bonnie fertita

anonymous asked:

do you know what happened to the ibeliveinjackwhiteIII instagram?thanks.

She posted the pics of Jack and Olivia dancing and her comment section filled up with OJ hate. 

Lillie Mae said, “She’s a nice girl y’all. IF YOU CAN’T SAY SOMETHING NICE DON’T SAY ANYTHING AT ALL. And she’s a beautiful dancer.” 

Bonnie Dee Fertita said to Lillie, “I agree.” 

ibelieveinjackwhiteiii said: “I don’t like her but I am jealous of my idol. But I understood that I’ll never get to know him personally so let him be happy with anyone.” 

Bonnie Dee Fertita responded with: “If you believe in him…. then you should be happy.” [my input: pretty much confirming Jack is with her]

Then Third Man Records themselves chimed in with: “PSA from Third Man: Anyone who spreads hate about our artists and friends is not welcome in our world.”