. Slug tries to kill White Hat everytime but White Hat can recover everytime and shapeshifting. (White Hat has other skills too and he is stronger than Dr. Slug)

My Translated Naruto Manhua (Doujinshi) Masterpost

I’m gonna try to keep this up-to-date but you know how it is, there’s also a high chance that it will never be updated from this moment forward. Do you feel lucky?

Long manhua that are more than one post will link to the first post only, but have the number of pages currently translated listed. Multiple posts SHOULD link to each other; if I forgot a link or one is broken, please tell me!

Chinese to English translation requests are OPEN, but I of course can decline to translate anything without giving a reason. I will not translate post-699 canon SasuSaku so don’t bother asking; it’s my NOTP. Genin SS and AU SS is fine to request. I’m open to translating pretty much any other pairing; obviously if I also ship it I’m more likely to do it.

Multi-page Manhua

Kakashi’s Wish by @allhatakekakashi (Kakashi-centric, no ships so far; Time-Travel AU; p. 1-63 translated of ?)
The Weird Tale of 1LDK by @yomi-gaeru (MadaSaku; Romance, Mystery, Horror; 18 pages)
Tears by Da Biaosao (SasuSaku; Romance, Tragedy; 7 pages)
The Mysterious Haruno Sakura by Da Biaosao (genin pre-SasuSaku; Fluff; 18 pages)
A Little Bit by Da Biaosao (pre-NaruSaku; Fluff; 7 pages)
Moment by Da Biaosao (pre-SaiSaku; Fluff; 8 pages)
Uncle by Da Biaosao (pre-KakaSaku; Fluff; 20 pages)
Cowardly by Da Biaosao (NaruSaku; Romance; 21 pages)
After Class by Da Biaosao (NaruSaku; Romance, High School AU; 19 pages)
Destination by Photinia (Temari-centric; Growing up; 14 pages)
Lingering by @yomi-gaeru (MadaSaku; Romance; 24 pages)
A Strange Heart-to-Heart by @allhatakekakashi (pre-Tsunade x Sakura; romance; 8 pages)
NaruHina comic by Zhi Feng Chui (NaruHina; romance, past angst; two long pages)
Hand Temperature by Da Biaosao (genin pre-SasuSaku, but more focused on Team 7 as a unit; bittersweet fluff; 24 pages)
SasuSaku Modern AU by @yomi-gaeru (SasuSaku; Romance and Humour; 12 pages + a bonus page)
Half-Hearted by Photinia (ShikaTema; domestic fluff; 9 pages)
The Flower of Joy by @yomi-gaeru (SasuSaku, domestic fluff, 19 pages)
From the Sea Mist by MAOQ (MadaSaku, SasuSaku, ghost story,  p. 1-11 long pages plus omake)
You, Like a Sunflower by An Sikui (NaruSaku primary; plot lines for NaruHina, ShikaIno, and platonic/brotherly Sasuke and Itachi, and Hinata and Neji; modern AU; ch. 1-2 of 20 chapters so far, wish me luck)

Short Comics - Serious(ish)

MadaSaku hospital by @yomi-gaeru
Madara as Team 7′s Sensei AU by MAOQ
High School AU pt 1 by MAOQ
High School AU pt 2 by MAOQ
High School AU sketches by MAOQ
Obito demands a Christmas Gift from Kakashi by @allhatakekakashi
Youkai AU by MAOQ
Baby Naruto and Team Minato by Uncle Loki Goose
ObiRin - scars by LUMi
Itachi Demands a Christmas Gift From Kakashi by @allhatakekakashi
MadaSaku fashion designer and model AU by MAOQ
Smol Sakura meets Smol Naruto by MAOQ
ObiSaku by @yomi-gaeru
InoSaku by Pettifogger
Genderflipped Team Guy by @sikuzxxx
KakaYama ANBU flirting by @asure95
NejiTen birthday by Mark
KakaYama confession by @asure95
KakaYama art by Taiiii
Young Sasori and the Kazekage by Paranoia
Neji using concealer by L_O_V_E_is_E_V_I_L
Consequences of Izuna’s Death by HANA✿
Izuna by HANA✿
Purple Lightning by @warishell-peaceisshell
NejiTen reincarnation AU by reanrean
Yamato supports Kakashi by qingzhuxi

