Party People || Bonnie and Rhea
She was enjoying the energy of that girl. There was quite a while that she didn’t see someone so energetic. And everyone there seemed so much into their world and so connected virtually, that it was a blow of fresh air when the girl suggested for them to party together. Of course it wasn’t a common party day, but she was almost on Christmas break and who was she kidding… When did Rhea start declining invitations? That wasn’t anything like her, so she decided to tag along and maybe she would get the astral from that girl.

Thinking about all the possibilities, she opted for simple jeans and a plain shirt under her big sober black coat. She had nearly no money, just enough for the taxi if much. She whined wondering if it was too late to go to the atm. Probably. She would have to work with that. She looked at tumblr again, hoping to see the address on her message box and as soon as she received, she called out a cab using her best wolf whistle. The fun part of New York for her was the cabs everywhere. She could literally stop in somewhere and get a cab. Of course someone could also steal the cab she had called for herself, but there was always another one. She shook her head and slid to the inside quietly, saying the address once before the car started to cross the streets on full speed.

It took them less than she expected actually to get at Bonnie’s address. She paid the driver and grinned at him before pulling out and when she was standing on the other girl’s side walk, she called her name out loud. “Bonnie” she yelled at the top of her lungs, hoping that her craziness demonstration didn’t show only madness, but a true energy of living such as the one the girl showed herself.


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