150630 [HD] Jung Yonghwa Premium Ⓜⓘⓝⓘ Ⓛⓘⓥⓔ  at MANDALA MINAMI-AOYAMA
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heartbeats was prrooobably one of the best hartbig fics i've read aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!! i wonder if mamrie would have brought up that recording to grace and hannah..

It is prrooooobably not! But thank you! 
Oh, Mamrie did - here’s how it went down:


Grace: “Mames, I do not believe for a second you actually have evidence!”
Mamrie: “No?”
Hannah: *sweats profusely*
Grace: “No.”
Hannah: *sweats more*
Mamrie: *squints*
Grace: *squints*
Mamrie: “Ok.”


“Fanfare for the Doctor”

Boy how do I start?

Ever since I started reading , Bedhead or how many like to call him, Beddy (The Doctor), he has grown alot in me ever since he started  travelling with bestponeh  Fluttershy. He can be sweet, compassionate, dumb and even a little flustered  in front of his companion (platoooooonic), but when lifes are at stake to his close ones, he won’t doubt in using any means necessary to save them, even if it means to be a total cold jerk at times to his own friends. He also has some funny attributes that makes him a total anime character knock-off, like his very DBZ mane. Add this to the original storyline this blog provides and you have a winner.

Thus I decided to make this sort of mix between “I’m The Doctor” and “Fanfare For The Brave” from FMA: Brotherhood. Added a bit of MLP-ness as well.

Used around 17 instruments and I learned a couple of new things, I feel I could’ve add alot more stuff though. Apologies if it sounds a bit too repetitive.

The piece should represent a triumphant moment of the Doctor, where he can still find that “hope” when everything seems lost, and always remind himself, that he has faced worst odds, that he’s in fact:

The Doctor (Boy that was sappy)

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Bedhead/Beddy/Nightmare Whooves belongs to craftykraken

Nalu Week Bonus: Shine

It was all I could do to contain myself when Natsu had that pathetic look on his face- the one that screamed “sore loser” with a capital ‘L’. He was hunched in my doorway, hands shoved deep in the pockets of his jeans and pout shrouded beneath the shadow of his hoodie. He looked like a 15 year old boy who just lost a fight. Maybe he had.

“You here to lick your wounds?” I smirk, unable to resist teasing him.

He stared silently at his feet in reply. I sighed, there was no getting around him when he was in a mood. Natsu could be stubborn at the best of times but at times like these I might as well be talking to a brick wall for all the response I get.

“Come on in then. Let’s get a look at you.”

Stepping back to let him through, I watch his progress from my fridge to my couch with concern. He was unusually shifty, skulking about the place, and never once did he make eye contact. What was he hiding? My suspicions piqued when -after polishing off two bags of chips and the chocolate cake I was saving for dessert- he threw himself face first into the couch cushions and stayed that way. My eyes narrowed at his inactivity as I took a seat on the coffee table opposite him and settled my gaze on the dark blob that was my boyfriend. For a guy who was irritatingly cheerful most of the time this was fairly unsettling. The problem was he didn’t seem inclined to impart any information regarding his condition. I glance over his still form and assess the damage or lack there of. No obvious bleeding, broken bones or indeed any sign of an altercation, physical or otherwise. Weird.

When he gets into fights, which is often, he always comes to me to be stitched up and boy, have I done some stitching. Two broken arms, sprained ankles, a fractured wrist, bullet wounds and countless cuts, stabs, bruises and bloody noses. Don’t get me wrong Natsu’s no street thug, he just has a strong sense of justice and little sense of self-preservation. He’s about as close as it gets to a real life Batman; the tortured orphan with a hankering for vigilantism- only I don’t think Bruce Wayne would have dyed his hair pink on a dare. That’s actually how we met, I was only a nursing student at the time and I was on the late shift at the Magnolia clinic when Natsu waltzes in, 1am, bullet hole in one arm, hair dye in the other. He flashed me a smile I wouldn’t soon forget, and asked me if I would colour his hair. I asked if he was crazy to which Natsu replied, he was crazy for me, before passing out from blood loss. The rest is history. I found out later it was his “friend” Gray who dared him. Then shot him. So why then, is the man who ignored a bullet so he could look permanently like the Pink Panther, sprawled in a brooding heap in my living room with no apparent need for me?

Natsu must have felt my glare because he squirmed a little and the white of an eye appeared in the darkness. I lift an eyebrow in silent invitation, crossing my arms, and he sighs loudly into the couch. Good, he knows I’m not going away anytime soon, not without an explanation. Slowly, he sits up, taking care to keep his hood over his face. He pauses a moment, as if reconsidering, but then he flips his hood off. Oh. My. Mavis.

“What is that on your face-”

“Don’t say anything.”


“Don’t you dare.”

“Did Gray give you that shiner?”


I can’t help it, I burst into laughter, rib cracking, side splitting laughter. Natsu just sits there disgruntled, scratching his head. His right eye is the most spectacular specimen of a black eye I have ever seen. Purple and swollen like a ripe plum, someone copped him a good one. Wiping tears from my eyes, I compose myself enough to see he’s in pain and my switch flicks. I kneel on the floor between his legs and reach up to touch his eye, he flinches in pain and I immediately recoil my hand, but he grabs it and holds it to his cheek, his one good eye searching mine with an intensity that makes my cheeks warm. Natsu draws me in for a kiss but our hands brush his eye and he curses. I giggle and place a light peck on his cheek, ignoring his protests when I pull away.

“Let’s get some ice on that.”

Bon Entendeur : Lagerfeld, “Chanel Cruise”, Special Mixtape

  • Kodaline – High Hopes (Filous remix)
  • Kyla La Grange – Cut Your Teeth (Kygo remix)
  • James Blake – Limit To Your Love (Kygo remix)
  • Benjamin Francis Leftwich – Snowship (thomas jack remix)
  • The Final Speech – Thomas Jack ft Adrian Symes
  • Angus & Julia Stone – Big Jane Plane (Bruno Be remix)
  • Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – Same Love (Der Wanderer remix)
  • Delilah – So Irate (Adriatique Remix)
  • Asaf Avian – Different Pulses (Joris Delacroix)
  • Laura Veirs – July Flame (Gamper & Dadoni remix)
  • Duke Of Chutney – Domino
  • James Vincent Mcmorrow – Higher Love (C-ro edit)
  • Traces – A Place To Call A Home (Wolfskind x Feorge Whyman remix)
  • Parra For Cuva – Lines ( Nicolas Haelg remix)
  • Myo Mi – Sun In My Eyes (mj Cole)
  • The Whitest Boy Alive – Golden Cage (Fred Falke remix)
  • Bryan Ferry – Dont Stop The Dance (Eric Dunks Duncan remix )
  • Five Hours – Deorro