bonsai style

One day, one rhyme- Day 1017

His hair was like a bonsai tree
Coloured and styled with pride.
His eyebrows parted centrally,
Then braided to each side.
A vigorous moustache cascades
Over his Starbucks cup.
Quite studious, but could he tell
He’s something I made up?


Bonsai Mustang, another progenitor for the Tokio drift: well maintained but not so fast and furious Toyota Celica TA22 1600 5 Speeds ST Coupé (1970 to 1975), a relatively affordable sports car back in the Seventies.


Video: ‘Red Bonsai TreeScape’ by Filipe Oliveira

This video was taken 2 days after set up of this amazing layout. Filipe’s bonsai style is worldwide famous…. and with this new scape, one can understand why :)