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les amis as things my friends have texted me:

grantaire: *talking about neighbours killing each other* can’t they just do the deed already?

enjolras: why does europe have three different councils with the same name? that’s impractical.

bahorel: i haven’t studied at all for the finals. i’ve been watching shrek instead!!

courfeyrac: i just love dank memes, sick puns and dramatic entrances

combeferre: i slept for an hour and thirty minutes bc i was up all night reading. god, it was so worth it.

bossuet: Like i Love my ftiedns nut im not doing shit like tvat wihtb them

marius: Jean Valjean why u fuck me up so good like that

feuilly: they cost tho??? real moneys??? fuck no dude i cant afford to breathe

jehan: my skin is so soft.. so im happy :~)

joly: dont wanna get worried but i also dont know what to ask


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I know you like Cap!Thalia and Bucky!Jason but imagine Cap!Jason and Bucky!Percy :3

i rly can’t see cap!jason for the life of me :/ his similarities w/ steve feel very……superficial, imo? like folks see the blond hair and triangle shape and go ‘yep perfect cap’ ???

percy’s backstory, with him being labelled negatively and viewed (by himself and some other nasties) as being useless and unimportant collides a lot better w/ steve’s backstory. (aka, fighty little guy who stands up for other underdogs, even after his zero to hero transformation). percy and steve have tons more in common for the role. 

and don’t get me wrong, jason and steve definitely have the same ‘justice!!!!!’ vibe going, but with percy and steve it’s more ‘justice for myself, for others like me, for anyone who needs it’. like, the essence of that ‘not a perfect soldier, but a good man’ line from cap 1

meanwhile, jason was never rly an underdog, but instead he learned to be compassionate and just and fiercely, fiercely protective bc he was so close to people who needed the support, the defence. (the 5th cohort, basically.) he loved them, did everything he could to make things Good for them in camp jupiter, and never rly lost that Big Brother edge (i.e. w/ nico, hazel, characters older than him lmfao). he got torn away from his family and thrown into a world where he had to be the Perfect Soldier, got his memories wiped and then thrown into another world where he had to learn to adjust all over again and fight that ‘am i a person or just a weapon’ mentality. jason’s definitely the bucky. 

like….his tag line is literally “the thing is, you don’t have to [do it alone]. i’m with you ‘til the end of the line”

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The Appendix Pt. 1 BONUS scene for “Nerve Endings” is up!

When Yuuri moves in with Victor in St. Petersburg, they have to work through Yuuri’s anxiety and Victor’s secrets to find their balance.

Chapter summary: By popular request, here’s a little resolution scene for their miscommunication in the Appendix Part One.

By Phyona