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A Flood My Mornings prompt. Night check at the stables is often a separate shift from day shifts that start as early as 6am. It's usually around 9pm, often a separate employee does it from day shift workers during the week, and sometimes on weekends or holidays an owner or manager would do it. A 'night check moment' with Jamie and Claire might be fun, or even a Fraser family outing with Brianna in her little jammies :)

Flood my Mornings: Night Check 

Notes from Mod Bonnie:

  • This story takes place in an AU in which Jamie travels through the stones two years after Culloden and finds Claire and his child in 1950 Boston.
  • Previous installment: Plymouth Trace (Jamie and Claire take the new car for a whirl. Yes, THAT kind.) 

October, 1950 

“Thanks for doing this, bud,” Tom said, pulling his coat off the hook by the lounge door and shrugging into it. “Really. I owe you big time. Honestly, I’d cover it myself, but I’ve had this  special night out planned with Marian, and—”

“Dinna mention it, Tom,” Jamie said, gesturing reassurance. “Truly, I’m happy to be of help.”

Tom rummaged in his pockets for his keys, still looking regretful. “Was Claire spitting mad at me for stealing you away for the night?”

“No, no, not at all. On the phone just now, she bade me wish Nelson the best o’ luck wi’ his recovery. The gri–” Careful, man, “—that is, the Flu is a nasty business, and I’ve reason to know it.”

“Well, you’re a saint for stepping in last minute to cover his night watch shift, J—really really appreciate it,” Tom said once more as they walked out into the car yard. 

It was approaching sunset, and the last of the horses were being led to the stables for the night. It would be a peaceful night, if a long one, Jamie hoped. 

Tom opened the door of his 1946 Chevrolet Pickup (black, with silver trimmings and the special wide-base wheels) and sat behind the wheel, looking up at Jamie as he cranked the engine. “Jerry will be in at five in the morning as usual—Don’t you even think of staying to work tomorrow though, hear?”

“I hear. Have a good night, Tom. And give Marian my best, aye?” He slammed the door and waved Tom off on his way. 

It was a peaceful evening, on the whole. He saw the last of the day staff off to their homes and made the rounds as night fell, changing water, food, and blankets and taking special care to inspect several of the beasts that hadn’t been given proper attention of late. 

He loved being among the horses—always had, ever since he was a wee lad. The quiet strength of them, he supposed it was—the knowledge that they were large and strong enough to kill a man, but kind and soulful nonetheless. He loved speaking to them in Gaelic. He got a few odd looks for it during the day, to be sure, but other than Brianna, who understood and could speak a few words, the horses were the only folk in this new life to whom he could speak in his heart’s tongue, and feel as if he were fully understood. Claire, of course, knew his heart, regardless of the language; but speaking soft words to the horses, they seemed to have a knowing in their large, round eyes that transcended time and its changings. Aye, they seemed to say, you’re of long-ago stuff, man; and so am I. 

Or maybe you’re just a horse, aye, Val?” he said, rubbing the beast affectionately on the nose before closing the stall and heading back to the lounge. 

He was dismayed to find it was only half-past ten, for the length of the day had caught up with him. He rubbed his eyes but couldn’t seem to shake their bleary view. If only he had a book with him—Just yesterday, he had gotten from the Library a tome on American government, and he’d been itching to read it and figure out this country once and for all. 

He tried to make do with jotting notes in his wee book on the happenings reported by the man on the Wireless about the war in distant Korea. Though it pleased him that he was able to understand most of it, the news of the fighting chilled him, and he couldn’t make himself mind it for long. 

Before heading back out into the chill to make another circuit of the stalls, he set about making coffee in the wee machine, now feeling weary in more ways than one. As willing as he’d been to come to poor Nelson’s aid, he would’ve given most anything to fall into a soft bed with Claire at that very moment.

As he was adding a dollop of whiskey from the cupboard above the Frigidaire, there came a small knock and a soft, musical, “Hel-looo-ooo?” from behind him.

To his immense surprise, Claire was standing there, wearing blue jeans, boots, and wool coat against the crisp chill of early October; In her arms, Bree, pajama-clad, covered over with a warm sweater and a knitted cap. 

“Well, if this isna a pleasant surprise!” He said, hastily setting down the bottle and going to them. “I was just thinking of how I wanted to see my loves.”

“Horzzis, Mama?” piped Bree against his ear as he pulled them both close. 

