[Fancam]130921&24 KEY Bonnie & Clyde Musical - Kiss Scene (Edited ver.)

@keybangs  I feel so attacked by this video (but I keep watching it anyways) so you’re my Key buddie (you know like my support system in surviving all things Key) so yeah…suffering with me please. 


Another one of my sister’s amvs~ A tribute to Isaac and Miria using the song, “The World Will Remember Us” from the Bonnie & Clyde musical. 


Just caught this ending on TV w/ the bloopers ! Heheh Looked good;; Hope I can catch it on another day or something [:

Update: "Bonnie & Clyde" Their fate is in your hands.

So here at HipsterMusicals, I advocate for shows that aren’t always the box-office juggernauts for one reason or another.

My recent obsession cause is Frank Wildhorn’s new Broadway musical Bonnie and Clyde starring Laura Osnes and Jeremy Jordan. Wildhorn wrote music for other musicals like The Civil War, Wonderland, Tears From Heaven, and his most famous, Jekyll & Hyde.

From the most recent update I’ve heard about the show’s possible Broadway closure is that the cast/production team has not been issued a final closing notice. Yet they’re not selling tickets past December 30th?

This is where you guys can help. Show the support and love for this amazing new show by checking out their Facebook campagins at:

You can also buy tickets and go see this epic show as soon as you possibly can!

Bonnie and Clyde opened December 1st, and reviews from a few critics have been scathing for no reason, because they have a vendetta against Wildhorn. Because of this, tickets are not being sold past December 30th. You do the math.

The cast and production team are still highly optimistic, but there are only a few weeks and some days left until they have no choice but to close. Right now, things are looking great because they have not been issued a notice of closing.

Please, spread the word about this show. If you’re tired of movie-musical remakes and revivals, you can do something about it. Even if you’re unable to get to NY to see the show, you can still help support! Please do not let this musical go unnoticed.

This has been another Public Service Anouncement about Musicals. Please note that this blog is in no way affiliated with or to Bonnie & Clyde the musical or Frank Wildhorn. Only a guy who doesn’t want to let this show go.