bonnie i dedicate this to you

Sometimes the present is so pressing 
Memories can only come back in small flickers like that of a screen
They’re fleeting
We all want to be happy
Even if only for a little while. 

Wanted to do something special as we get down to the two last episodes of Season 3! 

Thank you to everyone who kept a special place in your heart for Bon Bon.
I told myself I was going to dedicate these 10 weeks of Rick and Morty to SOLEY Rick and Morty, but I couldn’t help myself. She had a helping hand to where I am today. Not where I want to be yet, but getting there :) 

TVD Alternate Ending || Damon and Bonnie waiting for their next flight as they travel the world together. 

Dedicated to the glorious birthday girl, @bonneibennett!!! Happy birthday, love!


Morty just wanted a quiet non catastrophic career day. 
But Rick wasn’t having it. 

This one really took it out of me. But I’m really glad I finished it for the 1st of December in the wake of Season 3. 
I really wanted to do a comic that show cased Bonnie’s personality. 
Just very un-intimidated. 
I actually had this idea in my head since I made her two years ago but didn’t want to  dedicate such a long period of time since no one really knew her then. 

Anyway, It’s been a hell of a year this year.
Got to test for Rick and Morty twice 
With a couple of other Cartoon Network shows.

Hopefully 2017 will be my year.
I can’t thank everyone enough for the love and support you’ve given this character, and In the wake of Season 3 no matter what brilliance they bring I hope you never forget Ol’ Bonnie Boo. 


(I kid, but I hope you all enjoy)


so I was casually scrolling through the “bamon” tag of Twitter, ya know minding my damn business, liking tweets that made me happy. when my ass came across a series of tweets from DE’s.

• Regarding the photos:


(2) If you deadass think that the bamon hug was fan service then what do you suppose call Elena being back into the equation? Elena being talked about? Elena being the high and might even when she’s literally in a fucking coffin?

(3) ya’ll keep shipping Katherine/Elena with whomever has fangs and hair but as soon as your longest POC character is shipped with someone remotely out of the ordinary - your Fallopian tubes are in a knot like lmao is bonnie not allowed to be shipped with Damon?????? So everyone on this show can be romantically linked to the Salvatores but not bonnie? LMAO ya’ll r playing.

(4) ya’ll didn’t just wish for bonnie to die just so E could come back quicker, like :/




DISCLAIMER, if you know who these accounts are - don’t attack them or anything like that. I left one of the display names out, just for everyone to see how disrespectful someone can be just so their delusional ship can happen. This post is only dedicated to people who agree with these tweets lmao also a big ass - DISCLAIMER (again) bc I know some of ya’ll might come for my Asian ass but let me get something straight, my opinions are based on the arguments within those tweets. If you are ever going to argue in return with a different context then I won’t entertain such statements considering IT IS LITERALLY OUT OF CONTEXT.

in conclusion, I believe that Kat Graham is an amazing actress, whose character - Bonnie Bennett - has been done dirty ever since she made these white ass feathers fly around Elena


“Twenty three years, I’ve admired you. Twenty years, I’ve been in love with you. Fifteen years, I’ve been married to you. Nine years, I raised our children with you. I want more years with you.

My children are the blood that runs through my veins but you…you are my heart, Bonnie Bennett. There is nothing without you. You are my humanity. You are my world. You are my air. You are my immortality.

You will never know the gravity, the extent, and deepness of my love for you. Actions does little, but I will show you for the rest of my life. Words would never suffice, but I will tell you throughout our days walking this terra. Our bond could never withstand it, but I will open up to you without hesitation.

I am selfish with you. You’re everything to me and for me. I love you…so much Bonnie Bennett-Mikaelson. I want another twenty years. I want a hundred. I want a century. I want forever with you.

