bonnie's behind the scenes


Behind the Scenes/On Set of The Vampire Diaries (x)


Bonnie’s Behind The Scenes (by StarKidPotter)

JAIME: And here are Cho Chang and, uh, some white girl getting ready. Hey Cho, how’s it going?
SANGO: I’m not Cho Chang!
DEVIN: It’s alright y'all, I’m Cho Chang.
JAIME: Oh wow, you guys look like, really similar. Do you guys always do everything together like put your makeup on before a show.. ?
SANGO: I think what was what happened was like, at birth, we were switched. Like, the Brown family took me in, and the Chang family took her in.
DEVIN: That’s probably what happened, yeah, I never really gave it much thought, I kinda just accepted..
BOTH: We’re sisters. We’re sisters. 
DEVIN: It’s like.. our background is kinda like Tarzan and how he lived with the apes.. 
JAIME: Oh.. which one of you’s the ape, though?
DEVIN: I’m probably the ape, ‘cause I’m bigger.
JAIME: And you like bananas.
DEVIN: I love bananas, actually.