Baby bonobo Belle by Angie Bell - In bonobo society, the females take charge and keep lifelong bonds with their sons. When a daughter is old enough, she must leave the troop and find another one to join. She breeds with all the males in the new group, and she gains permanent membership when she gives birth. Adult females form strong bonds with each other. The female-led troops tend to be relatively peaceful, and bonobos seem to be sensitive to each other’s needs. 


tagged by zoo-monkey, I was only supposed to pick 6 of my all time favorite albums, but I chose 10, and I still feel like I’m leaving out a bunch, this was hard. these aren’t in any particular order.

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The bonobo is one of the most rare and intelligent animals in the world. The social structure of this magnificent ape is unique and complex: in the largely peaceful bonobo society, the females rule the roost. Bonobos are members of the great ape family, along with gorillas, orangutans, and chimpanzees. Earlier scientists thought the bonobo was just a smaller version of the common chimpanzee and so the term “pygmy chimpanzee” was used. But don’t be fooled! Bonobos and chimpanzees are really quite different—you just need to know what to look for. | photos by Helene Hoffman
An Ape That Uses Fire
By Imgur

Kanzi, a bonobo ape, watched the film “Quest for Fire”, about primitive men searching for fire and then learning to make it, over 500 times and is now obsessed with fire building. The ape learned this behavior from the film and will now build fire and cook food over it. This is nothing short of amazing and gives us some insight into our evolutionary past and the ability of primates to acquire culture.


I was tagged to do the 6 fave album thing by hotleonardo but I seriously can’t choose 6 so I decided to do 10 and it still pains my heart to leave a lot of albums out but these 10 are very important (also not in order):

1. Crystal Castles - II
2. Darkside - Psychic
3. Bonobo - Black Sands
4. Foals - Total Life Forever
5. Youth Lagoon - The Year Of Hibernation
6. Tame Impala - Innerspeaker
7. Mount Kimbie - Cold Spring Fault Less Youth
8. Lovage - Music To Make Love To Your Old Lady By
9. Washed Out - Within and Without
10. Massive Attack - Mezzanine

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What the bonobos can tell us about what it means to be human

Frans de Waal is the leading expert on one of our closest relatives in the animal kingodom, the bonobo.

The bonobos are governed by females, and normally use sex, rather than physical aggression, to solve conflicts. 

Moreover, all bonobos are bisexual, making a mockery out of the notion that only sex between males and females is “natural”.

To learn more about the bonobos, read de Waal’s book Bonobo, the Forgotten Ape.

Photo by Christian Ziegler of the Bonobo Conservation Initiative.

More about bonobo culture here.

Photo: National Geographic/VInce Musi

Photo: Anup Shah

Photo: Marian Brickner

Photo: Graham McGeorge

Photo via io9