bonobo black sands

you’ll need to accept it sooner or later–a mix for coping with your first halloween with psychosis

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tracklist: black sands - bonobo // sundown - boards of canada // nightmare - artie shaw // miss black - ladytron // welcome to hell - widdly 2 diddly // wild women with steak knives (the homicidal love song for solo scream) - diamanda galas // tender sugar - alias conrad coldwood // my heart is not at peace - mount eerie

we are the last of the elvhen, never again shall we submit

a fanmix for the dalish (listen)

the stolen child - batt burns ; prelude - bonobo ; call of the sea - david arkenstone ; auriel's ascension - jeremy soule ; scarborough fair/canticle - celia pavey ; riverside - agnes obel ; i am the one - maryden halewell ;  tiger mountain peasant song - fleet foxes ; take us back - alela diane ; holocene (+rain) - bon iver ; hungry face - mogwai ; black sands - bonobo


Bonobo - Black Sands

anonymous asked:

i listen to deerhunter a lot and also mac demarco and fka if thats any indication? even if it's sad songs that'll be totally cool. im up for anything and i think you have great taste. I'm just at a weird point with music. i want it to make me feel something and i'd like it to be new you know?

Get Well- Nothing
Beast- Karen O
Reprieve- Trash Talk
Confetti- Cold Cave
Black Sands- Bonobo
Overdone- XXYYXX
Cornfield Chase- Hans Zimmer
Paper Trails- DARKSIDE
Aftermath- Tricky
Baptism- Creepoid
Caffeinated Consciousness- Das Racists
County Line- Cass McCombs
Cut From the Cloth- The Evens
Floating Labels- Wugazi
Swarming of the Bees - Louis XIV
Funky Fanfare- Keith Mansfield
I Want It I Need It- Death Grips
I’m So Tired- Fugazi
It’s Real- Real Estate
Stay Up Late- JEFF the Brotherhood
Surf Doom- Sandy Pussy

1 hr 28 min: chill out songs ive been collecting for the past 6 months – minimal vocals, soft acoustics, loosely deep house 


a walk - tycho // treefingers - radiohead // so high - ghost loft // eyesdown (radio edit) - bonobo // camel - flying lotus // tonight - tourist // sunblocks - ratatat // innocence - electric youth // our love - caribou // between two points (ft swan) - glitch mob // 10,000 emerald pools (gostan remix) - børns // black sands - bonobo // heaven - i monster // rich (ft anndreyah vargas) - cosmo sheldrake // drugs - ratatat // polynomial-c (thomas wulfe remix) - aphex twin // the cell - c2c // just gazin’ - digitalism // sun models (ft madelyn grant) - odezsa //  breathe - télépopmusik