Short Comics - Purely Comedic

MadaSaku time travel AU by @yomi-gaeru
Team 7 by MAOQ
Kakashi trolling Obito by @allhatakekakashi
Actors AU 1 by Da Biaosao
Actors AU 2 by Da Biaosao
Kakashi and Yamato’s Eyes by @allhatakekakashi
Team 7′s determination by Da Biaosao
Team 7 has a hard time focusing by Da Biaosao
Sakura wants Kakashi by Pollyanna
Mirai and Kakashi’s Icha Icha Book Tour by @allhatakekakashi
Kakashi gives Mirai a Christmas Gift by @allhatakekakashi
Baby Naruto and baby Sasuke by @kazea-free
Has the Rokudaime ever gotten fat? by @allhatakekakashi
April Fools MadaSaku by @yomi-gaeru
I Won’t! Believe! That Obito Never Did This! by ghosttt
Sasuke’s Poor Clothing Choices by @yomi-gaeru
Pikashi by Hikazi
MadaSaku in a nutshell by MAOQ
Infinite Tsukuyomi Cancelled: Dat Booty Too Fine by @yomi-gaeru
Mad Scientist Tobirama by Kinkin
Hashirama’s Day by River of Light
No One Wants Your Grimy Eyeball Shisui by @sikuzxxx
Minato-papa Gets Drive-By Trolled by Kakashi by Uncle Loki Goose
Fire + Water = Steam by River of Light
Gaara Meets Himawari by Zhifengchui
About the Proposal 1-3 by theAya (canon ending pairings)
Yamato sprouted by Jiangji_jiangji
Marriage (NejiTen) by Mark
Crush-Loaded (MadaSaku) by @yomi-gaeru
KakaGai vs the Fourth Wall by @allhatakekakashi
Madara-sensei AU 1 and 2 by Delicate Memento
MadaSaku and IndraSaku by Delicate Memento
Sakura is tired of cutesy SNS by @sikuzxxx
NejiTen cuteness by L_O_V_E_is_E_V_I_L
InoSaku hair switch by Flower and Bird
NejiTen wedding by Pharaoh Rao
NaruHina comic by Kurumi
Silly Naruto vs Kakashi by ProperCybertron
Happy Dragon Boat Festival by Glean 
How to Draw Uchiha Shisui by YA
Naruto Propaganda by Anonymous
Beer by HANA✿
Deidara and Tobi’s Face by HANA✿
“On the Way Home” by River of Light
Kakashi-bunny bullies Yamato-kitty by Mantoubaozou
Hashirama can’t do dark and edgy by HANA✿
SNS Summer Vacation by Chairman Lan
Boruto needs better “roll” model by gazelleoryx
KakaYama daily life sketch dump by Pennybear
Happy Birthday Kakashi! by mantoubaozou
Beautiful Madara and Hashirama by Ashley

Not Naruto:

Zoe’s language adventures with Newaza by Zoe p. 1-3 (slice of life, language humour)
Ed x Winry: Height Difference by Lare

Last updated Oct 7 2017


A Klance comic that started as just the first picture and now I’m thinking of making a shallura sequel. I’m proud of how this turned out. Please don’t repost without permission. Please don’t remove my signature or alter my art without permission. If you’d like to help support me there are links on my tumblr page :)


The Monsterkind Book Two Kickstarter Ends in 18 hours!

Hey, guys! The Kickstarter is in its final stretch, and we just unlocked the 12 page bonus comic about Ben and Wallace helping Roy our at the Daycare!! 

To celebrate, here’s one of the pages from the bonus comic itself.

We have only a handful of hours left to reach the last two stretch goals, so I hope you’ll check out the campaign and consider helping us reach $40k!


Thank You for 100% Funding Monsterkind Book Two!  ♡

Thanks to your overwhelming support and generosity, Book Two is officially going to be printed, and I can’t say thank you enough!! ♡

We’re headed towards funding some really great stretch goals that upgrade the book and add bonus rewards to all “Goodies” tiers (AKA: all tiers that include a printset).

The more we raise, the better the rewards!

I also hear talk that one of the stretch goals adds a 12 page bonus comic about Ben and Wallace helping Roy out at the Daycare…


Let’s make this book and these rewards the best they can be!!


Not Again. - Zootopia Fan Comic

Pages: 21 to 29 - Previous: 11 to 20


“The broken ties are mending together, making stronger bonds and lighting a fire of unstoppable force that will not let the Dyad to split appart. Not Again.”

Aaaaaand we are done!!!… for now, next week there is going to be a few Bonus pages. Sorry, there was a lot to read in this last part, and congrats to the people who guessed the identity of the father. As always I want to thank all of you for your support and good words of encouragement, I’m slowly coming back up again and I owe it to you.

To the people who messaged me in the past week, sorry for not replying, I got a little busy and didn’t had the time to, I know is a lame excuse but as soon I get the chance I will get back to you ASAP.

I hope you liked this story, it may continue or not, it all depends on how my time table is organized.

Thank you all, I love you, and yes it’s a TgWeaver reference.

See you soon, going to sleep now. :)  <3


A Hole In The Earth


Next - In Progress

Story Archive

Accompanying Music - A Hole in The Earth - Daughter 

Thanks again for your patience everyone! I know this one took a bit longer than normal. Hope you guys enjoy it though and Ill start working on it once I’m done with commission project >_</

Hope this satisfies a couple asks…sort of @u@’’

And here’s a bonus page: