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Dangerous Woman, Ariana Grande’s third studio album, was released a year ago on May 20 2016. The album debuted at number two on the US Billboard 200, earning 175,000 album-equivalent units in its first week. It became her first number one album in the UK. The album has been certified Platinum by the RIAA and has received a GRAMMY nomination for Best Pop Vocal Album.

If you liked Netflix’s Stranger Things, here are some podcasts you might enjoy:
  • Welcome to Night Vale (the community news of a small city in the American Southwest where all conspiracy theories are true and a part of every day life; BONUS - canon interracial gay couple as the main couple)
  • The Message (70-year-old message from outer space, cryptology, things are not as they seem)
  • Limetown (everyone in small town disappears and no one knows what happened to them; follow an intrepid journalist as she investigates)
  • The Black Tapes (sister show to TANIS; demons, investigation into the unexplainable, asshole Alpha Skeptic, and the journalist who tries to sort this all out)
  • TANIS (sister show to The Black Tapes; conspiracy, truth, and the investigation of what Tanis really is, plus an “information specialist” named Meerkatnip)
  • Archive 81 (found footage audio series where nothing is quite as it seems and there’s a building that isn’t exactly right)
  • Alice Isn’t Dead (from the people behind WtNV, a truck driver tries to find her missing wife and she runs into a lot of conspiracies along the way)
  • Within the Wires (again, from the people who brought you WtNV, instructional audio guides that slowly reveal a personal story and the revelation that the world the podcast is set in is that great)
  • The Bright Session (imagine what it would be like if the X-Men went to therapy)
  • The Behemoth (a girl and her monster walk across America)
  • Wolf 359 (the absurd misadventures of a small band of eccentric characters on board the Hephaestus Station in orbit around the dwarf star, Wolf 359, where it’s all fun and games until it’s not and the Blessed Eternal just wants a night light)

Yesterday was super lousy for me, so obviously the best way to stress relieve was to draw Pap in different outfits for the rest of the day.

We all like to imagine him being cute and stylish if he wore normal clothes, but I think realistically, he would probably have a closet full of nothing but Ed Hardy and random metal band t-shirts that he thought looked cool. :B

JMo is back for the Killian centric episode. And who wrote the Killian centric episode? Jane Espenson. I need a moment. Too many feels. I am extremely emotional already. The last Emma’s appareance (for now, hope is a very powerful thing…), the last CS’ scenes… and written by the one who gave us some of the most beautiful CS moments. I don’t know if I am ready for this.


magnus’ smooth transition from sweet impromptu visit to his boyfriend’s office to ruthlessly calling him out and obliterating his entire fucking life

+bonus alec shaking in his boots, his life flashing before his eyes, already mentally writing out his will and wondering who’ll step up to deliver Gay Salt™ when he’s dead and gone

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May I ask for ink!sans and error!sans?

//prepare yourself to see the most foolish thing I ever done………

I mean- in WHAT TERM you want them inn???




^SHOUT OUT TO @sawatarisena‘s FLUFFY COMIC

FAMILYY~????? ヽ༼, ͡X ͜ʖ ͡X,༽ノ

Maybe sparated pictures??


BOOM SEE?? ok I’ll stop- I HAVE TO STOPP-

….is something an *actual human adult* is choosing to get angry about.

Tomorrow: why soup is misandric.

(thanks to cybermango on Twitter for this one)

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having to wait for someone to upload bv2 is a torture!! is it okay if i ask you to fill me in with the latest jikook moments? i'd be grateful forever!

of course! ok so basically that’s what you missed on glee:

- maknae line were a team

- they invented a way to introduce bon voyage that certainly did not include jm being 0.2 inches from jk’s face but you know what happens with these two so-

- then they played a game and they were freaking blindfolded but jm still recognized jk’s butt… interesting

- also from that game i have this screenshot…

- …anyway flashforward after that game they went on a boat and jm’s towel flew away and fell into the sea and jk’s reaction was no other than screaming “JIMIN-SSI!!!”

- they swam for a while and then maknae line went for a walk

- they wanted to buy a souvenir that symbolized their friendship

- then they went to a restaurant but ofc they had to be extra so they played and made a bet which poor jm lost and he had to start eating pizza after tae and jk had eaten their first slice. what a cruel world

- and then there was The Scene in which they went to stand on some rocks in front of the sea and jk ruined the beautiful moment by getting splashed by a wave sdfhjd but jm went all soft and told him to come back there and he touched jk’s hair and was like “even your hair got wet!!” and it was all really cute and fanfic worthy

those were the most important moments in jikook land, i hope this was helpful and makes the wait a little easier for you to handle!


“This isn’t some vanity nameplate.” says self-promoting wanker about company literally named after himself, which has been founded expressly to promote his books, tours and merchandise and to get him on the telly and radio.