The Omiya Bonsai Art Museum #1 by akihiro nagashima

Bonsai, meaning “to plant in a tray,” is a tradition that originated in China about 2,000 years ago and later traveled to Japan. To cultivate a bonsai, a horticulture artist starts with a cutting, seedling or small specimen of a woody-stemmed tree or shrub and then trains the plant to grow in a certain way, by pruning leaves and wiring branches into a desired shape. The goal is to create a miniature tree that looks natural, despite the artist’s constant manipulations.

“To some people these miniature trees, which have been twisted, trained and dwarfed for their entire lives, may seem grotesque,” but, to others, they are beautiful, living sculptures.


This bonsai wire tree sits on an interesting piece of natural driftwood from the UK coastline, it reminds me of a huge wave crashing in the ocean. It’s trunk is hand wrapped and made from copper wire and winds up to the sea sponge effect detailing in a beautiful purple colour with blue accents.

Size - approx 11x11 cm
Weight - 31g

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