bonus cute kid

* Seize that meddling canine!

This was originally supposed to be some sort of seasonal bonus art, but we decided it looked more like the cover of some zany manga.


Note : This is for the sweetest @pamcake21 based on her prompt below, I hope you like it girly <3  if you guys didn’t see the post for prompts, click here —> Name it and I’ll write it and send in your requests :) 

Can you make a tickle fic with Kevin and Gabriel? I just love the pairing. There so cute together

“A couple of nights of drinks and there you are” Kevin was on the phone pretending to be Dean and Sam’s boss on the line, he is right now in the process of blackmailing a lady police officer into giving Dean and Sam some confidential files, “So I think that’s more than enough to convince you to give my guys what they need?” 

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