I waited 6 months since doing my Kanaya talksprites for official Roxy sprites to come out but….they aren’t gonna happen and I have learnt to accept that;;; bUT these adorable sprites by Sooheesprite are just fabulous so I went ahead and did the thing anyway 8)

I really enjoy doing these because they’re very good practice for making your face animated, and for a person like me who only pulls dumb silly faces, it’s a good step outside of the comfort zone (:


Bonnie’s 2013 Cosplay year that was!
More commonly known as ‘ahh so that’s where my money went’…

I did a lot of cosplaying this year wowee O: There are 26 here but I’m pretty sure I did a few other little dumb ones that I just don’t have any photos for. It was a great year I must say and with the conventions just thriving, so has this hobby! (: 

99% of these are Homestuck and then there’s that one Vocaloid cosplay I did even though I’m not even in the fandom laughs hard 8’)

I hope 2014 brings many more cosplay opportunities like this year did, however with it being my last year of schooling we’ll have to see how that goes;;

[captions on each photo for what cosplay it is ye ye!]