Grant me, this selfish irrevocably in love fool you took as your husband, this wish that only you can give…

Happy Fifteenth Anniversary, Mrs. Mikaelson…”

The Story of Niklaus and Bonnie Bennett-Mikaelson: So this is love Pt. 8 (FINAL…or just the beginning)

Dedicated to: The Klonnie Family because there is so many of you guys out there that make this ship too awesome and great 😊 You guys inspire me…

Click on the #kfpa while on my page if you want to see more of the Klonnie Family Photo Album fluffiness I have so far. The general search won’t show all of them for some odd reason 🙄😒😤😭


Imagine accidentally swapping Stefan and Damons bodies while practising magic.

(This is inspired and is dedicated to the wonderful @shadyladyperfection who thought of this great idea and naturally, I just had to write it. This will be a two-parter, maybe even more, depending if I get some ideas for further parts. Let me know what you think! Happy reading my lovelies!)

Characters: Witch!Reader, Damon, Stefan, Bonnie (mentioned)

Warnings: Slightly foul-mouthed reader, terrible little jokes (does that even count as warnings? I have no idea)

Word count: 883

Your name: submit What is this?

Doing magic is hard. Really hard. Especially if you do not have any place to practice in peace. Sure, the Salvatore Boarding House you are currently residing in, has a lot of space, but your friends Stefan and Damon thought it would be best you would practise in the living room. It makes sense, because you pretty much burned your house down the last time you experimented with new spells. You found them written down in a book with your last name on it, which Bonnie found in her collection of grimoires.

So there you are, in the middle of reading this spell: “Corpora stans in conspectu meo dissimili animo et permutare lumen tuum egredientur” (translation will be revealed in the next part)

Damon: “I´m telling you, Batman would destroy Superman.”

Stefan: “No way.”

Of course they discuss this again. It has been a back and forth ever since you forced them to watch a DC Movie.

Damon: “Batman is as strong as Superman and he, unlike Superman, knows how to disguise himself!”

Stefan: “Yeah because a half-face mask is such good disguise.”

Damon: “Better than not wearing any mask at all!!”

It takes every bit of concentration for you to finish speaking the words to the spell, but you are not sure if you might have mispronounces some.

Stefan is about to throw another argument in Damons face as you finish muttering the last part of the spell, as the ground starts to shatter violently. Pictures fall on the ground, glass shatter and you, Stefan and Damon fall on the ground.

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anonymous asked:

Hi Kendra, Vantage Point is wonderful! Is there another chapter coming soon? Also looking forward to your audio fic. 😘

Yo, anon!

Thank you very much for that! I really really appreciate the note!

To answer your Q, yes definitely there is more Vantage Point coming soon. Apologies for the delay in updating – I’ve been preoccupied with a few stressful work weeks and an obsession with another Richonne fic I’m writing, Machine Heart

And also, as you mentioned, the audible fanfiction podcast! I am almost ready to publish the first episode – I ran into some technical roadblocks but I am now more determined than ever because what I have so far sounds pretty darn good if I do say so myself and I just cannot wait for you guys to hear it.

I am starting a dedicated tumblr and will be sure to post it here so you guys know when it’s about to go down.

But rest assured, Vantage Point is about to kick into high gear. Rick is fixin’ to start solving mysteries, kicking asses, and taking names with help from the Bonnie to his Clyde, Michonne. Stay tuned!

Thanks again so much for the ask and the compliments. Enjoy your Pride weekend!


Dedicated To Prince Playlist

The plan was to make a top Prince songs playlist but we know how Prince felt about his music being up on the www. so instead I made a list of songs with Prince samples/covers and some songs that Prince pened himself (& was able to sprinkle a bit of Prince songs). I hope you guys enjoy. Songs are clickable. Rest In Purple. 

anonymous asked:

I found out about your blog today and how you like Voltron and K-pop. Saw a few anons that asked you about some K-pops songs and Voltron too! So can I ask you: If you can dedicate a K-pop song to each member of the Voltron team. What will those songs be? (PS: Hope this isn't too challenging for you ^_^)

OHHHH thank you for asking anon!!! <3

Lance : Jimin Park - Young ft. Young K
Keith : DEAN - Bonnie & Clyde
Pidge : SALTNPAPER - One Heart
Hunk : Eddy Kim - The Manual 
Shiro : PRIMARY, HYUKOH - Bawling
Allura : IU - Twenty-Three

Ogni giorno mi sveglio e mi rendo conto che, che io vinca o che perda lo faccio insieme a te.
—  Bonny e Clyde - Sac1

I’m going to turn all of my inner turmoil into word vomit. Hopefully it stays within the realm of coherent language, but we’ll see. 

