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Yesterday was super lousy for me, so obviously the best way to stress relieve was to draw Pap in different outfits for the rest of the day.

We all like to imagine him being cute and stylish if he wore normal clothes, but I think realistically, he would probably have a closet full of nothing but Ed Hardy and random metal band t-shirts that he thought looked cool. :B

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Omg I love love looking at your top 5s! 😍 Can I ask for your top 5 Kuroo's troll faces? I find them so hilarious and cute so I want to see what your favourites are! (From the manga probs because the manga ones are funnier 😂) thank you!

Of course you can my bean, it’s always nice to have a look at this huge troll cat! Also, this is a summer training camp special, since this arc truly got us the most iconic moments  

1. “I’m always this kind”

2. “Oya, oya, oya”

3. “Must be tough still being in diapers”

4. The “I’ve just blocked Japan’s #4 ace” face

5. The “Bokuto’s been yelled at and I’m enjoying this very much” face (same Kenma, same)

- bonus: someone save my child from this man

- bonus #2: ??????


Thank you for your message!

Ask me my top 5 things!

What do people mean when they talk about their “bonus child”?

I tried to google it, but the only thing I could find said it was referencing a third child after a family already has a son and daughter.

Context clues in the posts I see talking about bonus children don’t fit that description though.

Are these like not their kids but kids they spend a lot of time with and feel like are their children as well?

I am confused because the most recent post I saw with “bonus child” mentioned was a chick who was going on a cruise with her, her husband, their 20 month old and her bonus child…if the kid isn’t really yours it would seem odd to take them on a cruise…to me at least.

Not that I have a problem with it, lol. My child hood best friends’ mothers both treated me like their own kids and often took me places with them. Never on a cruise, but once to Mexico! I am just curious. 

Imagine your OTP is from a future absolute dictatorship, Person A is part of the resistance, and Person B is a transhuman who has a perfect body but is also incapable of thinking about much of anything besides how great the government is. Then, due to shenanigans, they get zapped back in time to the apocalypse that brought the dictatorship to power in the first place. This also means that Person B is turned into a normal human, so they have the ability to think independently for the first time since they were a very young child. (Bonus: Person C is Person A’s fellow resistance member who also gets sent back.)

Kittens and Sleepovers Part 2 (Damian Wayne x reader)

Not requested

A/N: part two of Kittens and Sleepovers Part 1.

~minipertaterswithcheese (call me Mini :D)

Warnings: I honestly don’t know if there is any.

You looked at Damian with a smile. He tried to act normal, as if he didn’t realize his face was red with embarrassment.

“If that is what you have decided, then so be it.” With his arms still crossed, he walked over to his bed and sat down. The kitten looked tired, so you put her on a pillow on the floor, then walked over the bed and sat next to Damian. He looked in the opposite direction of where you were sitting. It seemed as if he was avoiding eye contact.

“Dami? Is something wrong?” Your voice showed your concern for him.

“It’s nothing.” Damian walked over to the kitten and started petting her. “Have you decided where you will be sleeping tonight?”

“Oh no, I thought since this is a big manor you would have a guest room or something.” You said, still sitting on the bed.

“You can chose where you will sleep tonight.” Damian looked back up at you. He didn’t seem to care where you decided to sleep.

“Is there a guest room?” You asked again. Surely there has to be at least one in this humongous manor right?

“We have 17. They are all different sizes and decorated differently. If you would like to sleep in a guest room, I can show you them all and you can pick the one you like the most.” He said as he walked up to you. Usually, you look Damian straight in the eye because you both are about the same height. Now, as he stands in front of you, you see him differently. You have to look up at him as he looks down at you.

“Yep! That would be great!” You said with a nervous giggle. You got off the bed and followed Damian out the door. You look at Damian the cat peacefully sleeping. You knew you would be sleeping calm tonight.

Though you thought you would be sleeping peacefully, you were not. After Damian finished showing you all the guest rooms, you were overwhelmed by how big the rooms were and how many decorations were in each. You honestly couldn’t decide which room you liked the most. In the end when he asked which room you wanted to sleep in, you chose the room closest to him. You didn’t want to sleep in a part of the house where no one was.

The room you chose had a bed with blue and white covers and pillows. The art on the wall was a boat sailing the sea and there were other decorations that had a similar theme.

“It is odd that you pic this specific guest room.” Damian said scanning the room as if he was looking for something.


