“I’m not sorry that I met you. I’m not sorry that knowing you has made me question everything. That in death, you’re the one that made me feel most alive.”

The Vampire Diaires

I somehow feel like Anne’s character development is tied with her use of the hat, as if the hat is symbolic in some way. Someone who is better than me at this explain please. Like in the first episodes we almost never see her face, it’s always covered by her hat, she’s this mysterious looking woman who we know nothing about. But then slowly we start seeing more and more, and throughout the seasons she starts taking it off, until the last episodes when it somehow disappears completely and we have these glorious shots:

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i. title: détente

ii. fandom: overwatch

iii. characters/ships: jack morrison, ; gen, background ships, might be reaper76 if i make this a thing but rn it’s shipless

iv. warnings: uh, discussion of ptsd/panic attacks/nightmares, but like vaguely? like nothing triggery really but if youre sensitive, brief mention of alcohol, more specific champagne and the pop of it setting off a panic attack

v. tags: dogs, im using forty nine for jack’s age bc the timeline’s all over and i put 45 - 55 in a rng and got forty nine, angela ziegler has #connections, this is five pages and just short of 2k words wtf, tenatively, bonnie the dog, therapy dog, this is jack centered tbh but if i write more hana’s getting a cat, idk if i truly like this

vi. summary: “Uh,” Jack says, the stumble coming out before he can stop it. “That’s a dog.”

“It sure is,” Angela says agreeably, depositing it in his arms and sipping her coffee. “Merry Christmas.”

“It’s June,” he deadpanned, as the wriggling little thing laps at his visor.

vii. notes: i wrote this in an hour and i dont know if i truly like it but bonnie the dog is a thing now. i literally just listened to alberta by eric clapton while writing this. will be on ao3 in half an hour. @snowsheba​ saw these hcs that inspired this first. 

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Some more One Piece ship children.

Yumi the daughter of Usopp and Nami. She love adventures and shiny treasure. She’s a scaredy cat but she can lie her way out of most situations.

Clyde, Swan, and Craig are the triples of Franky and Robin. Clyde never wears shirt and Craig never wears pants just like his father. Clyde is super strong while Craig is super agile. Swan takes more after her grandmother with her white hair. She later ends up eating the Suwan-Suwan Fruit.

Lui is the son of Luffy and Law. He’s mostly quiet and shy unlike Luffy but is smart more so like Law. He loves cute animals and so Luffy and Law never told him what meat was made out of.

Alice is the daughter of Marco and Ace. Alice was born in weird circumstances after Ace was killed. It was months before Ace was captured that Marco in his phoenix form laid an egg. He told only Ace about the weird and embarrassing act. Ace thought is was cute and made sure it was warm in case it would ever hatch. Marco believe it was a fluke and never meant to be anything (like how unfertilized eggs don’t hatch). But the week after Ace’s death the egg did hatch revealing a small baby girl. Her feature surprised Marco because there was much of Ace in her. So he named her Alice in honored of her other father (as Marco tells her)

Wir wissen nicht was einem von uns als nächstes widerfährt, aber wir dürfen uns davon nicht bestimmen lassen. Wir dürfen nicht zu lassen, dass wir vergessen, was wir einander bedeuten. Vor dein paar Jahren saß ich da oben auf dem Riesenrad mit Elena und ich hab ihr gesagt, wie wichtig es ist diese Momente wert zu schätzen, weil diese Augenblicke alles sind, was wir haben…wir dürfen nicht zu vergessen zu leben
—  Stefan Salvatore, Vampire diaries, Staffel 8, Folge: 5 nach Hause kommen war ein Fehler