As any real fan of the vampire diaries, i am mostly a fan of potential. The writers tend to really drop all of their great ideas, be it ships or characters. They either die in spite of their popularity and  potential in the laziest-written death scene on television, or they live long enough for the writers to lose interest in actually developing them or maintaining their relevance to the plot. So anyway. Yeah. I started shipping Bonkai because i fell in love with the potential of their dynamic. So basically I want to say what I love about their potential as individual characters before they met and how I think the writers should have handled their storylines after they met.  

Before The Perpetual 1994:

let’s talk bonnie. This particularly savage cinnamon roll has always fiercelydenied social and supernatural constructs to straddle the line between “guardian angel” and “avenging angel” and that’s why we love her. She’s stronger than you, smarter than you, and perpetually self-sacrificing. And though she suffers [far too] much for the people she loves, she’s rarely The Victim. 90% of the time she’s the one saving the damsel— be it her friend, that dick her friend is dating, or herself. So before I unpack the lost potential of the prison world storyline, I need to make sure one thing is clear. Bonnie Bennett is textbook tragic hero material. 

But don’t take my word for it– take Aristotle’s. I’ll sum it up because i know you’re not here for this, but basically he defined the classic tragic hero as a clever, moral character who makes a mistake (typically chasing an idealistic justice or revenge) which inevitably leads to his/her suffering and/or death. Now, we know that Bonnie is both brilliant and moral as she is typically the powerhouse of the gang to most successfully take on whoever the villain is at the time, be it the Mikaelsons, Silas, etc.. We also know that she ignored all of her Grams’ warnings to stay out of vampire business and that she constantly struggles with reconciling her fiercely ideal morality and her radical love/acceptance of her friends who fall short of that ideal on the daily. She is often sacrificing her morality for the sake of her friends- but that’s another can of worms for another day. Before i move on, I’m just gonna add a few more of Aristotle’s clarifications. The tragic hero must be noble but flawed (so that the audience feels empathy for her), suffer more than is deserved, and her story should arouse fear and empathy. One of these days I’ll dedicate an entire post to analyzing how Bonnie matches up perfectly with this trope, but not today.

Here’s what I’m getting at: with Bonnie’s expulsion to the prison world, her tragic hero arc could finally meet one of the oldest, most interesting tropes in literature: the tragic hero who descends into and returns from the underworld (Gilgamesh, Odysseus, Aeneis and arguably Persephone, just to name a few).

I mean everything was perfect. All you need is tragic hero (Bonnie), a trip to hell to retrieve something/someone (all those ungrateful bastards on the Other Side), and a return to the living with a new understanding of life and reality.

now let’s talk malachai.  Let’s just break down this kid’s circumstances.

A mental disorder that leaves him utterly incapable of understanding or reciprocating human emotions. (The writers really showed their lack of ingenuity here. What a refreshing twist/commentary on the once thrilling but now crusty Vampire Humanity Switch)

A supernatural defect that leaves him incapable of achieving any kind of success, fulfillment, or acceptance (he is incapable of producing magic without hurting his family; either way, he’s a shameful abomination in their eyes).

