bonnie in tvd


a little preview for my new video 👀


What if Bonnie’s new world would be some kind of Paradise?

I mean, Cade is the Devil and he literally created Hell and as he said “not a single person alive has ever done anything like what you did; like…WHAT I DID.”

She created this private dimension linked only to her, hidden even from him.

So; he is evil, she is good. He’s the dark, she is the light. He’s the Devil and has the Hell, she’a a God (?) and owns the Heaven.

Bonnie’s going to sacrifice herself (her mortal body) so she will live like a God (with Enzo) inside her world and she will keep the good souls of the dead, oppositely to Cade’s bad ones (a kind of Hell-Lucifer/God-Heaven mechanism).

And this would be a great finale, because at the end of their human life, all the TVD’s characters (Stefan too, with his redemption) will go to Heaven and will be happy forever.

That’s my theory.