bonnie to my caroline

Let’s work with facts and couples here:

  • Stefan is human, Caroline is a vampire
  • Elena is human, Damon is a vampire
  • Stefan and Elena can’t be turned into vampires again
  • Damon and Caroline can’t take the cure from Stefan without him aging fast and dying
  • Bonnie probably has her powers back and lost Enzo, so she won’t want to become a vampire (but the necklace with Enzo’s blood still bugs me)
  • Matt, well, he is still same old Matt.

In other news… TVD, you have some work to do here. Fix your mess.


You’re right, little brother. I can’t forgive you for destroying our hometown. ‘Cause I ain’t gonna let it happen.

TVD I was feeling epic *spoilers*

If you haven’t watched the finale yet don’t read, and if you haven’t watched and still read it WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU? GO WATCH IT… NOW!!!

Well I am an emotional mess after watching the vampire diaries finale… I wasn’t even 4 minutes into it before my eyes began malfunctioning and continued doing so until the end…

I know some people will always bitch and moan because their ship wasn’t endgame or because they thought the finale was rushed, but my own personal opinion was that the finale was perfect. (Even if there wasn’t enough Bonenzo)

Bonnie Bennett realizing just how powerful a witch she was and finally believing in herself gave me life, I have watched the last 8 years and thought that Julie Plec only kept Bonnie around as a sacrifice for whatever needed fixing in the storyline. So to see her take control and save the day yet again, before deciding to live her life the way she wants was amazing…
I will admit even though she saw Enzo again and he’ll always be with her, I am still crushed that he wasn’t brought back and they couldn’t get their happily ever after, but I live with the thought that one day they’ll be together again, in their own little slice of Heaven.

Damon had me worried for a while, when he ‘Compelled’ Stefan to leave so that he would be the one ending Katherine once and for all but I gotta admit I’m happy with how that all turned out.

Ok confession time: I have spouted on Twitter about how much I hate Stefan after what he did to Enzo but… After his conversation with Elena, his tale of sacrificing himself so Damon could live, I admit I cried like a bitch especially when he met up with Lexi again. In my defence while that scene played out and my eyes leaked uncontrollably I did find myself yelling at the screen through sobs 'This doesn’t mean I forgive you for Enzo’

And finally the whole ending of Matt, Alaric, and Elena’s diary entries were so beautiful, the way we got to see past characters watching over them all absolutely broke me, but the letter from a certain Hybrid to a certain Blonde Vampire has given me so much hope for the future

I was hooked from the very first 'Hello Brother’ 8 years ago until the very last 'Hello Brother’ tonight

Goodbye Mystic Falls

In the words of Damon Salvatore

“It’s been a Hell of a ride”

When another tvd character comes back to life

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If you have ever lost someone important to you, then you already know how it feels; and if you haven’t, then you can’t possibly imagine it.

I suddenly want to meet a vampire just to get compelled to forget the series’ finale
Like no one got their happy ending apart from d*lena and it wasn’t happy at all, it just felt so forced
Bonnie and Damon didn’t even get a scene together like what the actual fuck?? Weren’t they best friends? What about a tiny hug? A smile? Something? Of course not, it would’ve had too much chemistry compared to the no-chemistry-at-all d*lena ending 
Bonnie is still hearing Enzo’s and that’s not okay because it gave me the feeling that she depends on him and can never have a proper life without him being there - and he’s dead for fuck’s sake 
Stefan dying and giving Damon the cure was just the stupidest thing they could come up with and I honestly didn’t think they would do it because it was just so dumb but they did it and oh god it felt like watching the cliché of clichés and Stefan’s death felt useless
Matt got a bench?? Seriously, that’s all he gets? I can’t even, ugh
At least Caroline still has the girls and Alaric - and the mention of Klaus was nice but anyway I feel like they didn’t give a proper closure to their storylines either
And the Stefan/Lexie hug was the only part where I truly smiled
The ending was just so confused and rushed and it was horrible
They ruined a good show, that’s it, and not just with the finale. The show got screwed over a long time ago