bonsai forest

Woodland vivarium.
Tiger salamanders.

April 23, 2016
Update. I decided to add another lemon cypress and some blue spruce seedlings. The additional trees give it a much more filled out look that I was originally hoping for. The initially planted Ficus trees are growing in new foliage and doing quite well. The Ficus planted in the second planting all seem to have handled transplanting very well. New growth and visible root expansion. The cypress are stable seeming, though not showing much in terms of growth. The tiger salamanders seem quite comfortable and like to come out and beg for bugs when they notice me. Only time will tell how well this setup will work in the long run, but I am optimistic about it’s future.

Animal Crossing : Happy Home Designer - Furniture Guide Masterlist - Unlocking Furniture

Hey Guys! This is a guide for what villager unlocks what items! It’s almost 2/3rds of the way to being completed - stay tuned :)

I’ll mainly be focused on the normal 333 villagers, but also amiibo card unlocks and DLC characters/items as well!

any questions/comments/concerns, send me an ask! ^-^

i’ll be placing everything under the cut, so that it is always up to date & you don’t have a 10 page essay to scroll through, Enjoy!

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The altar hasn’t changed up that bunch, but we’ve got a few new additions worth mentioning!

Standing tall and in the centre is a painting I did a few years ago of a magic forest, based on a bonsai forest I photographed at our local botanical gardens. Just under that is the chalkboard lazy Suzan I blogged abouT a few weeks ago. The sigil on it right now is in perpetration for next year’s Witches Sabbat which will focus on Shapeshifting. It represents the current form and the forms one passes through to a new form.

On Dionysus’ side of the altar we have His standards with a glass of organic cherry juice (my favourite drink on earth). More importantly is the beautiful flower crown that oncebittentwiceborn made especially for me to bring me out of my religious slump! It is gorgeous and I can tell Dionysus likes wearing it. Also from oncebittentwiceborn are some fabulous Japanese candy cookies (chocolate and cookie, shaped like little entheogenic mushrooms) in Big D’s offering bowl. Also you can see the final design for my devotional candle that I made for Dionysus; I’ll be making a post about the candles soon.

On the other side of the altar is the section I am using for spirit-work, and ancestor worship. This includes more prep work for the Shapeshifting and the Fetch theme for the Sabbat next year, but also symbols for my queer ancestors. Song, the singing toad, is my partner in trance work and she is sitting in front of my Pride flag and the candle I made for my queer Ancestors. Also, next to the offering bowl, is some fake American money that I took home from the Stonewall Movie set. It was the money left on the street after it had been chucked at the police preceding the riots.

It’s been a long time waiting, so I am happy to be back in front of my altar, feeling good.

This cascading wire bonsai tree measures approximately 12x9 cm is fixed onto a natural piece of driftwood which gives the effect of a cliff edge. The bonsai itself is hand wrapped using copper wire, with green sea-sponge effect detailing which gives a pop of colour and brings it to life.