A fucked up family that literally defines itself as Survival Of The Fittest or Only The Strong Survive or If Your Sister Is Stronger Than You We Will Literally Throw A Party And Fucking Kill You. Let’s just carefully speculate here. His family was ashamed of him and most likely refused to offer any kind of physical connection with him at all. Did his mom hold him when he cried? Did his dad ever give him a hug? Maybe, but then again probably not. He says to Bonnie and Damon in 1994, “You can see why my family and I didn’t get along.” But behind those words are the scars of living an entire childhood inside a family that hated him, refused to touch him, and let him live for the sole purpose of later sacrificing him in a seriously fucked up family ritual. 

So a kid raised in absolute scorn and violence is told that one day he must die for the same people who never loved him. Even without the mental disorder, the chances of that kid not retaliating are slim. But if he is incapable of feeling remorse, what the fuck do you think this kid is going to do? I’ll tell you one thing’s for sure: he ain’t gonna go gentle into that good night. He’s gonna make his own damn ritual. He’s gonna make his own slaughter. And he’ll be banished by people who never gave a fuck about him anyway. The point here is that if the universe deals you these three shitty cards, you don’t do it any different that Kai did. Kai’s story is powerful in that it emphasizes the fact that evil is not created in a vacuum. Evil is created by other evils.

Does this mean that I think his evil actions should be excused?

Helllllls no.

Quite the opposite, actually.

I’m saying that Kai was as carefully crafted into a villain as Bonnie was crafted into a hero.  

That’s what initially made this dynamic so appealing to me. There’s the hero who is perpetually self-sacrificing and the villain who has spent his entire existence evading that exact kind of sacrifice. I mean, come on. Unstoppable-force-meets-immovable-object anyone?

During The Perpetual 1994 and Immediately After 

(or Season 6)

This part is hella brief because I honestly liked the 1994 storyline. There’s not really anything I want to add to or take away from (except the finale); the writers did great with it. There are just a couple of comments I would like to make.

bonnie. In this particular hell, Bonnie struggles with such overwhelming abuse, abandonment and hopelessness that she does something we’ve not seen before on this show. Bonnie Bennett is 1) going to give up and 2) kill herself… for herself. This time, she’s not bearing the burden of the Gilberts or sacrificing herself for the life of a friend—this time she’s killing herself out of an outpouring of her own pain. What the fuck, right? That’s some heavy shit.

malachai. They don’t dwell on it, but how hellish must this existence be if it can even drive a boy without emotions to such despair that he would attempt to take his own life multiple times in any way imaginable?

There are only two things in that trashy finale that I would absolutely change concerning Bonnie and Kai’s characters. One for each of them.

First, Elena isn’t sacrificing shit for Bonnie. Who will she miss when she wakes up? She’s proven she doesn’t really give a fuck anymore about Bonnie or Matt or Tyler or really anyone besides herself and Damon. She’ll wake up one day and still have Damon. Bonnie has suffered countless torturous deaths to save Elena’s life. I think Elena will be okay with this long ass nap. Did anyone else notice that the only friendship memory they could draw on for the goodbye scene was one from season one, because that’s how shitty their friendship is. These writers don’t give a shit about friendship so they didn’t have many scenes to work with. Anyway.

Second, Kai doesn’t die. It’s kind of obvious. Not to mention that was the laziest death scene I think they’ve ever written.  

After The Perpetual 1994 (Season 7)

So now I’m in a mood. There was INFINITE potential with these individual characters and the 1994 storyline, I was so ignorant in hoping that the writers would actually follow through with this supernatural-drama goldmine. These writers have proven that they can create amazing things, but they also prove that they consistently throw it all away. I don’t know why I had any hope that this time would be different, but oh well. Let’s just look at what we ended up getting from this absolutely electric dynamic.

bonnie: still has no personal goals or interests that we know of

bonnie: still babysitting and catering to grown-ass men

bonnie: is yelled at by matt

bonnie: has I think like a five second scene with caroline because these writers have given up any pretense to actually care about friendship on any level

bonnie: is at a charity event in a cute hat

kai: is super dead

Now. Let’s look at what kind of storyline we could have gotten if they writing hadn’t been hella lazy or salvabore-centric.

