🎧 are you still awake?
How was your day today? Nothing happened,
what do you mean?
Smtimes I look away
but it’s not easy
I know everything
You don’t need to pretend in frnt of meh 🎧
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Me and my friend Rene I had just met at NYC for the concert funny to find out we’re both from Boston haha I got a lot of attention for my outfit and Dean himself said he liked it! I hope there’s a possible chance we meet again. I don’t think I could say I’ve enjoyed any other artists music as I’ve enjoyed and admired Dean’s.

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One Direction Preferences: #10 You're His Celebrity Crush

Niall: You’re a Broadway star

Ever since you starred in the hit Broadway show “Bonnie and Clyde”, you’re popularity has blown through the roof. So many famous celebrities have come to see you’re show. 30 minutes before the show you were informed that One Direction was in the theater. You, of course, knew them pretty well. Your younger sisters is a big fan so you know a lot of their songs. 
You, excited for another day of acting, get dressed and got your makeup done. You waited and prepped yourself for the first scene in the show. You waited for your cue in the music and walk on a beaming smile on your face.
(Niall’s P.O.V)
Being in New York City is amazing and I love every minute being here. I follow behind Liam as he talks about the show that we are about to see. I heard that Y/F/N Y/L/N was the female lead of the show. I’ve heard amazing things about her and can’t wait to see her perform. I talk silently with the boys until the the lights begin to darken in the theater and everyone focus on the stage in the front. The music begins and I become engrossed in the show, watching Y/F/N whenever she was on. 
(Y/N’s P.O.V.) 
After the show I take off my stage makeup, wig, mic, and costume before their was a knock on the door. “Y/N there is some fans for you to see.” A stagehand looks through the door to speak to me and I nod before grabbing my water and walking downstairs to where the backstage area is. I walk into the entrance to see five familiar boys. One Direction, to be exact. What a surprise! You smile and walk up to them. “Hello, are you here to see the cast?” I ask, not very sure if they were here to even see us. They nod their heads. I smile. “Alright, well I’m Y/N! It’s nice to meet you guys.” You smile while hugging each one, ending with the blonde headed one, Niall. “I’m Niall by the way, and that’s Liam, Louis, Zayn and Harry.” I smile. “Oh I know who you guys are. You’re One Direction. My sisters are in love with all of you.” You laugh explaining how you know them. Right when you finished explaining, the male lead comes in talking to the rest of the boys while Niall smiles at you. “You were amazing tonight, by the way!” Niall smiles sheepishly while scratching the back of his neck. “Thank you. That means a lot coming from a great singer and musician like you.” You smiled while blushing a little. You both engage in conversation the rest of the night and take a picture before leaving to go back home. When you lay down in bed, later that night you see your phone light up. You look at it to see a notification from Twitter. You look to see Niall had posted the picture of you both on Twitter. 

NiallOfficial: Saw an amazing show tonight! Great job Y/T/N on an amazing performance! #BonnieandClyde #Broadway

Louis: You’re a popular model

(Louis’ P.O.V.) 
“You guys prepare yourself for amazing news.” Our manager says and we all look around each other. “What is it?” Liam asks and our manager beams before continuing his rant. “I got you guys a photo shoot with the amazing Y/F/N Y/L/N!” He says and my eyes widen. No way. “You joking!” I exclaim! Everyone looks over at me. “What?” I ask while shrugging my shoulders. “You seem a little too excited.” Zayn says and suggestively raises his eyebrows up and down. “She’s a famous model, can’t I be excited to meet her.” I say while crossing my arms.
Photo Shoot Day
I get dressed in the outfit our stylist picked out for the photo shoot and excitedly sit down waiting for someone to do my hair. “So, Lou, you excited to meet your love, Y/N.” Niall says while making kissy faces. I roll my eyes, but keep smiling. “So what if she’s my crush….” I mumble and they all laugh at me while getting ready or the shoot. After getting our hair done we all walk out to where the shoot is to see Y/N already ready and being photographed. The studio is blaring our song Best Song Ever and Y/N is dancing around and smiling while singing the lyrics. She sees us and waves at us smiling. She walks over and that’s when I start to feel nervous. 
(Y/N’s P.O.V.)
You smile while walking over to One Direction. “Hey guys!” You say excitedly while hugging each of the boys. “I don’t know about you guys’, but I’m super excited about this photo shoot, I’m such a big fan of you guys’!” You exclaim and blush a little. They smile over at you. “Well that’s good to know. We are big fans, especially Louis over here.” Zayn says while shaking Louis a little. He hits Zayn back while the rest of the boys are laughing with you. “Well that’s really sweet.” You reply before you are all called over to the backdrop to take pictures. You walk up to Louis and whisper in his ear. “By the way. You’re my favorite.” You smile before kissing his cheek and walking over to the backdrop. The day is spent with you and Louis eyeing each other and taking pictures close together. 

