I started bonsai hunting when I was 11, I started sharing youtube videos at 31 years old. Every time I made a wish after I started bonsai hunters, I wished for more trees and then a year later my dad was informed about the 60 acres we inherited and he gave me permission to collect. That’s when I returned to Louisiana from Humboldt, Ca., where I started the show and began establishing Bonsai Hunters based on my roots in the swamp. I googled Chacahoula (the town of my dads inherited lot) to find out what it means and its Choctaw for “My beloved home” :) so stay tuned for this sentimental video dedicate to my grandma Daisy Blancher, her dad Philip Hebert and his parents, Lovency Hebert and Marie Lorenza as well as Lovency’s parents, Marcel Hebert and Marie Fremin who died in 1850. Because of bonsai, I know this about my family. Most of all a very special thanks to Grace Adams for saving it from being takin by the Bank and preserving what my family worked for… Stay tuned to #bonsaihunters / youtube!