If you love The Little Prince then you might need one of these awesome levitating bonsai trees that remind us of his tiny asteroid home. A group of Kyushu, Japan-based designers called Hoshinchu just launched a Kickstarter campaign to create these enchanting bonsai plants called “Air Bonsai” that appear to levitate above their beautiful porcelain bases.

The plants are called “little stars” and the handcrafted base is an “energy base.” Both contain built-in magnets that enable the plant to levitate and spin above the base..

Head over to the Air Bonsai Kickstarter page to learn more about this delightful project and the different models available to contributors.

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Artist Andrew Firth uses #skulls as his canvas to make miniature bonsai gardens that are surely to die for.

Firth’s artworks involve creating tiny bonsai gardens on top of black skulls (molded from real human skulls). Each one depicts moss and grass sprouting along a black skull’s surface, with a garden blooming on its scalp and even a waterfall gushing down one of its eye sockets. One design shows a cemetery lined with trees while another features Sakura trees in full blossom.

Inspired by Memento Mori Art, the bonsai gardens are a beautiful reminder of our own mortality. Firth’s artworks are available on his company’s website ‘Jack of the Dust’.


(via Air Bonsai: Levitating Magnetic Bonsai Trees by Hoshinchu | Colossal)

Yep, NEED one of these!

Technically-speaking, almost all true ‘bonsai‘ trees are temperate-zone trees, and should be grown outside.

Anything else is just a minaturised tree, or from a different tradition like penjing, hòn non bộ, or saikei.

Bonsai has specific artistic, horticultural, and cultural rules, like any other school or style of art.


Air Bonsai by Hoshinchu Air Bonsai Garden