bonsai tree


If you love The Little Prince then you might need one of these awesome levitating bonsai trees that remind us of his tiny asteroid home. A group of Kyushu, Japan-based designers called Hoshinchu just launched a Kickstarter campaign to create these enchanting bonsai plants called “Air Bonsai” that appear to levitate above their beautiful porcelain bases.

The plants are called “little stars” and the handcrafted base is an “energy base.” Both contain built-in magnets that enable the plant to levitate and spin above the base..

Head over to the Air Bonsai Kickstarter page to learn more about this delightful project and the different models available to contributors.

[via Spoon & Tamago and Contemporist]

Today’s Theme: Orange

Orange tree bonsai are one of my favorite, as they are particularly difficult to maintain. This tree not only bears beautiful, healthy fruit, these fruit are spaced to be aesthetically pleasing. Even the smallest bonsai will bear fruit of the same size as a full-grown, untrained plant. 

Photo uploaded by 临沂在线, photographer unknown.



Japanese “flower artist” Azuma Makoto is well-known for large scale projects that place the natural in unnatural settings as he “[pursues] the beauty of plants from a unique point of view.” The modest tree appears to float above ground, secured by tethers within a cage-like metal cube at the center of a massive power plant in Belgium. There’s a certain visual drama in the stark contrast between vast, lifeless space and vivid green growth, yet the diminutive Bonsai contains more power per inch than the entire site that surrounds it. Suspended just above the ground, the tree and all of its roots appear completely detached from their natural origin, imprisoned by the man-made. (via)