“Christ, but it’s late, mo nighean donn. Is everything alright? And how did ye get—?

“Everything’s fine, we just couldn’t sleep; took a taxi,“ Claire explained her voice sounding small and tired. She laid her head on his shoulder as they swayed. “Hope it doesn’t disturb you, we just— needed to see you.”

He squeezed them both tighter, kissed Claire’s cool cheek, and stepped back, feeling warmed to his core as he took Bree happily into his arms. “I’ll never say no to my lassies, no matter the hour.”

“Da-me-in-go–” Bree gasped out, brimming with excitement. “Da-n-go mitta-seeinn-th-horzzis, m’okay, Da-ddy? M’okay?”

He laughed and sputtered a bit as he took in the rapid fire. Brianna, little more than a month away from two years of age, had been making leaps and bounds in terms of her vocabulary of late, beginning to get the way of longer, more complicated sentences. Increasingly consistent in this endeavor she undoubtedly was, but it always took that extra second for Jamie to mentally translate the stream of almost-correct syllables, a delay that invariably peeved the speaker, who never could understand why folk were being so slow.

“Horzzis, m’okay?” she repeated.

“Seeing Da and seeing the horses were on an equal footing, as far as Bree was concerned,” Claire said, smiling, but still sounding tired. “She’s never seen a horse in person, before.”

“Horzza-horzzis!” Bree insisted again, craning around for sight of one, then squaring back up to look him sternly, her hands on his cheeks. “Seein-th-horzzis–m’okay, Daddy?”

“Okay, a leannan,” he grinned, squeezing her tight and kissing her wee nose. Christ, but he loved this feisty wee baggage. “Let’s go see the horses.”

“What have you been doing to pass the time?” Claire asked as they entered Stable B.

“Oh, coffee, the Radio, thinking, talking wi’ the horses.”

“Do they make good conversation?”

“Oh, well enough,” he said, clucking his tongue to beckon Cornflower to the stall door.

Bree gasped at sight of the huge, grey flanks rotating in the stall. “Issa horz–AGHHH!!”

She squawked as Cornflower’s head came around and jumped so violently Jamie nearly lost his grip. “Och, come now, lass, it’s only one o’ the horses ye wanted to see, aye?” He took a step closer and turned so she could see Cornflower over his shoulder.

“Noooo!” Bree squealed, terrified, cowering under Jamie’s chin. “‘Inna like-’im!”

“Nothing to be scairt of, mo chridhe.” He reached out a hand and firmly stroked Corny’s soft nose. “See? She’s gentle—just like a big dog.”

“Notta dog!” Bree wailed sharply as she tried to get as far as possible from the beast, almost sobbing.“‘Ssa horssiz!”

No matter how much they coaxed and wheedled, Brianna could not be persuaded to touch Cornflower or any of the other horses. She would show interest in them from a distance, but when confronted by their huge toothy faces, she would wail and burrow– terrified–into Jamie’s chest.

They walked amongst the stalls, talking contentedly of Jamie’s day at Fernacre, Claire’s day at the hospital, and so on. Claire still seemed quieter than usual. Just as Jamie was about to put Bree down so that he might hold Claire close and ask what was amiss, Bree suddenly lurched her body toward the opening of the next stall and whispered. “Daddy! Is–horzzis is–’im sleepin’?”

“Oh, aye,” he said, encouraged by her interest, “that’s wee Valkyrie. And aye, she’s taking a nap. Here,” he said, opening the door and stepping gingerly inside, “shall we bid her hello?”

“No-oooo!” Bree began to squeal as they approached the horse, twisting in his arms to get away.

Whisht, whisht, be still, a chuisle, there’s naught to be afraid of.” Holding Bree tight—the lass would have to get accustomed to horses, and that’s all there was about it—he knelt down next to the jet-black mare, reaching out a hand to gently rub her neck.

Val, who was evidently only dozing, whuffed in acknowledgement, and Bree actually giggled at the resultant spray of wind and spittle. She then froze and looked up at Jamie, thoroughly stricken, evidently taken aback by her own delight and in complete indecision over how to act with this monster. Bless her heart, there were tears already building in her eyes.

“See, lovey, it’s a nice horse,” Claire said quickly, seeing the impending meltdown and settling next to them, holding their Thermos of coffee. “What does the horsey say, pumpkin?”

Bree, eager for diversion, produced a startlingly accurate whinny, and accepted applause with good grace.

