bonsai rock lake tahoe

”Right now we are at Lake Tahoe, which is right at the border between California and Nevada. The water is icy, but really clear, and there is a bay with almost round boulders and in the middle there is Bonsai Rock, a larger, not so round boulder with a few tiny trees on it. They cling to the cracks with their small roots, living from the dust that gets blown there. It is so beautiful.

And a bit sad. But to imagine their will to live, clinging to life with all they have, never giving up – that is inspiring.

We managed to squeeze onto a small surface on that rock, sharing a picnic we carried on our heads whilst swimming over.”

Thank you very much @nelmst for allowing me to use this photo, the original post can be found here

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Bonsai Tree

Lake Tahoe, Nevada // Nikon D800e + Zeiss 21/2,8 + Hoya 9x ND

Whenever I come to Lake Tahoe, I do my best to visit one of my favorite spots on the lake: the Bonsai Tree rock.

It seems to be a better known and traveled location now, with rough paths leading down the side of the windy road. Even with the huge storm and news about surfing on the crazy storm winds on the lake, it was fairly calm when we arrived. But within an hour, a huge storm rolled in.

We went from a blue sky day, to a roaring freezing storm that eventually covered the lake. This shot was the last you could see of the mountains in the distance before we were enveloped in wind, cloud, and snow.