bonnie x carl

Shameless 4.11 [Emily]

It’s such a nice little moment. Carl is wondering about love, so he goes to Ian, he knows there is something with Ian and Mickey he thinks it is love, so he asks him ’You love Mickey?‘ and Ian answers ’I like how he smells’. Carl smiles, if love is so simple, then he knows. Later on he will sniff Bonnie, he loves how she smells. 

I’m having so many Carl feelings this season.

He’s fucking obsessed with sex but Bonnie says she doesn’t like it and what does he say?


He just fucking puts his t-shirt on and cuddles her.

He’s fucking 13 and he knows what no means and he still likes her and I just can’t with this boy.

He fucking invited all the kids over to stay with them, you can say what you want about Carl Gallagher but never say his heart is not in the right place.