With a sudden flash of inspiration, Jamie reached out and laid a hand on the beast’s swollen abdomen. “D’ye ken something else, Bree? This one is a mama horse.”

“Mama-horzz?” she repeated, looking sharply at Claire.

“Aye, sweetheart. That means there’s a baby horse inside.”

Beebee horzz…” she whispered, suddenly enraptured. Bravely, she slipped down from Jamie’s arms onto the ground and, stepping closer to the huge, recumbent body, laid both hands on the jet-black hide next to his. A moment later, she looked up in her usual business-like manner. “Munna lookint th-beebee-horzz, m’okay, Da?”

No, lass,” he laughed, “we canna look at the babe, yet. She has to stay inside her mama to grow big and strong, first. Then when the right time to be born comes, the wean will––”

With a jolt of realization, Jamie snapped his head around to Claire.

Her courses would have started today—unless she were—

Claire met his eye directly….and shook her head.

“Oh, lass,” he moaned softly, his heart breaking to see the sadness and disappointment in her face, to feel the sorrow in his own heart. He reached for her, pulling her close.

“I know it’s foolish…,” she said, her voice quivering as she wrapped her arms around his waist and burrowed against his shoulder. “There’s no reason it should have happened on the first month…I just can’t help but feel the… loss.”

“It’s no’ foolish, Claire,” he said, being obliged to release one arm from around her to intercept Brianna, who—startled by a sudden shifting from Val—had scurried back, anxiously scrabbling against him. He held them both, but squeezed Claire tightest. “But dinna fash, mo ghraidh: ‘tis only a matter of time.”

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Kai who has gone through extreme torture for a year in hell, is seen as evil, despite the fact that the physical torture would have damaged him mentally and emotionally, on top of the mental and emotional damage he’d gotten from 18 years of isolation. Meanwhile Damon’s evil actions are excused, because somebody hurt his feelings, especially Elena.

The fact that Kai tried his best to be good, in spite of everything, until the moment Bonnie betrayed him is an achievement. He deserves a gold medal.

The fact that Kai still cares about Bonnie, even though a lesser man would hate Bonnie for the hatred and betrayal she sends his way. Kai deserves another gold medal.

Also Kai is a sociopath not a psychopath. TVD didn’t seem like they did research, because they alternate between sociopath and psychopath, he cannot be both!

I also think TVD didn’t like the fact that they made Kai a sociopath instead of a psychopath. Because him being a sociopath will make you more hopeful for his redemption and sympathetic towards him. Whereas him being a psychopath? No hope.

He feels loneliness, which means he feels a degree of emotional attachment to other people.

A psychopath would not have felt loneliness, because they cannot form emotional attachments. A psychopath would not have tried to kill themselves multiple time, because to feel loneliness the absence of people would have to affect you, which means you would have to feel an emotional attachment to people.

By emotional attachment I mean you can feel indifferent to people, but somehow you need them.

Psychopaths on the other hand do not need people.

Sociopaths are capable of a limited degree of empathy and remorse for a small group of people, maximum, that they are close too.

This empathy means that they are more likely to hurt those they are not close to, than those they are close to.

However their empathy is limited, so it’s not enough to stop the sociopath from hurting a person they are close to, if they are angry at that person.

And the guilt is minor and doesn’t last long.

The fact that Kai didn’t feel the slightest bit of remorse over killing his family, and did not form any emotional bonds with them, was TVD’s attempt at trying to erase the sociopath image they gave him, and replace it with a psychopathic one.

But that still doesn’t mean anything. Just because Kai didn’t form enough emotional attachment to his family to feel a limited degree of empathy and remorse for them; does not mean he is INCAPABLE of doing it, it just means he didn’t think they were worthy of it.

Kaira what about Joey? Joey was nice to him, Kai even said he liked him, how come he didn’t have that emotional attachment thing to him?

That’s because TVD is trying to undo the sociopathic image they gave Kai, and replace it with a psychopathic one.

Even then it proves nothing:

1) Just because Joey and Kai had nice moments together, doesn’t necessarily mean that Joey treated Kai right.

And just because Kai said he liked Joey, I mean he seemed like he was pulling Elena’s leg tbh.

Think of it like a parent who buys their child ice cream, yet physically abuses them at home.

Kai said everybody decided he wasn’t worth it, so with the exception of Luke and Liv who were too young at the time to really care that Kai didn’t have his own magic, all of his immediate family would have looked down on him and seen him as their inferior.

