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April 2017: Maiko Ichikoma (Ichi Okiya), Geiko Umegiku and Geiko Ichitomo (Ichi Okiya) of Kamishichiken performing at the 8th World Bonsai Convention in Saitama City, while JIkata Geiko Ichisumi (Ichi Okiya) plays the shamisen and sings.

Source: プティメル on Instagram

wbj17 day 9

Travel between countries can be hard sometimes, especially when none of the countries actually physically share borders anymore.

Courtesy of architects from Bonsai, City of Growth, the Clover is equipped with a railroad that goes between each shard. The trains that run on these rails are a bit… unconventional, though.

Frillworms are massive, inky black planarian-like creatures, with a pair of ribbony flaps of skin running down both sides of their soft bodies. It’s unknown how, but these beasts are able to float through the air as though they were swimming, and they can carry a surprising amount of weight. Not only that, but they’ve been fully domesticated; they are a calm, weightless, unstoppable travel animal.

The only downside is that they’re not extremely fast, though they can attain the speed of an average real-world train, which is still very fast and suits the needs of this world well enough.

Large cabins are carefully strapped to the Frillworm’s back, and the pilot’s cabin is equipped with several bright lights that the Frillworm is compelled to follow, which makes guiding it along the tracks fairly easy. The tracks themselves don’t just go around the Clover; there are much longer routes between the Clover and the other two continents, which allow for travel between all areas of the Garden.