Even before Kai cast the sleeping spell on Elena, many fans of “The Vampire Diaries” absolutely loathed her relationship with Damon. Some viewers hated the Delena pairing because it was “too dull” while others felt that they were too toxic together.

However, one of the reasons why some fans are rooting for a Bamon relationship is due to the fact that the vampire genuinely enjoys Bonnie’s company.

If the two were to fall in love during season seven, their relationship would not be toxic as the Delena pairing. After all, Bonnie was never in love with Stefan nor would she have the pesky sire bond to deal with either.

Born to Die {Bucky Barnes}

Based on; Born to Die by Lana del Rey since someone requested it
Plot; Okay, basically, it’s about reader and Bucky and it’s kinda like Bonnie and Clyde. Reader and Bucky are chaotic and messy as they go around terrorising new towns but their love is real.
Warnings; Violence, death, guns, shooting, swearing, blood - I don’t know what else I’m meant to put here really.
Word Count; 1055
Author; Me (alloftheimaginesblog aka bigblueboxwiththemadmaninside)

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  • Teacher:*mentions Shakespeare*
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  • Teacher:*mentions Bonnie and Clyde*
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