What about Kai’s twin? Well on top of growing up hearing her brother was an abomination, she also knew she would die because of her brother, it made Jo resent him. Jo and Kai did not have the bond Luke and Liv had.

Kai obviously formed an emotional attachment to Bonnie, enough so that even before Luke, he gave Bonnie more than one chance after he worked out what the spell was, for Bonnie to come home with him.

Kai being as intelligent as he is would have most likely known the spell from the moment he first heard it, when he shot Bonnie with an arrow.

But because his empathy regarding her is limited, it wasn’t enough to stop him from hurting Bonnie in anger.

If Kai had truly wanted to kill her, he could have done so in the prison world.

The fact that Kai didn’t deny Bonnie’s words of “besides you’ll just kill me the moment we get out”, proves nothing. All it proves is that Kai might have been thinking about killing her then and there for being so difficult; yet he didn’t.

Sociopaths can become violent when they lose control of their temper.

If Kai was a psychopath, he would have spent weeks, maybe even months planning his siblings murders to avoid detection.

Sociopaths are made via their genetics (Just look at Kai’s dad, and you will see where the gene aspect comes from) neglect/abuse/childhood trauma/poverty.

Psychopaths are born that way, they can be raised in a loving home, and they will still end up a psychopath.

Children with the biological disposition for being sociopathic will not grow up to be sociopathic if they are treated right.

Psychopaths want power and control.

Sociopaths want validation and acceptance.

It’s true that Kai killed his siblings out of anger, and he wanted to kill the twins for power, but sticking with his original image as a sociopath, the power would have been the icing on the cake; validation and acceptance is what he would have really wanted.

But as TVD wants to erase his sociopathic image and replace it with a psychopathic one, they will tell you he only wanted power and control.

The Jo and Kai deleted scene was deleted, because they are trying to erase history of them portraying him as a sociopath. Had they done research, they would not have needed to resort to trying to undo what they did.

Although it is more than likely that Neil or whoever wanted Kai to be a sociopath, because he knew it would garner Kai more sympathy, but Plec didn’t want that, hence her attempt to change Kai’s image to a psychopathic one.

There are probably more differences than this, but these are the ones that stood out to me.

Ranking 'How to Get Away With Murder' Suspects: Who Actually Killed Wes?

Heading into Thursday’s two-hour season three finale, THR examines which of the surviving characters is the most likely suspect in Wes’ murder. 

10. Oliver: The poor guy wasn’t even in on all the Keating conspiracies until recently, so he had no stake in covering anything up. He’s probably not the guy.

9. Asher: After losing his father, Asher has been in a dark place — but now that Michaela is helping him emerge from his rut, there’s no way he would do something to jeopardize that. And he wasn’t involved in the season one murder, either. He’s got more important things on his mind.

8. Michaela: What does Michaela have to gain from killing Wes? They weren’t that close.

7. Laurel: She’s the mother of Wes’ unborn child, yes, but it’s still unclear what happened while she was in the house before the explosion.

6. Nate: Nate might have cleaned up messes for Annalise in the past, but the guy still likes to be on the right side of the law. He might get shady with paperwork or help find things only cops can, but he’s not a murderer. Or is he?

5. Connor: This shady dude has been super-stressed and casting suspicion on anyone he could — but the fact that he was revealed to not only have been inside the house, but actually giving CPR to a knocked-out (possibly already dead?) Wes means it’s likely a red herring. It’s never that easy on HTGAWM.

4. Frank: Frank might still be groveling for Annalise’s forgiveness after the accident with her unborn child years ago, and even confessed to the murder to get her out of jail, but that doesn’t mean he still isn’t capable of actually having done it. Still — the fact that he wants to make things up to Annalise means he probably wouldn’t have done something so horrible.

3. Annalise: Sure, Annalise clearly loved Wes like he was her own son (in her own twisted way, at least), but accidents happen. They could have gotten into an emotional argument and something horrible could have happened, or she could have flown into a drunken rage. Besides, Davis is about to win an Oscar so she could be itching to get out of there …

2. Bonnie: The lady’s unhinged — and while she’s spent the season working hard for Annalise, she’s clearly damaged. Could she have been jealous of Annalise’s affection for Wes? Maybe she just went a little nuts like she did in season one. (Remember, she’s the one who killed Rebecca!)

