bonnie the witch


Klaus took a bite of his lemon peppered chicken. “Is it agreed?” The hybrid looked across from him and the his brother to the Salvatore brothers.

“I’m in.” Damon raised his glass to take a sip of his bourbon. “I’m all in.”

“Okay.” Stefan shrugged. “I’m in.” He raised his index finger in the air. “But first, rules.” Klaus and Damon rolled their eyes. “There’s only one.” Stefan eyes harden staring at the Original Hybrid. “No tricks.”

Damon eyebrows pinched together in confusion. “Tricks?”

“He knows what I’m talking about, don’t you Klaus?” Stefan twirled the silver knife between his fingers. “I remember everything from the 20’s and I certainly remember you didn’t play fair.”

Klaus red lips curled malevolently. “I don’t have the slightest idea what you’re talking about, old friend.”

“Oh come now, you know that’s not true. We all know how you get when you really want something, Niklaus.” Elijah grinned down at his untouched plate then back to the youngest Salvatore but continue to talk to Klaus. “You have grown quite…possessive over thing and people you want. Your possessiveness and jealousy do at time lead to unfair play.” He thought for a moment. “Or a pile of tattered bodies and blood.”

“What can I say?” Klaus shrugged his shoulder. “I have a temper.”

“With that being said, you have my word that my brother will stay in line.” Elijah leaned forward with his elbows on the table and knuckles under his chin. “No tricks.”

“See, Stefan.” The eldest Salvatore patted his brother’s back. “This is a gentlemen’s deal and these gentlemen,” He turned to Klaus and Elijah. “Will keep their word.”

“That we will.”

“Good.” Damon sat back in his seat then took a bite of his steak. “Now that it’s settled, I think it’s only fair that we go first.”

Klaus snorted. “And why would we let you do that? You already have your hooks in her.”

“Oh what was that?” Damon cupped his ear. “Stefan did you hear that? Is that…is that a excuse I hear?”

Before Stefan could reply, Elijah spoke. “There is no problem. You will go first. Isn’t that right, Niklaus?” Klaus stayed silent. “Isn’t that right, Niklaus?” He repeated.

Klaus rolled his eyes. “Fine.” He wiped his mouth with his napkin and slammed it on the table. “You can go first….” A coy smile curled on his lips. “Besides, it will be much sweeter when we have her in the end.”

“Indeed.” Elijah grinned and tapped his glass with Klaus’.

Stefan picked at his cloth, never taking his eyes off the hybrid. “Bonnie is ours.”

Klaus tilted his head to the side. “You think so?”

“Bonnie is already ours, Balto” Damon sneered. “It’s you that needs reminding.”

“I think it’s you children that needs reminding,” Elijah twists his daylight ring with his thumb. “She already ours, you just refuse to see it.”

“She’s ours.”

“She never been yours.” Klaus’ eyes darken.

“She belongs with us.” Damon let his voice rise. “She belongs with us in Mystic Falls. She’s our witch.”

“Not anymore.” Elijah twinged his lips sourly. “You lost chance after chance. She forgave you many times before and time and time again, you fail.”

“Rendering you as the dull suitors.” Klaus beamed.

“You treat her as if her life doesn’t matter. Only needed when you need her magic. You use her and throw her away until she is ready to be used again.”

“That’s not -”

“No wonder she ran to us.”

Stefan chuckled humorlessly. “More like brainwashed her.”

“What was that, Elijah?” Klaus cupped his ear. “Is that…is that excuses I hear?”

“I believe so, brother.”

“We love Bonnie.” Stefan responded hotly?

“You have a funny way of showing it, mate. I mean you two are the one who lost her.” Klaus took another bite of his chicken. “It’s not our fault you let her slip through your fingers back in Nova Scotia. Then let’s not forget you two panting pathetically in heat for the doppelganger for all this time.” Klaus pushed his plate away. “Be honest. You two didn’t start wanting Bonnie until she came to us.”

“We were the ones that took her in.” Elijah shook his head. “We cherished her. Cared for her. Loved her.” He leaned forward, brown eyes glowing in the candlelight. “Could either of you say the same.”

“She’ll come back to us.” Damon tilted his glass of bourbon back and forth. “We won’t lose her again.”

“And this time we won’t let her go.” Stefan leaned over the table meeting Klaus’ irate face. “This time we’ll make sure you’ll never have her again.”

“We’ll see, old friend.”

“Shame on you naughty boys…”

The tension around the table melted away hearing the uninvited voice. The four vampires turned towards the entrance seeing Rebekah and Katherine walking into the dining room.

“How come we weren’t invited?” Katherine pouted cutely.

“That’s because you weren’t invited, Kitty Kat.” Damon stabbed his broccoli with his fork.

“What are you doing here, Katherine?” Stefan finally asked.

“You as well Rebekah.” Elijah narrowed his eyes at his sister. He didn’t like the mischief look in her eyes.

“Well…” The female Mikaelson sashayed over to the dinner table. “We want in.”

“In on what, exactly?”

“On having the Bennett witch.” Katherine answered sliding up beside Rebekah.

Klaus arched his brow. “Oh?”

“Yes.” Rebekah took a piece of his brother’s chicken, which he was not happy about. “So what do you say gentlemen? Feel like adding us to the pool?”

“Or are you too scared that Bon Bon would like us better?” Katherine grinned evilly. “It’s okay to admit defeat early in the game. No judging here boys, right Bekah?”

“Right. So…” Rebekah folded her arms tightly over her chest, hips jutted out. “What do you say? Feel like having a little competition?”

Both Salvatore and Mikaelson faced each other over the dinner table and shared a knowing grin thinking one thing.

Winning Bonnie Bennett’s heart was going to be a lot more fun than they thought.

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lmao I still can’t get over the fact that in JP’s mind it makes total sense to pitch a spinoff where Caroline teaches kids magic (because how many kid vampires are there, like how does that even happen?) and potentially ends up in NOLA when you have Bonnie ‘finally got the hang of this witch thing and am traveling to new places for self-discovery’ Bennett right there.

like don’t get me wrong, I don’t want Bonnie or Kat Graham anywhere NEAR a Julie Plec and I’m glad she got the hell out of Mystic Falls, but if that isn’t the perfect capstone to a history of Caroline being illogically shoe-horned into plots that Bonnie naturally fits because putting some blonde hair on it is worth the sacrifice in logic, idk what is.