bonus cute kid

* Seize that meddling canine!

This was originally supposed to be some sort of seasonal bonus art, but we decided it looked more like the cover of some zany manga.

there’s spoilers here lmao

here i’m just gonna– share all my thoughts bc there was a lot going through my head that i couldn’t tell anyone bc none of my friends were there

also i have quite a few asks about the finale so i’m tagging all of them as cc spoilers if you guys wanna block it so you don’t get anything spoiled

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I like to think that Mary and Christie are kinda close, more than Mary and her other kids. I mean, correct me if I’m wrong, but Christie did go running to see Mary during Joseph’s first date. 

What if Christie looks up to her mum in a sense because she see’s her as strong, as I imagine Christie to be younger than ten tbh so she probably doesn’t know the full extent of her families dysfunction. (But what if Christie got into Mary’s makeup and tried to look like she did,,,,)

I don’t really know just a small thought I’ve had

it moodboards no one asked for  → stanlon roadtrip !!


As soon as I found out goats’ birthgiving is called “kidding” I HAD to imagine concerning these 2. I mean Hammerhead being a goat, he probably heard his parents or at least his goat parent using the word “kidding” for this so for this it would be normal, but Clovis being a cow she never heard this “cultural slang” (in this anthro world we can call it slang I guess) and he wouldn’t necessarily realize only goats say it so please let’s just imagine as I headcanon them ending up as a married couple and parents that when the labor would start there would be this big confused exchange it’s hilarious.

Also admire, for the first time ever drawn, nervous/stressful and angry Clovis. Give her a break, it’s probably normal in this situation ; plus pregnancy hormones must not help at all.

Bonus :