It’s International Women’s Day, which makes it an awesome day to also celebrate Women in Country Music. 

Here’s 13 ladies who have made their mark (and more to come!) Click the pics if you don’t know who each one is.

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Merle Haggard, Willie Nelson, Johnny Paycheck, and Bonnie Owens - Okie From Muskogee 


Merle Haggard “Somewhere Between”

Happy Birthday to the Hag! There will never be anyone quite like him. So here’s one of my favorite songs written by the man himself and Bonnie Owens (his wife at the time, and ex-wife of Buck Owens). You can find it on his 1967 album, Branded Man.

The Longer You Wait
  • The Longer You Wait
  • Bonnie Owens
  • 1953-1964

Bonnie Owens - The Longer You Wait

Recorded March 1963

Well I figure that this blog is long overdue in acknowledging the women of country music so I’ll start right now. Bonnie Owens was most famous for being the wife of country singer Buck Owens and later Merle Haggard. But she had a very successful music career in the mid-1960s that I believe should be looked at. She was not a bad singer by any means but unfortunately that was overshadowed by her famous husband(s).

Band Members:

  • Bonnie Owens - Vocals
  • Helen Price - Backup Vocals
  • Roy Nichols - Elec. Guitar
  • Ralph Mooney - Steel Guitar
  • Henry Sharpe - Drums


The longer you wait to leave me the longer I’ll hurt when you’re gone
And the longer it takes you to break my heart the longer the pain lingers on

How long will you prolong my mis'ry wish I could leave on my own
Cause the longer you wait to leave me the longer I’ll hurt when you’re gone


We both know that you’ve never loved me I lied to myself from the start
We both know that someday you’ll leave me and the knowing just tears me apart

How long will you prolong my mis'ry…
The longer I’ll hurt when you’re gone


Merle Haggard - Little Ol’ Wine Drinker Me & Today I Started Loving You Again

Mondatory Merle on the Porter Wagoner Show with a bonus Bonnie Owens appearance.


Merle Haggard - Holding Things Together

Mondatory Merle!


     "I’d be more of a woman, if you’d be more of a man.“

     Preach, Bonnie!