bonnie: seen wrestling with her PTSD which ultimately affects most of her relationships and causes her to run off on her own to try and cope with what she experienced (hell, death, suicide, abandonment, etc)

bonnie: have a fucking life goal. Find herself

bonnie: is found by other witches/ancestors who either want to kill her or recruit her. She has done some weird shit the past seasons. Do witches not talk anymore or what?

bonnie: helps caroline with the heretics and experiences some serious angst with Kai who is definitely alive and a part of the heretics’ family at this point (the only people who have ever accepted him)

bonnie: is told that kai sacrificed himself for her. She doesn’t have to act it on it or anything. I just want her to know

bonnie: has someone else fight for her this fucking time. Caroline slaughters a dozen more witches or something, like the witches who would seek bonnie out for raising Silas or committing extensive necromancy or bringing Kai back.

bonnie: if vampires are the only characters who can go dark on this show, it’s because the writers are too lazy to actually develop characters. Bonnie literally went to hell and back. It’s time she wrestles with a little selfishness and flirts with her dark side 

Another word on this though: this was a perfect opportunity to redeem the “going dark” arch that this show has gotten so lazy with (although I was hella impressed with caroline’s journey in the beginning before it became a s/teroline arc.) While all the others just “switch it off” and then back on again with an episode or so of remorse before returning to normal, Bonnie has never had that privilege. Bonnie doesn’t get to decide if she wants the pain or not. Bonnie just has to fucking deal with it. A young girl spends months in hell, has her body and her spirit completely broken, and she’s supposed to come back with no lasting effects? Bitch please. I want to see Bonnie struggle with her PTSD. I want to see it addressed and really explored. I want to see her character and disposition change. I want to see her struggle with the moral ideology she clung to all those years. 

alright. next we have the boy wonder:

kai: first of all is not dead

kai: im serious. totally alive

kai: explores his shaky new morality and range of emotions

kai: is adopted by the heretics. think about it. for the first time in his existence, kai would have had someone in his life who didn’t hate him. think about it. he would have finally found a family. that would have made it interesting if he were forced to choose between bonnie (his greatest obsession and regret) and his first family. 

kai: has a breakdown bc of his shame and wrestles with turning his humanity off, but decides vehemently against it bc he refuses to take this shit for granted anymore

kai: helps bonnie with her witch problem, much angst.

Basically, we should have had a front row seat to Bonnie exploring her darkness and Kai exploring his shaky new morality. Not this same old shit of Bonnie following all the crusty mayos around to prop up their ships like she doesn’t have anything better to do or interests of her own. And Kai should have gotten Enzo’s storyline (not his weird fetish for salvatores). It should have been Kai who was struggling with his loyalties between the heretics and the MF gang. It should have been Kai who was trying to kill Julian out of some inner turmoil and possessiveness of his new family. And YES, I think it should have been Kai who ended up with Bonnie in the flash forward (after three years of careful development on both their parts—Kai going lighter, Bonnie going darker). Enzo was a random-ass mess in that situation. Kai would have made absolute perfect fucking sense. So perfect. I am forever angry that we don’t get to see Bonnie grapple with the darkness she didn’t deserve or see Kai grapple with the light he didn’t deserve. The villain and the hero who met in the prison world should not have made it out unchanged.


cherik’s super 80′s love playlist; 

aka the most shitpost-y thing i have ever made and i’m in love with it. this playlist is dedicated to post x men apocalypse cherik for having finally rekindled their love and also for their great 80′s fashion. even if you’re not into cherik this is just a great 80′s playlist, so enjoy!! please like/reblog if you listen or save for later. xx

tracklist; i. can’t fight this feeling anymore - reo speedwagon, ii. careless whisper - george michael, iii. hello - lionel richie, iv. every breath you take - the police, v. total eclipse of the heart - bonnie tyler, vi. (i’ve had) the time of my life - bill medley & jennifer warnes, vii. time after time - cyndi lauper, viii. (i just) died in your arms tonight - cutting crew, ix. running up that hill (a deal with god) - kate bush, x. i melt with you - modern english, xi. don’t you (forget about me) - simple minds. 

