Foxy’s & Chica’s Ds! 

||| Foxy |||

-Loves Chica cuz she tries him nice

-Cinnamon roll

-Didn’t bit the child (?

-Have sharp theets

-Faster than Sanik

-Loves his stuffed chick

-Pirate Cove is new home

-Cry baby

||| Chica |||

-Loves Mike & Cupcake

-Yandere with Mike .-. 

-Pink is favourite colour

-loves sweets, in special ice-cream

-nice with everyone

-innocent/cinnamon roll

-Freddy is onii-chan (?)


Morning Moving

I have been neglecting you guys so bad, sorry 😘 As you can see by the boxes we are in the process of moving! @clydetherabbitgreen and his surprises.. I love the house babe as you said I would.

Flew my baby out this weekend and @anitacole tagged along LMFAOO. See how she in the middle, I had to fight to take pics with the girl solo. Jealous minded people I love so, SMH. All jokes aside thank you pain in the ass for helping me pack, you really love me *tears*