“This is my favorite guest room. The calm colors, blue oceans and dark purple skies, help me study. It also gives me inspiration to create new pieces of artwork.” He explained in a tone that wasn’t unenthused, but wasn’t full of emotion either. You looked at his face, seeing a slight light start to go off in his eyes. 

‘Does he enjoy art?’ This was something you asked yourself,  but more importantly, you needed to ask him. When you two went back to his room, you asked him if he was an artist. He said yes and showed you the joy of art the rest of the night. You decided you were going to chose art class next year for an elective instead of a free period.

After doing art for hours, You told him you were getting tired and wanted to sleep. At 10:17 P.M. you settled in and slept. Now it was 2:06 A.M. and you suddenly woke up. You heard a noise outside that startled you. It was really dark, both in the room and outside. You looked to your side and saw Damian the cat also startled and staring at the window wide-eyed. You knew that what you were about to do was going to seem baby-like, but right now, you just wanted to be able to sleep.

“Dami? Can I come in?” You said through the door after knocking on it. You were standing outside Damian’s room with a pillow and a blanket, while Damian the cat trailed behind. You wanted to ask to sleep in his room because you felt safe sleeping with someone else in the room.

“Ugh… Grayson?… Is that you?…” Damian sounded groggy. You felt bad about waking him up, but you felt like if you didn’t sleep, you wouldn’t be able to take care of Damian the cat properly.

“No, it’s me. Would you mind if I-”

“TT.” You heard the bed moving, as if he was tossing and turning.”Fine. Come in.” You slowly opened the door, and it creaked as you did. 

You looked at Damian, who was sitting on the side of his bed rubbing his eyes and letting his feet hang. He was wearing a two piece set of pajamas. One piece was a long sleeve button up shirt that was purple with yellow moons on it. The two bottom buttons were undone and exposing his belly button. The second piece was pants with the same design. He looked so tired and you felt worse about waking him. Even though you felt bad, you thought he looked super adorable in pajama’s. However, you didn’t tell him what you thought. Instead, you told him you’re purpose for being there.

“What brings you here at such early hours of the morning?” Damian yawned waiting for an answer.

“W-Well…” you looked at him nervously. “I heard some noises outside the window, and I couldn’t sleep after hearing them. I thought if I slept in a room with another person, I might be able to sleep better.”

“So what are you asking exactly?” Damian stopped rubbing his eyes and just stared at you, still waiting for an answer.

“Would you mind if I slept on the floor here?” you pointed to the floor in front of his bed. You dropped your pillows and blanket on that area of the floor and looked back at him with a pleading stare. “I won’t bug and I won’t talk. It’ll be like I’m not even here!”

“Why sleep on the floor?” Damian crawled to the right side of his king sized bed. He sat legs crossed on that side of the bed and pointed at the left, empty, side. “Just sleep on that side of the bed and leave the blanket and pillow on the floor where you dropped them. I will pick them up in the morning.” He stared at you with a stare that said ‘Get in the fricken bed and let me sleep.’  

You wanted to decline his offer, but felt that it would be rude. Also, sleeping in the same bed as Damian would probably help you sleep faster.

“O-Okay, I guess…” You started to climb on Damian’s bed. It was soft, squishy, and reminded you of a cloud. Damian got under the covers on his side and turned so his back faced you. You turned so that your back was to his back.

“Mew! Mew!” Damian the cat jumped on the bed and laid in-between the two of you. You were relaxed and felt yourself falling asleep.

“Good night Damian.” you said with a sigh.

“… Good night [Y/N]…” Damian’s voice was the last thing you heard before, happily, falling asleep.

Bonus!: Ending in Damian’s point of view!

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Reasons to play/watch yokai watch:

-There’s a yokai that makes it so you don’t sleep until like 2 and regret it the next morning

-Bonus: There’s also one that does the same thing but with the bonus of you staying up specifically to play video games

-There’s a yokai that hides your remote. Like, when you can’t find your remote and it’s because it’s in the couch cushions it’s that guy

-One that makes you wait until the ‘perfect moment’ to do stuff you need to (So, procrastination)

-Cheeksqueek. Literal butt.


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-K o m a s a n

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-There’s one that makes people say ‘cold jokes’/bad puns. It’s localized name is pupsicle. It’s an ice dog. That makes you tell cold jokes.