1. The Mahoneys: OK, so they’re not actually main characters and they haven’t even shown up in the second half of the season, but they’re still the most obvious suspects in Wes’ murder. They clearly discovered that Wes was Wallace’s son, and figured he was part of some revenge plot — so they got revenge on him. Alternate theory: Perhaps the family worked with one of the aforementioned suspects?

If Bonnie's PTSD was legit

In my Bonnie 1994 trauma post, I explained why I thought Bonnie was given PTSD, because Plec hates Bonkai.

Bonnie has been hurt physically and emotionally multiple times, but it had to be Kai who gave her PTSD. Of course it had to be someone who only cares for Bonnie and puts her first….

She made it clear she would rather be isolated in her own part of the world, ALL ALONE than have Kai for company, yet she somehow gets angry at Kai for leaving her alone?

That’s like telling someone you don’t want a glass of juice and then getting angry at them for not pouring you a glass of juice.

Let’s address all of Bonnie’s symptoms:

Flashbacks of Kai hurting her, but no flashbacks of Damon, Enzo, Elena, Katherine, Klaus, probably more hurting her.

How convenient.

Anxiety at seeing Kai’s face at the rave, but no anxiety over seeing the faces of all the people who have hurt her before they became her friends, with exceptions for those who still remain her enemies.

Now so we see flashbacks, anxiety attacks, and her breaking apart in front of Damon.

But because Damon needs his mom back, those symptoms conveniently disappear so Bonnie can work with Kai to help Damon and company get Lily back.

It doesn’t work that way. If you wanted to go the Bonnie Kai PTSD route, then you need to keep it consistent.

Bonnie’s PTSD symptoms should have made the idea of being near Kai difficult for her, in which you would have had to come up with another way to get Lily out of 1903.

But it was just convenient to temporarily get rid of Bonnie’s symptoms, am I right?

Honestly, I feel like some people forget the talk Annalise and Connor had.

Connor’s the only one, sometimes there’s more than one but consistently Connor, who’s never trusted Annalise. He needed her, yes, she made promises and based on those promises he made a choice to let her take charge and tossed away his only chance to get out of this mess without (maybe) having to face jail time. (and I say maybe if he gets a good lawyer)

Recap: Connor and Michaela wanted to go to the cops. Annalise races in. Promises to protect them, to keep them safe. (Note: she’s not doing this to protect them or Wes, she’s doing it to protect herself.) He let her do it and look where they are now.

Annalise knows Connor is never going to trust her. He doesn’t need to, he just needs her to not be a murderer. Annalise hasn’t killed anyone with her bare hands, but neither has Connor. Wes has, Asher purposefully ran someone over, Frank has, and Bonnie has.

Out of all of them Asher has the mindset and experience to kill.

I think, Connor found Wes on the ground unconscious. Remember when Annalise was shot NOT but Connor but by Wes? Who ran back in to try and save her? Wes? Asher? No. Connor!

Connor’s the realest in that house because he doesn’t hide how much he distrusts Annalise but he doesn’t want her hurt. Or anyone, not that he’ll care much, just that he’s not inherently violent.

Annalise is not a good person. Can’t really say any of them are but they’re stuck with each other. I don’t know who killed Wes but it would be so out of character for it to be Connor.

Suspecting that Annalise had something to do with his death is NOT far fetched. He doesn’t know what we know and honestly, with HTGAWM I can’t say I know anything even now. Maybe she DID have something to do with it and feels guilty now and is going to make it look like it was someone else. Or maybe she didn’t.

But just because Connor isn’t giving her the benefit of the doubt and not hiding behind her skirt like Asher is doesn’t mean he’s a killer.

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Wanted to ask do you think there was any foreshadowing with all those anti-Bonenzo anti-Enzo comments coming from Kai Parker's twitter account? Do you think Kai knows or will find out that Bonnie and Enzo are together and his reaction will be a very bad jealous one? Maybe even him trying to prevent Enzo from coming back alive?

Hmm, I don’t know, I guess that’s a possibility. As much as I’d like to see Kai murder Enzo, I’d actually rather Kai set aside whatever jealously he may feel and still help Bonnie. Sort of like in 6X13, he was giving Jeremy the evil-eye but they worked together to save Bonnie’s life.


Katsucon was amazing! I forgot my contacts which was a bummer.. But everything else was amazing! Unfortunately, I did not get any selfies in our SOT stuff, but we did do a photoshoot for it and the little Red Riding Kyle stuff! 💖
I miss everyone already!
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