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Person A and Person B are both single parents. They started dating slowly, not quite sure what their teenaged children would think or how they would react to it. However there’s something between A and B and slowly turns into fast all too quickly, and one afternoon while the kids are supposed to be out, they’re making out on the couch.

Cue the children entering to pick up something they left behind or because it was cancelled.

Bonus 1: “I knew it. Ha. Your kid owes me ten bucks now.”

Bonus 2: “I am completely for your happiness but please never kiss like that in front of me again.”

Fantasy AU

Okay, so there’s a bunch of lore stuff I’ve written, but to keep it short(er), here are the things you need to know.

-The kingdom is called Wintergaard. …..because Richard Winters… and that’s it.

-There were Four High Kings that originally ruled over it like a billion years ago, sharing power equally. They would pick from their children who would succeed them.

-A bunch of generations passed and one of the four kings/queens betrayed everyone and started a war because he wanted a l l  t h e  p o w e r

-Of course he lost. And his sympathizers/armies/what have you were scattered to the borderlands and his line was ended.

-Lastly, a recurring motif throughout the story is crowns. Royals are given a crown on their 18th birthday that is meant to symbolize their soul. 

Now the band of brothers begins!

-Dick is our beautiful prince. He’s the youngest in his family, not likely to take the throne regardless, and he’s soft and kind. The crown he’s given as an adult is rather feminine and some people question it and gossip about it. This doesn’t matter too much to Dick.

-Next, we meet George Luz and Joe Toye who are both soldiers. They were raised to be soldiers so Dick grew up with them and they’re his closest friends. As an added bonus, Buck Compton is a military strategist. 

-A war breaks out with the people of the borderlands, in the first battle, Dick is injured and assumed dead. But lo and behold! He is found by some strangers!

-Guess who. Ronald Speirs, Lewis Nixon, and Carwood Lipton. They live on the innermost edge of the borderlands.

-Ron and Nix are half brothers; Nix is the bastard son of Ron’s father and his mother’s last name was Nixon. She died when Nix was a teenager and he adopted her name.

-Carwood worked for Ron and Nix’s father before he died and now he works for Ron. He’s basically a farm hand but he’s very close to them both.

-They take care of Dick and help him heal. They absolutely know who he is and there are a lot of jokes at his expense. Eventually, Dick has to go home, he wants to see his sister and his brother, who don’t even know he’s alive.

-So they go back, lots of emotions happen, and we meet up with George and Joe again who are both going through their own angst. 

-I don’t want to go into too much detail because of spoilers, but there’s a lot of things to be decided and settled from there. The war wages, people are falling in love, a lot’s going on.

-Guess who else is a character! My baby boy Shifty! He’s a bit of a secret tho, so I won’t say too much about him. Just know that he’s just as much of a sweetheart and a bad ass as he is in the series. 

I guess that’s all I can say for now. It took me a billion rewrites to decide what to put in here because I want to share what I have but I also don’t want to just give you the whole story. It’s soooo hard!

uhhh maybe I’ll post something from it soon??? Let me know what you think!

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So when their onvious-and-absolutely-over-the-top PR rolls this out, I'm gonna wager "fated (lovers)," "smitten," "intimate setting (the restaurant)," and "favorite person" will be some of the heavily rotated buzz words. Oo! Bonus bucks for "match made in superhero/Marvel heaven!" 😌

Yes! Let’s place bets on the headlines!



If my chickens start following me while I’m shooting a video, there’s a roughly 99.999% chance that it’ll turn into a shitty chase scene.

+Bonus concerned/confused Buck Buck at the end, i.e. “Why is the human lying dramatically on the ground again?”

Sunrise is gorgeous and easy to catch this time of year Lake Clark National Park & Preserve in Alaska. With first light not appearing until around 9:30, you’ve got time to grab some coffee and find a great viewing spot. The sparkles on the water are a nice bonus. Photo by Buck Mangipane, National Park Service.

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So I just took advantage of your sale to buy myself a giftcard and buy everything on my wish list. Yay! Since I basically was getting free money, I treated myself to a print copy of Amelia Gormley's Player vs Player (cause OMG I'm so freaking excited about that book, you have no idea). This is the first time I've ever bought a print book from you, much less using Bonus Bucks and I'm just wondering: why can't I use Bonus Bucks for shipping?

Yay nonnie, we’re glad to hear you’re treating yourself and taking advantage of the sale! <3

(We’re excited about Player vs Player too! It’s very much a Tumblr book, yeah?)

You should be able to pay for shipping with your gift card–the only thing you can’t buy with gift card money is other gift cards. I’m contacting tech about it now, and hopefully I’ll have a better answer for you soon. If you’d like to email with your user account, she can look into it and contact you directly, but if not, I’ll post an answer here when I have one.