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Hello friends, family, colleagues, and acquaintances. We are happy to announce that we are releasing the first single from our upcoming album. The song is called “  You Owe Me” and it was the very first song we wrote for LP2. Its the sassiest song on our record, and we will be making it available to you and all of your ears on Friday April 28th, 2017.

Oh, and we’re also putting out a lyric video to go with it. How about that?

Check back here on Friday~

With warmth,

~Bonsai Trees

my heart blooms when it is with you by bleep0bleep (scott/kira, rated G, 2k)

also on AO3 

“I hope the Muggles aren’t getting you down,” Malia says, her voice resonating through the glowing sphere of light that is Kira’s quick communication spell.

“Malia!” Kira seriously thought she hung up a minute ago. Malia must have done her own and called back; these spells don’t come cheap, calling across the country is probably going to mean she isn’t doing much else spellwork today. Kira feels appreciative but at the same time wants to tell off her best friend for doing something so wasteful.

Then again, Malia goes through cell phones very quickly, and she doesn’t have one right now.

“What? You just seemed super sad and you might not have the energy to spare today but I do. How’s Beacon Hills, land of no magic?”

“It is fine,” Kira says, hastily looking around the nursery. Luckily, no one is watching, and better yet, it’s pretty sunny out so the spell doesn’t look that strange.

“I can’t believe you took a job out in the middle of nowhere. I mean, sure, no competition, but also– no one else to fucking talk to about being a witch. I mean, how are you supposed to date? Is that like, a first date thing–”

“I have to go,” Kira says quickly, spotting a customer walking towards her. “Thanks for the call, and tell Derek that his package arrived yesterday and I like the cookies a lot.”

“His cookies are awful, my cousin can’t cook without magic, you need to stop encouraging him, I can’t eat anymore, I swear—”

Kira giggles. “Bye!”

She draws the rune that ends the spell just in time; the customer appears behind a particularly enthusiastic flowering gloxinia, and Kira can feel her ears turn pink.

It’s him again.

“Hello,” Scott says, turning something over in his hands, a soft sweet smile on his face.

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