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Days 9/15/17

I’m wicked excited to watch today! I haven’t been this excited in a good long while. Paulson, LUCAS, Chabby, and CM! I can’t wait!

Aww, Ari’s gonna be the flower girl!

I didn’t comment before, but OMG how great is FS’s haircut?!?

And Sonny drops the double wedding bomb on Gabi. Even if Days wants to pretend Dena’s fake history for Chad & Gabi was real, they were still only together for like a minute. It wasn’t some big, huge supercoupley romance. Also he was so clearly still in love with Abby the whole time.

ST. LUKE’S!!!!!!!!!!! Chabby and Paulson wanting to get married there still makes very little sense to me, but I like seeing the set haha.

Oooooh, a Lucas/Kate scene!!!

Oh my goodness, Kate catches Lucas having a drink. :(

Marlena: Well, hello, good lookin’!
John: Come on, you took the words right out of my mouth.

Aww, John spoke to Belle. :)

This pantsuit on Bonnie is not a good look.

Lol Hattie calls Justin “Dimples.” Love!

Hattie names Anjelica as her accomplice.

Really, Justin? He doesn’t understand why Anjelica would want to her hurt Marlena. Um, because she didn’t? It was just her way to get Hattie on board with the plan. Is it just me or are they writing Justin like he’s stupid?

Lucas, you are an alcoholic. You can’t have “one little drink.”

And Kate fires Lucas. :(

Hey, Abe & Eli are on today lol. Eli was fired from the FBI.

Aww, Sonny is so happy. No matter what Ari will be the flower girl.

I love Chabby, but they’ve been boring me to tears lately.

Dang, I wish we would’ve seen Paulson ask Ari to be the flower girl. :(

Kate throws Will’s memory in Lucas’ face. Not cool, but yes lol.

I could watch Kate/Lucas scenes every single freaking day. I’ve said it a million times, but LK & BD are so amazing together. I love, love, love them!

Jarlena talk about Adrienne & Hattie…ugh. Can they please figure it out already???? Everyone looks really stupid. Especially people who know/were onscreen with Bonnie.

This Abe/Eli scene is out of place. It’s not connected to anything else happening today.

Aww, Gabi teaching Ari how to be a flower girl is super cute!

Omg, I love Ari running over to Lucas…I just wish he weren’t drunk. :(

This Lucas/Ari/Gabi scene breaks my heart. But I love that Days has flipped the tone of Lucas drinking again. The scenes with Brady and Chloe were funny, but alcoholism is a serious disease. I’m really glad that we’re getting this shift. It’s incredibly sad and real. It’s so good.

Side note, great cleavage today, Gabi!

Yep, I’m in tears. Poor Lucas. Poor Sonny. Poor Abby.

LMAO Ari is an amazing pouter! Truly incredible!

Eli finds Gabi in HTS and Abe’s with Jarlena at the Pub. Yay, their scene doesn’t stick out as badly now haha.


A lot of the time, Kate doesn’t fit or she’s pretending she’s a DiMera, but then other times, when the material is good, LK knocks it out of the flipping park and I love her to bits.

Lucas predicts at least one of the marriages with crash and burn. I mean, I’m not convinced either will get married before the wedding is busted up, but okay lol.

The tears in Sonny’s eyes…so brilliant.

Lucas: Best of luck to the bride…and all the grooms too.
That line made me chuckle.

Yes, Abby, you should call your mom.

LOL @ Bonnie trying to leave the Pub after spotting Jarlena.

GIVE BRYAN DATTILO ALL THE AWARDS. We’ve (he’s) waited for years for Lucas to get a real storyline and it was worth the wait. Omg, today was great. The staging of the St. Luke’s scene was weird tho. Like Chad’s isolated reactions were so weird lol. Ari pouting was awesome! And FS remembered how to play subtext. Marlena is being waaaay too dense right now. That’s the only part that really bugged me. I was surprised by how moved I was by the final scene, considering I’d already seen it lol. But I was crying and got chills when we heard Will say “dad” lol.

Days 9/25/17

I’m not a fan of the “I won’t do x, if you won’t do y” ultimatum, but seriously. Either Sonny talks to Paul about Will or yeah, they really shouldn’t get married.

Oh, goody, Chabby are on today…again.

This Hope v. Rafe commissioner thing is already boring.

Oh, Justin…Adrienne wouldn’t say such awkward things lol.

Shelia is pretty much the only interesting part of this Bonnie storyline.

This Paulson/Will stuff should’ve happen way before the day before their wedding.

Can Abe just make Eli the commissioner, so we can all move on with our lives? Lol

Lol Val’s gonna “use her influence with the mayor” to help Eli.

Or Abe can pass the buck and make Rope decide who the new commissioner will be? Wtf?

Did Hope seriously just call Abe “sir?”

LOL @ Shelia and Bonnie talking about Justin and his dimples.

Has Sonny forgotten all about his Paulson flashbacks while he was married to Will? Or that he was clearly still loved Paul when Will was still alive?

This Paulson/Will stuff is kinda heavy handed.

And Sonny’s back to blaming himself for all of Wilson’s problems. Just fantastic.

Are they seriously gonna gloss over what a fucking monster Will became? Cheating, blackmail, literally hundreds of lies.

Spoiler alert: Chabby are standing at the altar at the end of the week, soooo this annulment drama is a snooze.

Rope suck. I can’t watch them have the same conversation over and over again.

Shelia: Are you like a necrophiliac or something?

Abby did do something wrong. She committed fraud. That’s a crime, Chad lol

BUT fear not, Uncle Justin has a plan!

Sonny thinks he’s betraying Will. *rolls eyes* Will didn’t really have too many second thoughts about betraying you, Sonny…and you were alive. Yep, I’m in a bad mood lol.

Paul: …are you ever gonna love me as much as you loved him?
I freaking hate that line, but omg the way CS delivered it was GOLD.

Justin wants Abby to lie about why she married Dario.

Justin: You know, Chad, she actually did break the law, so I’m sort of limited to the number of defense strategies available to me.

Omg, what is happening? Please put your boobs away, Bonnie. Victor is not interested.

Bonnie to Victor: Would you like to sample my melons?
Omg, I have no words haha.

Abby has never loved anyone but Chad, sooooo she wasn’t in love with Ben?

I love Val!


I wish they’d bring Xander back for an extended stay. He’s so good.

Well, it’s nice that everyone remembers Paul was Sonny’s first love, not Will.

Hot Paulson kiss! :)

I’m dying to know Shelia and Eli’s connection!

Ooooh, Bonnie listens to Victor & Xander’s call on the extension.

Rope decided nothing, so I’m glad I FF thru their scenes haha.

TWO Paulson kisses! With Dena, they would’ve smiled at each other from opposite ends of the pew lmao

No annulment with a signed statement from Dario. Poor Abby, how dare she face any consequences from her horrible, criminal decisions. *rolls eyes* Also, what a bad ending. It was so anticlimactic and just nothing.

I liked the Paulson scenes, even the parts that didn’t make too much sense lol. It was nice to see them have a real, honest conversation. Chabby continue to bore me. It’s the same damn thing, day after day. Shelia and Victor’s reactions continue to be the best parts of the Bonnie storyline haha. I loved Val, Eli, and Abe. Mostly Val because she’s fabulous. I FF thru Rope and missed nothing! :) I LOVED seeing Xander!!! I hope he follows thru with his threats!


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