Harry: You’re a professional dancer
(His P.O.V.)
I nod my head to the music and watch intently on one person on the stage. Y/N Y/L/N. She’s an amazing dancer, and gorgeous girl. I don’t even remember how I found out about her, just one day I saw her someone and BAM! Pretty much been obsessed with everything she does, but don’t tell the boys, they won’t let me forget about it. Gemma, the only one who knows about my obsession of her, bought tickets to go to her performance and of course took me. She is pretty much killing the dance routine right now and I can’t stop staring at her. She smiles that beautiful smile of hers and looks around at the crowd she is performing for. She looks all around and actually looks at me. At me! Alright, calm it. Just smile back. She beams down at me and before I know it, she waves at me before exiting off the stage for another performance. 
Later On
(Y/N’s P.O.V.)
I sigh while coming out of my dressing room. What a long night. “Y/N. Don’t forget about the fans.” You heard one of the managers say and I nod my head while gulping back my water. I see a stagehand run up to me handing me another. I nod before walking outside of the building into the dark, cold London air. Screams erupt from all the people who stood out in the cold waiting for all the performers to come out. I smile and wave while being flashed with camera lights. I hear people chanting my name and I smile and wave. I start off at one end of the line. I quickly sign my signature and take pictures and quickly move on. I greet everyone that comes up to me, wishing I had more time before I have to move. I am close to the end of the line and something surprised me there. Harry Styles, from One Direction was waiting in line with a girl? Hmm. Maybe a sister or girlfriend. I smile and take more pictures before I reach them. I greet the girl first and she excitedly smiles at me before handing the program of the show. I sign it and she asks if we can take a picture. I nod and Harry stands back a bit to take the picture. I saw the flash and Gemma and I pull away from each other. I smile at them before turning around to walk away. “Wait, can I get one too?” I heard his British voice speak and I calm myself down before smiling and turning around. I nod my head. “Of course!” I walk away and stand on my tippy-toes to get taller. I mumble ‘you’re too tall’ and I guess he heard it. He starts chuckling and his laugh is contagious so I start too. I see the flash go and I wasn’t even looking at the camera. I was looking at Harry. “I love this picture!” Gemma squealed. One of the managers was pulling me away and I screamed back. “Bye guys. Hope you liked the show!

Liam: You’re an Olympic athlete
(His P.O.V.) 
I sing my heart out for the opening song of the concert. Niall and I run around the stage and goof off the whole song and I can hear screams in my ear the whole time. I scout out the front part of the stadium where I can see all the faces of our fans. I look in the front row and do a double take. Is that Y/N Y/L/N? She’s smiling and dancing with a little girl in her arms. I smile and keep on singing. After the first song ended we all sit down around the stage. I sit down by Y/N and I notice her pointing up at me. She’s talking to the little girl in her arms and the girl is smiling wide, waving crazily at me. I beam and wave back and laugh at her reaction. I could hear, "He waved at me!” and a squeal. I notice Y/N laughing along until she notices me staring and she smiles back. All through the night I am either caught staring at her, or catch her staring at me. It sends little butterflies in my stomach. During the show, we rest a little and answer some twitter questions. One fan asked, “Who is your celebrity crush?”. We all look at each other to see who wants to go first. “I would have to say Kendall Jenner.” Niall says. “Well, I’ll get killed if I say something else, Perrie Edwards of course.” Zayn says and the crowd erupts in screams and cheers. “Kate Winslet is one of my favorite celebrities.” Harry says and Louis adds on with Natalie Portman. That leads up to me. Should I say who’s mine, or lie? “Oh, we all know Liam’s crush. And she’s in the building right now.” Niall’s big mouth says and I shoot his daggers. He runs around avoiding me chasing after him. “It’s Y/N Y/L/N.” He screams out and I could feel my cheeks turning bright red. I risk a glance over at Y/N and see she’s blushing but smiling also. “The Olympic athlete is in the building with us tonight ladies and gents, make some noise for her!” Harry says trying to steer away from the awkwardness. Thank you Harry. The fans cheer for her and on the big screen it shows a video of her and the little girl waving to the

Zayn: You’re an Oscar winning actress

(Zayn’s P.O.V.)
“Can you believe we are going to the premiere of Y/N’s new movie.” Louis says mocking me and I roll my eyes. “Guys, don’t get him started, he won’t be able to stop.” Niall says and they all start laughing. I roll my eyes again while getting out of the limo that took us to the red carpet of the show we are going to see. Once we all get out the cameras flash and some of our fans scream for us. While we reach the end of the red carpet, it all becomes crazy. The lights from the camera don’t stop flashing and the fans all become hectic and scream. We all look down the carpet and see Y/N Y/L/N beaming with a beautiful dress. Wow, she’s amazingly beautiful. We all watch as she greets her fans and takes pictures. She slowly makes her way down the red carpet before she’s at the end where we are. She looks up and notices us all staring and she smiles and waves. I smile and wave back, but before I could do anything else, she is whisked off and into the theater. “It’s okay Zayn, you’ll meet her eventually.” Niall says slapping my back. He cracks up laughing and I roll my eyes before we all walk into the theater after her. 
(Your P.O.V.)
My cheeks have been burning for the last hour or so. Is this after party done with… I just want to go home and sleep. I quickly sneak out the back door to the patio of the place the party is at. I look all around to see the lights shining and stars in the sky. “Had to get away?” Someone asked and I jumped a little before turning around. “Sorry. Didn’t mean to scare you.” His British voice stuck out to me before I could notice what he looked like. “It’s fine. I just didn’t know someone else was out here.” I said while grabbing my arms, the cool air nipping at my bare skin. “You cold?” The man asks while already sliding his jacket. “It’s fine…” I start off, but don’t object when he puts it around me. “The name’s Zayn.” He says while giving me his hand. “Of One Direction, right?” I ask, even though I already knew that. He nodded his head while smiling. “I’m Y/N Y/L/N, but I guess you already knew that…” You trail off and both of you stare at each other, trying to figure each other out. You smile over at him and he smiles back. The rest of the party is spent out on the patio, getting to know each other better.