Damon(talking about Bonnie) & Stefan(talking about Caroline): 

She’s my best friend and life partner, and the one I trust with everything and whom I adore above all others, my dearest most precious person, who can do no wrong in my eyes because she’s so brave and dedicated and smart, and we have so much in common. I just adore this girl, look at her, isn’t she beautiful? Isn’t she swell? Yeah my girl, she’s the best I love her.

Bonnie(talking about Damon) & Caroline(talking about Stefan): 

I guess he likes me, yeah? But I don’t want to assume or anything, you know.


I haven’t watched TVD in months but I watched a couple of episodes and the finale. I only watched it for possible Bamon. But has no one even talked about the fact that if Elena blown herself up, she’d been leaving Jeremy an orphan especially since Bon his girlfriend was dying - he’d be even more alone. Matt - Elena’s ex, cares more about Jeremy’s wellbeing than she does. 

Elena is a terrible human being.

I don’t even like Beremy but the way he ran to her, I was sobbing. Give the boy a break, let him be free and have a loving home. I don’t like Beremy but atleast Jeremy and Bon were happy.

Seriously Elena didn’t even shed a tear for Stefan when she found out he died, while Care was full out sobbing. Elena:

Elena didn’t even care that Bon was dying. Her BEST FRIEND who she has known for years and who sacrifices everything for her, she even brings her own brother back. I think all anti elena/bonnie fans agree with this gif:

Elena carried on hurting Bon while Bon was letting people pass through and knowing she was going to her impending death. All Elena cared about was Damon.

She didn’t even say hi to Alaric when he came back, she was like a zombie “he’s gone”.

Elena has just been written so badly, she’s so selfish, self absorbed and entitled. All the other characters have suffered way more than she has but when its her problem, everyone stop what you are doing and go save Elena.

This is why Rebeckah is a queen

 Sorry I can’t with Elena or Stelena anymore, so I’m quietly going to be shipping Klefaroline & Bamon in my own corner. I’ll be shipping stelena in the fanfics/fanon.

Seriously Stefan & Caroline should leave that bitch behind and just get the fuck out of Mystic Falls and go get Klaus, then travel around the world. Then have a massive kingdom all the over the world between the three of them.

( credit to that gif maker this is a beautiful gif, I can’t stop staring at it ;_; )

I just want a Matt, Tyler & Jeremy x Happiness endgame ( preferably mabeckah, jeranna and tylerxme endgame but happiness is good! :p ) Just stop hurting them.

 So go on my beautiful otp, be free of Elena’s bullshit as long as you can. But Damon you need to apologise to a lot of people and basically spend your whole life dedicated to protecting the Bennett lineage as I can’t forgive some of the things you have done.  Overall though:

And if any Delena stan comes and says to me “Elena is the true hero of TVD”. I will literally cut that bitch. Bonnie is the true hero of TVD. Bonnie needs to act like this around all the other the characters now:

I think the real thing that bothered me about Luke, is that the game doesn’t even let Clem be sad about it, at best all you can say is that he was a great guy, the rest of the dialogue options are you basically consoling Jane and it’s like you fuck the guy once and suddenly this is the death that hit you the most!?It wasn’t smart certainly but at least Bonnie was making an effort to help him, it’s just jarring how the entire aftermath was dedicated mostly to how Jane felt about it and I coulda gave nary a fuck about that.

A sketch that I made because yes O(≧▽≦)O This is the first thing i upload to Tumblr :)

It isn’t colored cos I’m so lazy and I’m bad at that. And digital art is something that I can’t do (/ToT)/ ~┻┻

Anyway, this is dedicated to my senpai and eternal Tumblr crush, pole-bear. Hope you like it! ♡(.◜ω◝.)♡ Again sorry for the not coloured pic